Issue #21 - 2011-12-19 - Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Joyful 24th birthday do Perl

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Perl turned 24 this week. Happy birthday!

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas to all the readers of the Perl Weekly and see below why is that relevant.

Last week 175 people clicked on the job post at Best Practical. Very impressive :)

The Perl Maven courses I started a month ago got quite good reaction so I am now busy recording the rest of the material. Once those are done, I have further plans for more video courses.

In the meantime, let's see the current issue of the Perl Weekly:

Gabor Szabo


CPAN - As Seen From Space! Tweet Facebook Google+
by Grant McLean (GRANTM)

This was announced in many channels but here you can also see some funny comments such as 'Thanks for spending your time developing a way for me to waste mine :)'. Grant McLean created a map of all CPAN. You can slice it and dice it. See the authors, the dependencies or the users of a module. Donated Another €100,000 Tweet Facebook Google+

This donation is towards the development of perl 5. I wish other companies would now approach The Perl Foundation and offer further donations to enable larger grants for CPAN module development and for Perl 6 development.

8 days of Perl during Hanukkah (חנוכה) Tweet Facebook Google+
by Ricardo Signes (RJBS)

Just as the Advent calendars near their end, Hanukkah starts on 21st December. RJBS (aka Ricardo Signes) is trying to repeat the miracle and use his oil candle to write about Perl for 8 days.


Alternative Dancer Templating Engines Tweet Facebook Google+

Michał Wojciechowski reviews 3 templating systems that work with Dancer: Tiny (based on Template::Tiny), Tenjin and Haml which is coming from the Ruby on Rails folks.

When slower is better: Secure your passwords Tweet Facebook Google+
by Sebastian Willing (SEWI)

Sebastian Willing (Sewi) explains how to store passwords in a very secure way and how to maintain or even increase the security level while cracking passwords is getting faster and faster.

Writing API clients in Perl and Python Tweet Facebook Google+
by Mark Allen (MALLEN)

Mark Allen has implemented the API of the file sharing service in both languages and praises CPAN and its tool-chain for making his life easier.

Meta-programming: what, why and how Tweet Facebook Google+
by Jonathan Worthington (JONATHAN)

This article by Jonathan Worthington can be interesting to anyone who uses Object Oriented programming.

Define grammars in regular expressions Tweet Facebook Google+
by brian d foy (BDFOY)

brian d foy uses named subpatterns introduced in perl 5.10 to build a grammar.

Marketing? (hush, hush)

Stick it to them...[ Tweet Facebook Google+
by Mark Keating

The Perl Foundation has a new sticker and I have already asked Mark Keating (MKD) to send me a few for the Israeli Perl Workshop.

MetaCPAN logo competition announced Tweet Facebook Google+

Want to get $400 and eternal fame? Just design a logo for MetaCPAN!


Learning music notes with Perl Tweet Facebook Google+
by Viacheslav Tykhanovskyi (VTI)

Viacheslav Tykhanovskyi (vti) bought a MIDI 2 USB interface and had to try it with Perl. You will see how he used MIDI::ALSA from CPAN to make it work.

Perl 6

Bailador - A small Dancer clone Tweet Facebook Google+

A minimal Dancer clone implemented in Perl 6.


The Perl Oasis Tweet Facebook Google+

January 13-15, 2012, Orlando, Florida, USA

Perl Workshop in Israel Tweet Facebook Google+

February 28, 2012, Ramat Gan, Israel

German Perl workshop Tweet Facebook Google+

March 5-7, 2012, Erlangen, Germany

YAPC::NA Tweet Facebook Google+

June 13-15, 2012, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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