Issue #256 - 2016-06-20 - YAPC::NA is upon us!

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Today is the first day of YAPC::NA — hopefully those of you in Orlando will have a great week. The keynotes are going to be live-streamed for those of us who couldn't attend in person, and recordings of all other talks will be available at some point. Go to the YAPC::NA channel on YouTube to look for videos.

This is the 256th issue of Perl Weekly! I've only been doing this gig for the last 80 issues, so Kudos to Gabor for starting this and keeping it going.


Neil Bowers


Senior Fullstack Perl Engineer @ Shutterstock's London Office Tweet Facebook Google+

Shutterstock / REX is looking for top engineers to join our team. You will be working with highly motivated and extremely talented engineers on backend services with quality, performance and scale in mind every step of the way. Our core belief is that the customers are our number one priority so we work hard to deliver value back to them with everything we do.

ActivePerl 5.24 Now Available Tweet Facebook Google+

Download ActivePerl 5.24, available as a free community edition license. Also, ActivePerl Business and Enterprise Editions feature precompiled, supported, quality-assured Perl distribution used by millions of developers around the world for easy Perl installation and quality-assured code.


Introducing SVG::Estimate Tweet Facebook Google+
by JT Smith (RIZEN)

JT introduces his new SVG::Estimate module, which estimates the length of all vectors in an SVG file.

Refactor of Perl Critic policy ProhibitUnusedVarsStricter Tweet Facebook Google+
by Tom Wyant (WYANT)

Tom describes the changes in the new version of his Perl::Critic::Policy::Variables::ProhibitUnusedVarsStricter module. It's a Perl::Critic policy for catching unused variables.

Announcing Plack::App::ServiceStatus Tweet Facebook Google+
by Thomas Klausner (DOMM)

Thomas has created a simple Plack app for monitoring a server.

Please test developer releases of OpenGL Tweet Facebook Google+
by Christian Walde (MITHALDU)

Christian is doing some developer releases of the OpenGL module, and would like your help: please try and install it, and let him know what happens.

Perl 5

P5P Mailing List Summary: June 9th-15th Tweet Facebook Google+
by Sawyer X (XSAWYERX)

I didn't have time to read it closely, but possibly something about French onion soup?

Missing Smart Match Tweet Facebook Google+
by JT Smith (RIZEN)

JT laments the loss of smart match. It's only a short post, but read the comments.

Watch regexes with Regexp::Debugger Tweet Facebook Google+
by brian d foy (BDFOY)

A short post from brian about Regexp::Debugger, which can animate a regular expression matching string, to help you understand how it works.

Perl 5.24: Improved Performance and Security Tweet Facebook Google+
by Tom Radcliffe

ActivePerl 5.24 is now available!

Three-argument form of open used and it is not available until perl 5.6 Tweet Facebook Google+
by Gabor Szabo (SZABGAB)

Hopefully we all know now why we should use the three argument version of open(). But if you do, you really should include use 5.006; in your code.

A Perl toolchain for building micro-services at scale Tweet Facebook Google+
by Amarnath Ravikumar (AMARNUS)

Amarnath and Srinivas describe the Perl toolbox that's been used to build micro-services at Semantics3.


YAPC::NA::2016 - Wednesday Night Pull Request Challenge Tweet Facebook Google+
by Brett Estrade (ESTRABD)

Wednesday night at YAPC there's a mini pull request challenge (yay!), with food and drink sponsored by Craigslist. Why not go along and help someone else's CPAN distribution?

Perl 6

perl6: count chinese characters in string Tweet Facebook Google+

A short post showing how you can count the number of characters (in this case Chinese characters) in a string with Perl 6.


Newbie Poison Tweet Facebook Google+
by Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan argues that the Perl community just isn't very welcoming for beginners, particularly in the exactly the places that are meant to be for beginners.

Grant Reports

Tony Cook's report Tweet Facebook Google+
by Tony Cook (TONYC)

Tony's ongoing work for his Perl 5 grant.

Dave Mitchell's report Tweet Facebook Google+
by Dave Mitchell

Dave spent some time trying to make Scope::Upper work under Perl 5.24.

Not Perl

10 tips for new GitHub projects Tweet Facebook Google+

Ten good things to do with a new GitHub repo.

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