Issue #230 - 2015-12-21 - Little Christmas is already here!

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Hello there!

Today is the darkest day on the year for our northern-biased view. From here things can only improve. Or so we hope.

Anyway, even if Perl 6 has not yet been released at least you can see Star Wars, the force awakens or install a newer version of Perl 5.


Gabor Szabo


The White Camel Awards, 2015 Edition Tweet Facebook Google+
by brian d foy (BDFOY)

Congratulations to Chris Prather, Sawyer X, and Steffen Müller for taming the snowcamel.


Grammar reuse Tweet Facebook Google+
by Jeffrey Kegler (JKEGL)

Tryting to cool the enthusiasm of a Perl 6 blog author using Marpa?

Exception::Stringy - Modern exceptions for legacy code Tweet Facebook Google+
by Damien Krotkine (DAMS)

An exceptionally detailed article on how to throw and capture exceptions in an environment where you have a lot of legacy code that throws regular sting-based exceptions, but for the new code you'd like to use object-based exceptions.



Test release for DBD::mysql available - ssl by default! Tweet Facebook Google+
by Michiel Beijen (MICHIELB)

The Perl DBI driver for MySQL and MariaDB is going to have a new release. If it is important to you, test it!

SparrowHub - swat plugins repository Tweet Facebook Google+
by Alexey Melezhik (MELEZHIK)

swat and sparrow are two parts of a tool-chain for rapid web test automation development. SparrowHub is their 'CPAN'. And apparently Alexey is on a quest to anger some spelling enthusiasts.


The Long Death of Tweet Facebook Google+
by Dave Cross (DAVECROSS)

Apparently Red Hat beat P5P in breaking backward compatibility of the perl distribution. Red Hat has removed from their 'standard distribution of perl' 5 years ago with the release of RHEL 6. Here is what the Redditters say.


Specify the minimum perl version you support Tweet Facebook Google+
by Neil Bowers (NEILB)

It is quite easy and useful to do it and yet only 32.8% of CPAN distributions have the minimum Perl version specified.


Perl 5 Advent

Perl 6

Hunted By a Leak - Part Two Tweet Facebook Google+
by Rob Hoelz (RHOELZ)

In a nutshell, if I understood it correctly, certain subroutine signatures cause a memory leak, but spending two weeks in Japan can solve them.

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Perl Maven Articles

shift in Perl Tweet Facebook Google+
by Gabor Szabo (SZABGAB)

This areticle was published in response to a question on YouTube.

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