Issue #184 - 2015-02-02 - Larry gave his talk at FOSDEM

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There was lots of buzz around FOSDEM this last week, but not many videos or blog posts to share with you yet. Get blogging, those of you who went!

More than 200 people have received their second assignment in the CPAN Pull Request Challenge, and plenty are still working on January's. Some people have dropped out, but others have signed up to start in February. As well as pull requests, lots of blogging going on around it.

Editor #3, Neil

Neil Bowers


CPAN Testers monthly report for December Tweet Facebook Google+
by Barbie (BARBIE)

Barbie's monthly round-up of news related to CPAN Testers, which includes plans for the QA hackathon and beyond.

Nestoria's module of the month for January: Test::Deep Tweet Facebook Google+

This month Nestoria tip their hat, and their wallet, to RJBS for Test::Deep.

Perl blogging

Shock and Terror - Perl IS a readable language Tweet Facebook Google+
by Tudor Constantin (TCONST)

Another love-letter to Perl from Tudor, following his previous Perl Already Won.

My Perly January Tweet Facebook Google+
by Karen Pauley

Various people are restarting their Ironman blogging this year; Karen has set herself a goal of blogging about Perl at least once a month, and this is her first. TL;DR: she's busy, and gets a lot of email to deal with!

Hacking and blogging

Command Line Project Manager (clpm) Tweet Facebook Google+
by David Bradford (DBRADFORD)

David (aka tinypig) announced script for managing files. Old-timers are probably reading clpm as comp.lang.perl.modules or misc.

Cookieless Sessions - Automatically Login Your Users Tweet Facebook Google+
by Rob Lauer

Rob shows how you can create one-time user session tokens in Bedrock, for example when someone has forgotten their password.

What's wrong with Getopt::Long? Tweet Facebook Google+
by Steven Haryanto (SHARYANTO)

Perlancar has started blogging on his own site, and has startd with a series handling command-line arguments. Read part 2 after this first part on Getopt::Long.


A survey of table rendering packages Tweet Facebook Google+
by Ron Savage (RSAVAGE)

Ron is trying to build up a list of all 'table rendering packages'. Please let him know if he's missed any. He needs them for the SEE ALSO section of his new Text::Table::Manifold module.

Perl 6

a perl5 to perl6 translator - update Tweet Facebook Google+
by Flávio Glock (FGLOCK)

An update from Flávio on perlito, a perl5 to perl6 compiler.

Fosdem 2015: It's Christmas! Tweet Facebook Google+
by Larry Wall

Mark's notes after attending Larry Wall's talk at FOSDEM. Apparently the videos of talks will go online soon, presumably at

Gotanda lands Tweet Facebook Google+
by Timo Paulssen

The latest news from Perl 6 (apart from, you know, that talk). MoraVM got 20% faster,

Perl 6 for mere mortals Tweet Facebook Google+
by Curtis 'Ovid' Poe (OVID)

Ovid shared the slides for his FOSDEM talk ahead of time.

Pull Quest Challenge

Choroba's report for January Tweet Facebook Google+
by E. Choroba (CHOROBA)

Choroba describes his efforts with Net::HTTP::Spore. Not everyone who got a dzil-based dist was happy, but Choroba didn't have any problem.

My CPAN Pull Request Challenge for January: Fuse Tweet Facebook Google+
by Breno de Oliveira (GARU)

Garu describes his thoughts and process approaching Fuse, his assignment for January, resulting in 4 pull requests.

MVUET's notes on SOAP-Lite Tweet Facebook Google+
by Maxim Vuets (MVUETS)

Maxim gives a primer on SOAP and SOAP-Lite, the distribution he got for January.

Lance Brown's notes on String::Random Tweet Facebook Google+
by Lance Brown (LABROWN)

Lance shares his work on String::Random: cleaning up the output of perlcritic -1 and extending the module so users can provide their own random number generator.

CPAN Pull Requests in January Tweet Facebook Google+
by Neil Bowers (NEILB)

A first quick analysis on the impact of the Pull Request challenge. In short, a the most CPAN-related pull requests ever, by a comfortable margin.

The meaning of MetaCPAN favorites Tweet Facebook Google+
by Neil Bowers (NEILB)

Some ruminating on what MetaCPAN's favorites mean, some statistics on how they've been bestowed to date, and how they're being factoring into the scoring of dists for the Pull Request Challenge.


Moving CPAN RT tickets to Github, now improved Tweet Facebook Google+
by David Golden (DAGOLDEN)

A while back David presented a way to migrate tickets from RT to github issues. Here he describes a more complete solution, which is available on github.

Docker: first impressions Tweet Facebook Google+
by Arthur Axel "fREW" Schmidt (FREW)

Frew shares his experiences and thoughts using Docker for deployment, having used it for testing for nearly a year. I've no experience with Docker, ******************************[1]: you'll just have to decide for yourself.

Critical hit Tweet Facebook Google+
by Mark Fowler (MARKF)

Jeff Thalhammer gave a talk on Perl::Critic to Albany Perl Mongers. Here Mark shares what he took away from the talk, the biggest win of which was learning about using the only option in a .perlcriticrc file.

[1] A joke that was worded a bit strongly and might have been offensive has been deleted. Sorry for not noticing it before it was published. ~ szabgab


Comparing booleans in Perl Tweet Facebook Google+
by Andrew Solomon (ILLY)

Andrew shows two of the ways you might compare the boolean true-or-false'ness of two scalars in Perl. Hopefully most of the time readability would win out :-)


Perl::Lint Bug Fixes and New Policies Tweet Facebook Google+

An update on the Perl::Lint project, which was funded in early 2014.

The Ado web framework wasn't funded Tweet Facebook Google+
by Makoto Nozaki

Two weeks ago we linked to the proposal for the Ado web framework. It wasn't funded, primarily because there's already a lot of choice in Perl web frameworks, so it wasn't clear this was the best use of the funds ($4500 was requested).

Perl Maven Tutorials

Conferences and Meetups

Sydney.PM February meetup Tweet Facebook Google+

Sydney.PM are having a tech talk session on Tuesday 10th February, from 6 to 9:30pm.

The Swiss Perl workshop 2015 Tweet Facebook Google+

The Swiss Perl Workshop will be held in Olten on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th August 2015.

Other Perl events Tweet Facebook Google+

Lots of other Perl workshops and coneference are now listed

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