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this is the last issue of 2013. We started the year with 4156 readers and this issue goes out to 5103 subscribers. Thank you for your trust and thank you for reading the Perl Weekly News!

I wish all of you happy, and prosperous year with lots of Perl!

Gabor Szabo


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Relationships with optional foreign key values (DBIx::Class)

David Schmidt (davewood) explained the problem: "Imagine two related tables 'human' and 'cat': A cat belongs to a human but when the human dies the cat can continue to roam freely." I am not a cat-person, but based on all the information I gather on the web, and there is no shortage of information about cats, I wonder if the word 'belongs' can even apply there. Anyway, the problem with the database still remains.

Perl - understand List, unary operation and array in scalar context

by Dave Cross (DAVECROSS)

Probably in response to the article of Dave Cross from last week (though unfortunately he does not link there), Celogeek gives a few examples for list and scalar context.


Two testing heavy weights in one issue! Nice.

Merry Christmas! Parallel testing with Test::Class::Moose has arrived

by Curtis 'Ovid' Poe (OVID)

If you were looking for a Christmas present, here is one from Ovid. He says he can make your test 24 times faster. Or, at least, the one he had was made so much faster. Oh, and he is using Parallel::ForkManager. Luckily, I just fixed a stupid bug there that I introduced a while ago.

Profile Your Tests (One Test Class Per File)

by Curtis 'Ovid' Poe (OVID)

chromatic agrees with 90% of what Ovid write in a different article but does not tell us the 10% he disagrees with. But then he goes on explaining why he thinks using Test::Class was probably a good choice in their case. If you write tests, and I really hope you do, then it is worth reading these articles and thinking about the implications.



by Flavio Poletti (POLETTIX)

Potrace is a tool to transform bitmaps into vector graphics. Graphics::Potrace, written by Flavio Poletti provides the Perl binding to it.


Christmas Eve Obfu

by Toby Inkster (TOBYINK)

If it's Christmas, you need a tree. A tree made of Perl. See what Toby Inkster had in mind.

UAV::Pilot v0.8 Released - Now Supports Wumpus Rover

by Timm Murray (TMURRAY)

The Wumpus Rover was built on top of an old RC car using a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino, and controlled by Timm Murray via his UAV::Pilot module. The article comes with a video, that was also featured on the Perl TV. If you are looking to build something by yourself, or with your kids, this can be a great project.

Perl and Me, Part 4: A Worthy Program, Exceedingly Well Read

by Buddy Burden (BAREFOOT)

Buddy Burden continues telling his story. This time he explains why code readability is so important, and how that does not mean using a limited subset of the language.


Perl Jedi, Hello World !

Jedi is a web application framework with no DSL. Celogeek, who put on his Yoda-face when creating Jedi, has started a series of articles. This is the first part and he already published a follow-up on the session plugin. I certainly like the fact that he did not just put it on CPAN and waited for the hordes of people to start using it. In these days one has to explain even a Jedi.

Perl 6

Rakudo Star 2013.12 released

They promised it by Christmas..

Weekly collections

Perl Maven Tutorials

Testing a simple Perl module

After last week explaining what is TAP, this time the article takes an existing module and shows how to write and run unit-tests for the module.


I usually list the next 3-4 events here. The list of all the events can be found on the web site. If your Perl event is not listed there, please let me know.

Perl Oasis West

January 25th, 2014, Tampa, Florida, USA

German Perl Workshop (GPW 2014)

March 26-28, 2014, Hannover, Germany

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16-18 May, 2014 in Poznan, Poland

YAPC::Russia 2014

14 June, 2014 in Kiev, Ukraine

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