Issue #185 - 2015-02-09 - Interviews with RJBS and TimToady

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During FOSDEM Miyagawa has conducted interviews with Ricardo Signes (RJBS), the release manager of Perl 5 (also known as the Pumpkin of Perl 5), and Larry Wall (TimToady), the creator of Perl.

Both interviews are available in the Rebuild podcast as downloadable mp3 files. If you don't have time during the day, you could download the files and listen to them during your commute.


Gabor Szabo


Time::Moment can save time Tweet Facebook Google+
by brian d foy (BDFOY)

DateTime is perfect, but huge and slow. Time::Moment has certain limitations, but it small and blazing fast.

Building libexpat and XML::Parser on Windows 8.1 64 bit using Visual Studio 2013 Tweet Facebook Google+
by Sinan Unur (NANIS)

One of the hard things when building a Perl distribution is including various external libraries. For example libexpat and libgd. This is what Sinan faced the week.


Have The Appropriate Amount Of Fun (Larry Wall) Tweet Facebook Google+
by Tatsuhiko Miyagawa (MIYAGAWA)

Tatsuhiko Miyagawa interviewed Larry Wall. (podcast, mp3)

Perl Is Hard To Talk About (rjbs) Tweet Facebook Google+
by Tatsuhiko Miyagawa (MIYAGAWA)

Tatsuhiko Miyagawa interviewed Ricardo Signes. (podcast, mp3)


Sometimes, it really IS a bug in Perl Tweet Facebook Google+
by David Golden (DAGOLDEN)

Watch literal strings ("Hello world") DISAPPEAR and become undefined


Dancer2 - Getting Started Tweet Facebook Google+

20 min screencast by the Perl DJ


What's new on CPAN - January 2015 Tweet Facebook Google+
by David Farrell (DFARRELL)

The already tradition monthly report of David listing a selected list of newly uploaded CPAN modules.

Moo 2.0 Tweet Facebook Google+
by Graham Knop (HAARG)

The next stable release of Moo will be version 2.0, and will include some incompatible changes. Please, go and test your Moo-using code now!


Perl 6

A little thing to love about Perl 6 (and COBOL) Tweet Facebook Google+
by Curtis 'Ovid' Poe (OVID)

The article shows the result of the following expression: 1/(.1 + .2 - .3) and why is not what you expect.


Code Maven Tweet Facebook Google+
by Gabor Szabo (SZABGAB)

Yours truly has opened a new playground for himself experimenting with Node.js (JavaScript), Flask (Python), and Ruby. (For now)

Weekly collections

Perl Maven Tutorials

Can't locate object method "..." via package "1" (perhaps you forgot to load "1"?) Tweet Facebook Google+

A lovely error in Perl, but where does package 1 come from? And what happens when it is package 2 ? Or 3 ?

How I learn English Tweet Facebook Google+
by Natalya Savenkova

A guest post on the Perl Maven site with some advice how to improve your language skills


DC-Baltimore Perl Workshop 2015 - Call for Speakers! Tweet Facebook Google+

The workshop will be held on Saturday April 11 2015 in Silver Spring, MD.

Website, Sponsorship and the Walls Tweet Facebook Google+

The website for the upcoming YAPC Europe in Granada was launched.

Event reports

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