Issue #108 - 2013-08-19 - Another YAPC, another release of Perl

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Summer is almost (but not quite) over. This year's edition of YAPC::EU came and went and, if the Twitter feeds are to be believed, a good time was had by all. As it is typical, it left a heap of slidedecks and videos in its wake that should keep us entertained for a few weeks still. A new maintenance release of Perl also made its appearance. Beside that, it was a fairly mundane week in the Perl world; Reini Urban smoking the whole of CPAN via a one-liner, miyagawa fatpacking fatpacked fatpackers, y'know, the usual suspects doing the usual things... ~ Yanick

Summer might be almost over for Yanick in Canada, but for me, we have 2 more months of hot weather... ~ Gabor



We're Hiring Telecommuters - Grant Street Group Tweet

We're a growing software company using open source software/modern Perl practices to build innovative e-payment, auction, and tax collection web applications.
We're looking for talented, motivated professionals committed to flawless work and customer service.
Email resume:


perl 5.18.1 is now available Tweet

Time to brew some perl! Perl 5.18.1 is out.

Strawberry Perl released Tweet

Can't say that Strawberry Perl is lagging behind. Four days after 5.18.1 hits the shelves, it's back at parity.


Smoking CPAN in one line Tweet

This one is already mentioned in the Barbie testing overview, but it deserves an entry of its own. Reini Urban shows how he smoke tests the whole of CPAN. From a single line of code. Amazing feat or terrifying bend of what the human mind can withstand. I'll let history decide...

CPAN Testers Summary - Aug 2013 - Trans-Europe Express Tweet

Barbie covers what happened lately in the Perl testing world.


cpanmeta fav++ modules Tweet

Naoki Tomita shares a script that favorites CPAN modules via the command line.

Using exception classes in Perl Tweet

Of course, we all know the classic "die 'uurgh'". dakkar reminds us that there are ways to have more... articulated last words, via objects.

plenv, alternative for perlbrew Tweet

If last week's post made you wonder what is plenv, Tatsuhiko Miyagawa explains it now.


Meta-fatpacking Tweet

For us, it's the movie Inception, but with Leonardo's role played by Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers movies. For miyagawa, it was last Sunday.

You are in a forest ... Tweet

Remember those good ol' text games of yore? Ovid does too, and he wrote a Perl engine to run those vintage adventures.

Introducing Hack::Natas Tweet

If you enjoyed the hacking series of Mike Doherty, now you can follow his footsteps using his new module on CPAN.

Slides & Videos

Adventures in Perl Packaging Tweet

Jon Jensen's slides on the joys of packaging perl modules (in this case, via RPMs).

Hacker Interviews: Larry Wall Tweet

An interview of Larry Wall by Jonathan Schiefer.

Rex Lightning Talk Tweet

Jan Gehring's lightning talk on Rex. Because if it's worth doing more than once, it's worth automating.

LWP + libcurl Tweet

Stanislaw Pusep's slides on LWP::Protocol::Net::Curl, a module mashing the goodness of LWP and libcurl together.

oEmbed - hassle-free embedding of third party media content Tweet

Kerstin Puschke's slides on oEmbed, an open-web standard for 3rd party media embedding.

All of YAPC::EU's Slides Tweet

All of YAPC::EU's slides, conveniently aggregated together, for your viewing pleasure.


Continuous deployment with #Mojolicious and @github Tweet

Jan Henning Thorsen mentions hypnotoad, the Mojolicious web server that can do hot deployment and introduces Toadfarm that can handle post-receive hooks of Git and Github to pull and deploy your latest and greatest version of your web application.

YAPC::EU reports

First day at YAPC::Europe 2013 in Kiev Tweet

This is the first of the series of YAPC::EU reports by Moritz Lenz.

Things I learned at YAPC::Europe 2013 in Kiev Tweet
by Thomas Klausner (DOMM)

The green/yellow report of domm (Thomas Kalusner).


Total number of dependencies Tweet

It turns out 70% of CPAN distributions aren't used by any other distribution... See more details in the report of Neil Bowers.

Weekly Collections

Perl 6 changes - 2013W33 Tweet

Very few things, as most of the Perl 6 developers were at YAPC::EU.

Perl Maven articles

Acme::MetaSyntactic or how to get rid of foo and bar? Tweet

Are you fed up using the same names in every example script? Philippe Bruhat (BooK) came to your rescue 8 years ago. Now his module is also available as a web service.


I usually list the next 3-4 events here. The list of all the events can be found on the web site. If your Perl event is not listed there, please let me know.

YAPC::Asia Tokyo Tweet

September 19-21, 2013, Keio University Hiyoshi Campus, Tokyo, Japan Tweet

October 4-5, 2013, Paris, France

The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop Tweet

October 4-6, 2013, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

YAPC::Brazil 2013 Tweet

November 15-16, 2013, Curitiba, PR, Brazil

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