Issue #16 - 2011-11-14 - London Perl Workshop and the Modern Core Perl Slides

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I am sending this from London where I attended the UK Perl Workshop. It was great. There were lots of interesting talks that I missed because I was giving a 4 hour training.

There was also a social event after, that I enjoyed very much. There were some 220-250 people who came to the event.

GCI - TPF needs your help to locate teenagers who would like to participate in the Google Code-in and do Perl related projects.

Now to the articles:


Perl Accepted For GCI - Now We Just Need Students Tweet Facebook Google+

The Perl Foundation was accepted to participate in the Google Code-in. Now it is time to find students between the ages 13-17 years who are interested to participate. That's where The Perl Foundation needs your help. See the post of Paul Johnson (pjcj) with details.


Famous Perl One-Liners Explained, Part VII: Handy Regular Expressions Tweet Facebook Google+

Peteris Krumins continues his series about Perl one-liners. This time looking at regular expressions. Some of them are useful, for others there are CPAN modules that serve the purpose better than a regex.

Graphing time-based data in Perl Tweet Facebook Google+

David Precious (bigpersh) wanted to produce some graphs for a Dancer based application. After looking around on CPAN he settled with Chart::Strip. There is a small example code and the resulting graph in the blog.

Intelligent caching for all time statistics Tweet Facebook Google+

Sebastian Willing show how to use Memcached to keep already computed data in memory in a way that survives even a restart to the web-server.


Confident Code Using Systematic, Automated Input Validation Tweet Facebook Google+

John Wang takes some ideas from Ruby and shows how to implement 'confident code' in Moose. It's up for discussion to figure out if this is a good or a bad way to show the power of Moose.

Technical Quality is an Insurance Policy Tweet Facebook Google+

When you copy-paste some code, do you create 'technical debt', 'friction' or are you driving up the premium you pay for your 'technical insurance'? It's only a question of metaphor but explaining the problem in a way that is easier to understand for business people is important. Hence the article of Jeff Thalhammer on the Moder Perl Books web site.

Marpa v. Perl regexes: some numbers Tweet Facebook Google+

Jeffrey Kegler pitches his Marpa engine against the regex engine of Perl. He says that in some cases Marpa is much faster than any regex could be. Then a discussion with Tom Christiansen makes the whole article even more interesting.


London Perl Workshop - Learning Perl Together Tweet Facebook Google+

Ian Norton (idn) has published his slides from the 'Learning Perl Together' workshop he gave at the London Perl Workshop

Modern Core Perl Slides Tweet Facebook Google+

Dave Cross gave a very good 90 minute long talk about what is new in Perl 5.10, 5.12, 5.14 and even in the not-yet-released 5.16. He is sharing his slides here.


Caching pages - Beyond Firebug to NYTProf Tweet Facebook Google+

Dave Jacoby shows an example how NYTProf lead him to caching result pages reducing the response time by more than 50%. It was interesting to see now as I am planning to do the same with my simple blog engine.

Perl Tutorial

Perl 6

Slides from the Optimizing Rakudo Perl 6 talk Tweet Facebook Google+

Jonathan Worthington published his slides.


Fun with Perl Tweet Facebook Google+

A couple of days ago Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes mentioned to me that the 'Fun with Perl' mailing list suddenly woke up. Judging from the archive it isn't a busy list but a very rewarding one. Assuming you like that kind of fun.

What I learned from YAPC::Brasil Tweet Facebook Google+

brian d foy describes his experience at a conference where most of the talks are in a language he does not understand and also finds time to introduce Data::Printer. Nice pictures too.

LPW2011 : my thoughts overall Tweet Facebook Google+

David Precious (bigpersh) reports about the London Perl Workshop.

Perl Training

Public Perl training in London Tweet Facebook Google+

Dave Cross is running an 'Intermediate Perl' and an 'Advanced Perl' course in February 2012 in central London.


Saint Perl 2011 Conference Tweet Facebook Google+

December 18, 2011, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

The Perl Oasis Tweet Facebook Google+

January 13-15, 2012, Orlando, Florida, USA

German Perl workshop Tweet Facebook Google+

March 5-7, 2012, Erlangen, Germany

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