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How to submit an article?

If you'd like to submit an article to be included in the next edition of the newsletter, send an email to where the currently active editors (Mohammad Sajid Anwar and Gabor Szabo) will receive it. Remember we usually publish the newsletter Monday morning-ish, Israel time.

Active Editors

Gabor Szabo Established by Gabor Szabo, long time Perl developer; Rust, Python and Perl trainer. Author of the Perl tutorial on the Perl Maven site and of the Code Maven and Rust Maven sites. White Camel awardee. He develops the CPAN Diger, the Rust Digger and the PyDigger services. He teaches training courses in Israel and around the world. He has the hat of the chief editor. (371 issues)
Mohammad Sajid Anwar Mohammad Sajid Anwar joined the team of editors in May 2018. He is CPAN Author and Contributor. He regularly blogs here. He enjoys submitting Pull Requests and speaking at Perl Conferences. He also loves spending time to help others to keep CPAN better source of information. Watch this interview with him. White Camel awardee. He runs The Weekly Challenge - Perl and Raku. (158 issues)

Previous Editors

Yanick Champoux Since the beginning of 2013 Yanick Champoux is the co-editor of the newsletter. He used to write the bi-weekly Shuck & Awe: Hunting for Perl, he is a serious Perl programmer, and a walking dictionary. Reading his writings is always a challenge. A very enjoyable challenge. (63 issues)
Neil Bowers Starting from October 2014 Neil Bowers became the 3rd co-editor of the newsletter. He writes plenty of articles comparing CPAN modules to each other and then taking over some of them. He also runs his own company, . Watch this interview with him. (55 issues)
Upasana Shukla Upasana Shukla joined the team of editors in August 2016. She got involved in the Perl community by participating in GNOME's Outreach Program for Women and freeing Moose from stringy exceptions. Since then she is unstoppable. She also has a number of modules on CPAN. (11 issues)
D Ruth Holloway D Ruth Holloway joined the team of editors in October 2016. She used to work on software managing libraries and now she works for cPanel. She writes for (19 issues)
If you'd like to submit an article, or get in touch with the editors, feel free to send an e-mail to the address

What the Readers Say

David Golden
"I just wanted to mention again how much I enjoy your newsletter. I've nearly stopped following my Perl RSS feed because your curation is so good. Pulling all the 25th anniversary stories together was a great touch."
David Golden (dagolden)
Blog writer, entrepreneur, and prolific Perl developer who has contributed to almost every aspect of the Perl code base and community.
Olaf Alders
"The Perl Weekly is an excellent aggregation of all Perl things blog and newsworthy. I follow a lot of blog posts, but I find this weekly recap helps me find interesting stuff I may have missed."
Olaf Alders (oalders)
Perl developer, Owner of Wunder Counter. Creator of MetaCPAN.
Richard Dice
"Thanks for putting together the newsletter. It's a helpful resource."
Richard Dice
@richarddice, president of The Perl Foundation from Aug 2007 till 2009.
Andy Lester
"I'm enjoying the article summaries in @szabgab's Perl Weekly. More Perl news = good news."
Andy Lester (petdance)
Author of WWW::Mechanize, ack, Land the Tech Job You Love and the Perl Buzz. Just to name a few.
Myf White
"PerlWeekly is an excellent round up of Perl news and blog posts, with excellent additional commentary. The email format suits me perfectly. Thank you so much."
Myf White
Self described geek, quaker, lover of board games and also Perl developer at Datacomit
Johannes Plunien
"Your newsletter is really nice, thanks for it!"
Johannes Plunien (plu)
Job van Achterberg
"Thanks very much! Excellent compilation and a great way to see what's going on."
Job van Achterberg
Richard Lippmann
"This newsletter is great, not too much and usually an interesting thing to think about. Thank you for your efforts!"
Richard Lippmann
Perl developer. Entrepreneur. Owner of Findus and regular sponsor of Perl events.
Mark Stosberg
"Thanks again for Perl Weekly. I love it! It's a great service."
Mark Stosberg
CPAN author. Perl developer. Co-Founder of Summersault, web development company.
Buddy Burden
"Thanks for the excellent service you're providing. I've found it invaluable; I only wish I'd had it for the past 10 years as well. :-)"
Buddy Burden
Barefootcoder, CPAN author, Perl developer, Perl Blogger.
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