Issue #40 - 2012-04-30 - Perl 5.16.0 is coming soon!

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It was late Sunday evening when I was trying to put together this edition and I was way too tired for this. At one point I noticed I was going over the same items I did last week. Clearly I need a better way to manage the links I collect. It is on its way but other tasks constantly get in front of it.

For this issue, I had to reduce the amount of comments so I could finish it before midnight.

BTW Miguel Prz (niceperl) started a new weekly posting. This time with his MetaCPAN favourites.

Now to the posts:


Perl 5.16.0 is coming soon! Tweet Facebook Google+

If Perl is an important tool in your toolbox then follow what Ricardo SIGNES is asking you and test it. Before the release!


Padre 0.96 has been released... Tweet Facebook Google+

After another long release cycle, Peter Lavender reports the new version of Padre. Two more and we arrive at the magical 1.00 release.

Send A Newbie Tweet Facebook Google+

The new round of the Send a Newbie to YAPC program was announced by Mark Keating.

(i) MetaCPAN favourites weekly report Tweet Facebook Google+

This is the second weekly blog post published by Miguel Prz (niceperl). In this one he is listing the modules that gained the most +-es on MetaCPAN.


Speed up by a factor of 6 million Tweet Facebook Google+

Carl Mäsak looks at a Perl 6 script that arrives to the same solution as his C program but 6 million times faster. That sounds crazy but interesting. He discusses the Perl 5 solution written by Salvador Fandino and then provides a Perl 6 solution to the same problem.

Ubic - status report Tweet Facebook Google+

'Ubic is a polymorphic service manager which makes creating daemons easy, while being extensible in a several different ways' writes Vyacheslav Matjukhin after a long break in reporting about his module. He mixes a big dose of technical update with information on talks showing the project and ideas about reaching out to potential users. Not only Perl developers.

This is why I love Template Toolkit Tweet Facebook Google+

Aaron Trevena learns about the META directive of TT.

Embrace the Little Conveniences Tweet Facebook Google+

Do you use File::Slurp or write your own slurp() function? Do you use Proc::Fork or call fork() by yourself? What does chromatic do?

Before you write a patch, write an email Tweet Facebook Google+

Andy Lester offers his opinion on how to approach an open source project with patches. I am not sure. I think, while this make sense, is in contradiction with the earlier message: 'code speaks'. So what do you think?


Perl Hackathon QA 2012 Tweet Facebook Google+

Apparently the flow of reports from the QA Hackathons still has not dryed up. This time Geistteufel, the celogeek, wrote up a few words and add links to some pictures.


Websockets in nginx-perl Tweet Facebook Google+

A few simple examples by Alexandr Gomoliako.


My personalized Perl bumper sticker Tweet Facebook Google+

Ron Savage has a a Perl-powered Toyota hybrid!

Ninja Code Tweet Facebook Google+

That's just scary. (The second post of Chris Grau)

Perl devroom @FOSDEM2012: photos Tweet Facebook Google+

Claudio Ramirez El-Che

Perl 6

The Perl 6 Hackathon is over, but the reports have not ended yet

Revenge of the Oslo hackathon Tweet Facebook Google+

Carl Mäsak breaks a month of blog-silence and writes about the Perl 6 hackathon in Oslo from his point of view.

Back from Oslo Tweet Facebook Google+

Tadeusz Sosnierz (tadzik) discovered that the Perl 6 Hackathon is better than bacon with maasdamer. Or at least on the same level. I think I am not supposed to comment on this.

Post-hackathon thoughts Tweet Facebook Google+

by Jan Ingvoldstad


Dave Cross announced his free Perl training in London which 'sold out' in a few hours. There is no point to link to it, but it is interesting to mention. Apparently, free sells well :).

Post-mortem Linguistics in Zurich Tweet Facebook Google+

by Damian Conway. Tuesday May 8, 2012.

Quantum-Relativistic Time-Travel in Lisbon Tweet Facebook Google+

by Damian Conway. Thursday May 3, 2012

The self promotion section

Splice to slice and dice arrays in Perl Tweet Facebook Google+

Part of the Perl Maven tutorial/book.

Facebook vs Google+ for Perl projects Tweet Facebook Google+

Listing the pages and comparing number of followers. If you are on either of those social networks, you might want to check out what pages you could follow.


I usually include 3-4 of the nearest events. If your's is not here, I might not know about it. Let me know about it!

Perl Mova Workshop in Kiev Tweet Facebook Google+

May 12-13, 2012, Kiev, Ukraine

Nordic Perl workshop Tweet Facebook Google+

June 4-5, 2012, Stockholm, Sweden

YAPC::NA Tweet Facebook Google+

June 13-15, 2012, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

French Perl workshop Tweet Facebook Google+

June 29-30, 2012, Strasbourg

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