Issue #132 - 2014-02-03 - The state of the butterfly

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Hi there

Some changes: starting from this week, the newsletter will only include updates about Perl events, not a regular listing of upcoming events. Instead of that you are encouraged to visit the web site for the full list. See the link at the bottom of the newsletter.

Otherwise, just enjoy and learn:


We're Hiring Perl Software Developers - Grant Street Group Tweet

We're a growing software company using open source software/modern Perl practices to build innovative e-payment, auction, and tax collection web applications.
We're looking for talented, motivated professionals committed to flawless work and customer service.
Please apply online.


Announcing: the Perl Nerd Merit Badge contest Tweet

Would you like to win a Perl Nerd Badge with a Velociraptor on it? You only have to write an article for the Perltricks site and submit it before February 21, 2014.


Fatal warnings are a ticking time bomb (via chromatic) Tweet

You might know that warnings can be changed to throw exceptions in a lexical scope. What you might not know is that some modules, that turn on 'use strict' - for example Moo, will also change the warnings into exceptions. I don't think the fear created in the title is warranted, but it is better to remind ourselves of this behavior. In any case, you can comment on the article to voice your frustration.

Planet Moose - January 2014 Tweet

The monthly news report of Toby Inkster on Object Oriented side of Perl, with a strong focus on Moose, Moo, and related modules.

A Song of Graph and Report, Part I: A Gathering of Stats Tweet

Yanick Champoux wants to create a 'Map of CPAN' for a single CPAN distribution. Here is how he started collecting the data.


Exceptions in Perl, Then and Now Tweet

Should one use the Error and Error::Simple modules for exceptions?


Perl Catalyst "Runner" Development Release 5 on CPAN Tweet

John Napiorkowski describes what is in this release. As a Catalyst user it is very important that you check out this release and make sure your application works with it as well.

Scientific Perl

NIST opens up atoms with open source Tweet

Introducing Demeter which is a scientific software for the processing and analysis of XAS data built using Perl, wxWidgets, Gnuplot, and other open source technologies.


Perl and Me, Part 8: Endless Forms Most Beautiful and Most Wonderful Tweet

Buddy Burden continuous exploring his relationship to Perl. This time he discusses the need for the language to change and evolve.


Maintaining Perl 5: Grant Report for Month 5 Tweet

The report of Tony Cook - Approximately 30 tickets were worked on, and 10 patches were applied.

New Secretary Elected for the Grants Committee Tweet

Makoto Nozaki has replaced Alberto Simões as the secretary of The Perl Foundation grant committee.


Why installing Dist::Zilla is slow and what you can do about it Tweet

David Golden checked the worst-case scenario, when you have a freshly installed perl and you need to install Dist::Zilla with more than 170 dependencies and suggests two ways to reduce the install-time. Even with those it will probably take more than 10 minutes. Just enough to do get up from your chair and do some exercises.

CPAN adoption request template Tweet

Would you like to adopt a CPAN module but don't know where and how to ask? Neil Bowers explains all of that.

Announcing Pinto 0.099 Tweet

CPAN Is like A Box of Chocolates. Pinto is a powerful tool for creating and managing a private chocolate box.

My first release of WebService::BambooHR Tweet

BambooHR is a commercial web-based HR (Human Resources) information system. This package created by Neil Bowers is the Perl module to access their public API.


Downloading age-restricted videos from YouTube Tweet

Curtis Brandt used WWW::YouTube::Download to download videos from YouTube, but had an issue with the ones where age limit was set. He solved it.

Perl 6

Rakudo Star Release 2014.01 Tweet

Last week there was an article explaining what was new in the latest release of the Rakudo Perl 6 compiler. This release of Rakudo Star contains the latest version of the compiler with a bunch of extra modules.

Perl 6: what can you do today? - The state of the butterfly Tweet

The slides of Jonathan Worthington for his talk at FOSDEM. (thanks to Steve Mynott for the link)


Randomness and statistical concepts Tweet

This is strictly for people who understand statistics, or who want to understand it! Sinan Unur explains why the statements of Ovid when using random dice rolls, were incorrect.

Learn How to Program Perl Tweet

A relatively new web site for people who would like to learn Perl by Chris Kildegaard, a high school student in California.


Back to Zurich Tweet

Damian Conway is going to be back in Zurich giving a few training classes. Get ready!

Weekly collections

Perl Maven Tutorials

Chomp and $/, the Input Record Separator Tweet

'Chomp removes the trailing newline of a string.' says the common sense, but does it? What does chomp really do? And what is $/?

Constructor and accessors in classic Perl OOP Tweet

While in new Perl applications you might prefer to use Moo or Moose, but there are plenty of cases when classic Perl OOP is needed. For example when you need to maintain an existing application. This is the first article of a series of articles explaining the core Perl OOP.

Perl based open source products Tweet

A list of open source, Perl based products that you can use, or even help develop.

New Events hosting a Perl hackathon! Tweet

The hackathon will be held during February 8-9, 2014 in the Technologia Incognita hackspace, in Amsterdam.

Perl-related events Tweet

In the following cities: Amsterdam, Hannover, Utrecht, Poznan, Prague, Kiev, Orlando (FL)

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