Issue #155 - 2014-07-14 - There Be Cobwebs In Those Coffers

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This week, we have echos of the next conferences coming out way (YAPC::EU, the Perl Swiss Workshop, the next meetings). We also have some updates of the financial state of some of Perl's foundations and, alas without surprises, it seems we are running on a very lean budget -- perhaps a reminder to us all to poke our $workplaces and see if they can't help in some way to keep the ecosystem alive and well-fed. ~ `/anick


We are Hiring a Senior Perl Software Developer - Grant Street Group Tweet

We are a fast growing software company using open source software/modern Perl practices to build innovative e-payment, auction, and tax collection web applications. We have been hiring great Developers for many years, and we want to further expand our distributed team of talented and friendly Developers. Most of our experienced Developers telecommute; on-site positions are also available.


Swiss Perl Workshop in Two Months Tweet

Planning to attend the Swiss Perl Workshop? Now might be a good time to register, as the event is drawing close...

Where will YAPC::Europe 2015 take place? Tweet

Curious to know what are the cities in the race to host next year's YAPC::EU? Well, don't waste any time, click the link already!

P5CMF Needs some love Tweet

Dan Wright warns us that the Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund is running low on gas. Companies that rely on Perl to do the job, now would be a good time to chip in...

Grants Committee Budget Tweet

Makoto Nozaki gives us the low-down on the Perl Foundation Grants Committee; how much money they currently have, how the rest of the year looks like.

Perl Training and donation to TPF Tweet

Need Perl training, and willing to help TPF at the same time? Gabor Szabo has a proposition for you.

London Perl Mongers Meeting Tweet

Dave Cross lets us know what's coming up at the meetings. (sneak peak: lots of good stuff, that's what is coming)


Seven years of blogging Tweet

the site's statistics, he draws a list of his best hits, as well as his own favorite entries.

I went to YAPC::NA in Orlando! Tweet

Ricardo Signes gives us the second part of his YAPC::NA debriefing.

See you at YAPC::EU! Tweet

YAPC::NA is over, long live YAPC::EU. Alex Balhatchet and a contingent of Nestoria's devs are preparing themselves for the trip to Sofia, Bulgaria.

Community: helping each other Tweet

Neil Bowers testify of the synergy between CPAN authors, and how we are more as a group than the sum of our parts.

Some statistics from Debian package tags Tweet

Steven Haryanto gathers some interesting stats on Debian packages and the languages in which they are based.

Why Learn Perl? Interview 4 - Emma Howson, Graduate and Emerging Perl Dancer Tweet

Andrew Solomon interviews Emma Howson, a young, nascent Perl developer (and author of the PerlAdventures blog which appears here from time to time).

The perversity of traditional Perl's dereferencing syntax Tweet

Perl's new postderef syntax looks funny, but there is a reason for it. Aristotle explains the devil that lies in the details of the deadly dereferencing drama.


Amazon & Ebay Tweet

Using Interchange for your e-commerce? You might want to keep an eye on Stefan Hornburg, as he's starting a project that will allow Interchange to interface with Amazon and Ebay.

Metabase down? Tweet

gvl has problems reaching From the comments, it seems that the problem isn't with the server, but could be born out of an IO::Socket::IP bug.


Rex meet Rspec Tweet

chenryn has a stab at porting rspec, a type of testing framework to ensure a host's configuration conforms to what is expected, to Perl.

Finding unused variables in your Template stash Tweet

Ovid offers us the first draft of a cruft-busting tool that aims to detect variables that are pushed to the templates but never used.


Tell me more, tell me more Tweet

Mark Fowler announces a new version of Test::DatabaseRow. With the next version comes an easier way to tell the tests to open wide the gates of verbosity.

Benchmarking several ASCII-table-generator modules Tweet

Steven Haryanto compares modules producing text-based tables. And yes, some metrics are presented in text-based tables themselves. Yo dawg.

A Ringleader Proxy for Sporadically-Used Web Applications Tweet

Yanick plays around with a proxying service to manage his herd of sporadically-used toy web applications.

HTML pro-parsing tips Tweet

"Parse HTML? Easy, let me write a regex!" NO! Stop right there, and go read David Farell's tricks and recommendations to sanely parse HTML instead. Trust me, you'll thank me later.

Perl virtual tables for DBD::SQLite : ready to test Tweet

Laurent Dami continues on his quest for Perl-based virtual table support for SQLite. This time around, he has a working prototype to share with us.

Because Sometimes Lightspeed is Too Slow Tweet

Tiny::Type is still too sluggish for you? You're mad. And so is Toby Inkster, who wrote a XS version of the module that gives a 300% boost to an already lean speed demon.

Non-blocking Mojolicious apps are even easier now! Tweet

Joel Berger raves about the new features of Mojolicious, and of the doors they open (or, at least, make much easier to pass through).


Fun with image transformations in Perl Tweet

Sinan Unur is having fun swapping pixels between classic paintings using GD::Image.

Weekly collections


First Time CPAN Contributor Tweet

24 min talk by Adam Dutko at YAPC::NA 2014

What's new in Mojolicious 5.0 Tweet

19 min talk by Sebastian Riedel the author of Mojolicious. (pls note: Sound starts at 2:15)

Perl Maven Tutorials

Fetching data from YouTube using Perl Tweet

14 min screencast and article


Perl-related events Tweet

In the following cities: Sofia (Bulgaria), Tokyo (Japan), Flörli Olten (Switzerland), Hancock (NY/USA), Itapema (SC/Brasil), Salzburg (Austria), Barcelona (Spain)

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