Issue #128 - 2014-01-06 - Out With the Old. In With the New

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Welcome everyone to this brand-sparkling new year! This week, we have for you a lot of looks back to 2013, as well as some new stuff -- releases, initiatives, projects, programming patterns -- that seems to indicate that 2014 is going to be a very good year indeed. ~ `/anick

Yanick Champoux


.nz Registry Services is hiring Perl Software Developers - New Zealand Tweet Facebook Google+

The work is across application, web-based & intranet development & your skills in OSS development are reqd. It is crucial you have used Perl, Moose, DBI::x, OO Perl, XML and have exp. with SQL, Linux and Revision control. You will have used HTML, CSS on a daily basis along with Internet protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, DNS, Whois, EPP)

We're Hiring Perl Software Developers - Grant Street Group Tweet Facebook Google+

We're a growing software company using open source software/modern Perl practices to build innovative e-payment, auction, and tax collection web applications.
We're looking for talented, motivated professionals committed to flawless work and customer service.
Please apply online.


Perl APIs Tweet Facebook Google+
by Dave Cross (DAVECROSS)

So there are all those web services out there, with glorious APIs. And they have documentation pages, offering helpful examples. Often in Ruby, Python, in PHP, perhaps even in Java. In Perl? Alas, that happens more rarely. Dave Cross, bless his heart, wants to fix that.

The DFW Winter Hackaton Tweet Facebook Google+

It's not too late! The Hackaton ends on the 8th, so provided you have enough coffee and ramen noodle packs close by, you still have time to join.


The CPAN Report 2013 Tweet Facebook Google+
by Neil Bowers (NEILB)

Neil Bowers offers us a CPAN-based retrospective of 2013. Which namespace had the most growth? Which author released the most distributions? How many new modules were born? He presents the shocking answers to all those questions. (warning: seeing the statistics of the most CPAN prolific authors is likely to make you feel like an unredeemable slacker)

Planet Moose - December 2013 Tweet Facebook Google+
by Toby Inkster (TOBYINK)

Thought that December was strictly for reindeers? Hah! Toby Inkster proves you wrong.

The Year in Perl, 2013 Retrospective Tweet Facebook Google+

2013 was a pleasantly busy year in the Perlverse. chromatic presents here the highlight of the last twelve months.

10 best perl distributions created at 2013 (metacpan rating) Tweet Facebook Google+
by Miguel Prz (NICEPERL)

Want to have the awesomeness of a full year of brilliant minds doing brilliant things distilled into 10 bullet points? Here's the top ten distributions of 2013, according to their metacpan ratings.


Perl Benchmark Cache with Expires and Max Size Tweet Facebook Google+

Caching. In a nutshell, we want it to be fast, reliable and not too much of a pig, memory-wise. Celogeek helpfully benchmarks here a few of the typically used caching modules/solutions.

The Limits of a Programming Language Vision Tweet Facebook Google+

chromatic muses on the balancing act for a programming language of having a vision, and yet not allowing itself not to be blinded by it.

Ephemeral methods, or what to call 'dispatch to a variable containing a subref'? Tweet Facebook Google+
by Joel Berger (JBERGER)

Just when you thought you seen it all... Joel Berger comes here with what seems to be a new coding pattern.


A New Year, a New Dancecard Tweet Facebook Google+
by Yanick Champoux (YANICK)

Yanick revisits his old idea of a web library tool, meant to complement and work with your favorite web framework.

The perils of & (and prototypes too!) Tweet Facebook Google+
by Joel Berger (JBERGER)

Prototypes and the use of '&' for function invocation... two things newbies gleefully hamstrings themselves with. Joel Berger shows us here a good example why those constructs are tricky, and should be used with caution.

Sereal v2 Finally Released as Stable Tweet Facebook Google+

Steffen Mueller announces the official release of Sereal v2, the serialization protocol concocted by the fine folks at

Introducing Sub::Trigger::Lock Tweet Facebook Google+
by Toby Inkster (TOBYINK)

Not only do you want your attributes to be read-only, but also want to ensure that whatever structure they point to stays unmodified? Toby Inkster has a solution for you.

Shazam! Use Image::Magick with Perlbrew in minutes Tweet Facebook Google+
by David Farrell (DFARRELL)

Most Perl modules are trivial to install. A select few are however... ah, shall we say, more challengeful? Image::Magick is definitively an emerit member of this very exclusive teeth-gnashing club. But take heart: David Farrell shares with us the proper incantation to summon this most useful image manipulation module to your machine.

Create your own Test::Mojo method Tweet Facebook Google+
by Joel Berger (JBERGER)

Want to add a method to Test::Mojo, but don't want to commit the sin of monkey-patching? Joel Berger is there to offer you a more virtuous alternative.


Creating a CPAN distribution with Milla Tweet Facebook Google+

Miyagawa walks us through minting a new distribution with Milla, his user-friendlier, customized Dist::Zilla wrapper application.

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Perl Oasis West Tweet Facebook Google+

January 25th, 2014, Tampa, Florida, USA

German Perl Workshop (GPW 2014) Tweet Facebook Google+

March 26-28, 2014, Hannover, Germany

Polish Perl Workshop 2014 Tweet Facebook Google+

16-18 May, 2014 in Poznan, Poland

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