Issue #213 - 2015-08-24 - YAPC::EU is just a week from now

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Hi there

I have not been to YAPC::EU since Frankfurt 2012 that was after the attempt to bring Perl 5 and Perl 6 closer together which took place in Perl, Germany.

What happened since then? Have people got closer?

Will the official release of Perl 6 bring new people to the "Perl community"? Who cares?

I am looking forward to see what others say about this.

In the meantime, enjoy your week!

Gabor Szabo


File::Slurp is broken and wrong Tweet Facebook Google+
by Leon Timmermans (LEONT)

Instead of that module Leon suggests File::Slurper, Path::Tiny, or even IO::All. I personally think that this whole thing, including the discussion on Reddit indicate serious problems in the Perl culture. How many people will see this post? How will all the others know what is the recommended way to slurp a file into memory?

Turn capture groups into cluster groups Tweet Facebook Google+
by brian d foy (BDFOY)

Instead of using (?:...) many times, you can just use the /n flag and turn every capture group into a cluster group. Or, you can use (?n...) to turn off capturing in part of the regex. Of course there are a lot more details in the article.

Perl 5 Regex Cheat sheet Tweet Facebook Google+
by Gabor Szabo (SZABGAB)

Quick look-up for the major regex features of Perl 5 with links to detailed explanation and examples.

Playing with the TrueRNG 2 hardware random number generator Tweet Facebook Google+
by Sinan Unur (NANIS)

Even if you write your code in C, you can still include a Perl script

Perl on the Rebound? Tweet Facebook Google+

Just linking to two interesting articles: From the languages which I've used, only Perl has tried to address the problem. and We're Still Catching Up to Perl. Read those if you'd like to warm your heart.


Our Latest Sponsor: ABC Startsiden Tweet Facebook Google+

ABC Startsiden is sponsoring the CPAN Testers.

swat for Dancer Tweet Facebook Google+
by Alexey Melezhik (MELEZHIK)

SWAT is simple DSL to create a smoke tests for any web application in easy and fast way. Dancer is a modern light-weight web framework for Perl


Preparing for a Technical Interview (with Perl) Tweet Facebook Google+
by Peter Sergeant (SARGIE)

Slides, apparently from YAPC::NA that might help you get your next job.


Getting big without getting fat, in perl Tweet Facebook Google+
by Dean Hamstead (DJZORT)

How to grow an ad-hoc script turned into enterprise software without creating a monster? Use the 4 elements of the programmers culture: Config, Logging, Testing, Plugins.

Perl NOC

Want to help? Tweet Facebook Google+

The Perl NOC is looking for help cleaning up inactive Perl Monger groups, improving the spam filters and moving services to Docker.



Reading Excel file using Perl Tweet Facebook Google+
by Gabor Szabo (SZABGAB)

Using Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Simple and Spreadsheet::ParseExcel, but actually recommending Spreadsheet::Read

Perl 6

I Am Unlikely To Move To Perl6 Tweet Facebook Google+
by Dave Jacoby (JACOBY)

The imminent official release of Perl 6 brings up even more emotions. Dave describes his background and rationally explains his emotions toward Perl 6.


Weekly collections


Q&A Session with Larry Wall at Swiss Perl Workshop 2015 Tweet Facebook Google+
by Larry Wall

The Swiss Perl Workshop is just around the corner. Can you make it there?

YAPC::EU Tweet Facebook Google+

Right after the Swiss Perl Workshop you can come to Granada, Spain for European Perl Conference.

Just announced: PPW talk deadline extended! Tweet Facebook Google+

Further down the road there is the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop, the only Perl Workshop promoted by The Perl Foundation, waiting for more talk proposals.

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