Issue #10 - 2011-10-03 - Perl 5.14.2 is now available - relaunched

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Hi there!

The Perl Weekly is growing. Thanks primarily to those who have forwarded it to their Perl Monger groups or to their co-workers.

This issue goes out to 1165 addresses, 259 people read it via RSS and a few more see it on Twitter.

Gabor Szabo


Perl 5.14.2 is now available Tweet Facebook Google+

The third stable release of Perl 5.14 series. relaunched - and includes PerlFAQ Tweet Facebook Google+

Leo Lapworth (Ranguard) has worked quite a lot making improvements to Finally it is online.


Implementing WWW::LastFM, a client library to the Last.FM API, with XML::Rabbit Tweet Facebook Google+

Robin Smidsrød took the challenge to explain what is XML::Rabbit? He shows in small steps how he built the module starting by getting the API keys, setting up the environment, creating the Moose-based classes and implementing the API calls one by one.

CPAN Testers Server Update Tweet Facebook Google+
by Barbie (BARBIE)

Barbie (real name) has been writing about the hardware failure the CPAN Testers server encountered and how he was dealing with it. For several weeks it was mostly hard work but now finally we start to see real results showing up along with some analysis on how he handled some performance issues.

How to Learn Perl Tweet Facebook Google+

chromatic provides a simple narrative on how you can start learning Perl, which books, web sites and other resources can help.

Always TDD, Except When You Shouldn't Tweet Facebook Google+

chromatic points to a very controversial article by


CPAN modules for spelling out numbers in English Tweet Facebook Google+
by Neil Bowers (NEILB)

How do you say 117? Is that 'one hundred and seventeen' or is that 'one hundred seventeen'? This is another great in-depth comparison article by Neil Bowers. This time he checked 4 modules on CPAN for the time when you'd like to use letters instead of numbers. It is limited to English. I wonder if there are similar modules in other languages as well?

On Perl and backward compatibilities Tweet Facebook Google+
by Tatsuhiko Miyagawa (MIYAGAWA)

There is a tension between wanting to keep backward compatibility and developing Perl or a CPAN module fast. Tatsuhiko Miyagawa gives a good example pointing out the issue in the dependency chain and then points to 'carton', his solution for the problem.


Exit statuses and how $? works Tweet Facebook Google+
by Lukas Mai (MAUKE)

Killing zombies and signaling orphans to exit the system? It is quite confusing for most of us who are not Unix system administrators by birth. Mauke helps clearing the confusion explaining how processes in Linux terminate and how, you as a Perl programmer can deal with that.


Happy Birthday to Larry Wall Tweet Facebook Google+
by Larry Wall

That was the opening of the ThinkGeek newsletter.

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