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With the Spring equinox creeping in on us, we have entered Daylight Saving Time season, this hallowed time of the year where all developers dealing with international software renew their love with timezone arithmetic. Well, even though the week was one hour shorter for some of us, we still have a rather well-furnished newsletter this week. Different summer internship organizations are beginning to stir, we have discussions on Gittip and the Perl community, as well as on Perl6 on CPAN, and we have of course our usual stream of modules and projects. Enjoy! ~ `/anick

Yanick Champoux


Polish Perl Workshop 2014 - Call for papers!

Filip Sergot reminds us that the Polish Perl Workshop is coming, and that the deadline for papers is April 1st.

GooglersGive to TPF

by Dan Wright (DWRIGHT)

Dan Wright announces that the Perl Foundation is now listed as a cause on

MetaCPAN is Hiring!

by Olaf Alders (OALDERS)

Don't get overly excited: Olaf Alders is... fluffing up the truth. What he means to say is that the Outreach Program for Women and the Goggle Summer of Code are both taking applicants, and they are both excellent vectors for students who would like to work on MetaCPAN during the summer.

MetaCPAN Welcomes its Newest Sponsor: GitHub

by Olaf Alders (OALDERS)

As the sweet, sweet smell of synergy fills the air, Olaf Alders is pleased to announces GitHub's very nice support of MetaCPAN.

Everything You Know About Regexes Is Wrong, Damian Conway

by Damian Conway (DCONWAY)

Somewhere near Amsterdam on the 18th of March? You might want to attend Damian Conway's talk, and learn terrible secrets about regexes.


Status update on the p5 MOP project

Stevan Little assures us that the p5-mop project is merely resting its eyes, and is in no way, shape or form dead. Not even a little bit.

Perl master - an interview with brian d foy

David Farrell interviews brian d foy, author of the recently published Mastering Perl (second edition).


Why I finally joined Gittip and why you should, too

by David Golden (DAGOLDEN)

Gittip. Probably not the best way to become a software millionaire, but it sure provides a nice way to give and receive motivational pats in the back. David Golden joined the site, and argues why you should too.

Installing CPAN modules

by Dave Cross (DAVECROSS)

Somebody wants to tip their toe in the Perl world and try out a program with dependencies... they should go with the usual perlbrew/cpanminus combo, right? Well, maybe not. Dave Cross thinks going with the system perl and the local package manager might be a better approach, and explains why.

Perl 6 and CPAN? Well...

Should Perl 6 modules be put on CPAN? Maybe... Maybe not... There are quite a few subtle headaches associated with having the Perl 5 and Perl 6 sisters share the same room.


Lightweight data aggregation and visualization

What do you do if you want to collect and visualize some data? If you're Marcel Gruenauer, you build a little something using Web::Machine, App::Cmd, DBIx::Class, PSGI and D3.js.

Named captures in regular expressions are slow

There are no free lunches, according to Marcel Gruenauer's benchmarks. Named captures are easier on the eye and mind, but they do come with a performance cost.

A Less Smart Smartmatch

by Toby Inkster (TOBYINK)

A while ago, Toby Inkster came up with a simpler smartmatch. Now, it also comes in an XS variety, for extra speed.

PPI and Unicode

by Dave Jacoby (JACOBY)

Perl deals rather magnificiently with unicode-based variables. PPI? Not so much, as Dave Jacoby found out.

today's timezone rant

by Ricardo Signes (RJBS)

Ricardo Signes celebrates the rolling in of daylight saving time in an appropriate manner: by ranting about the madness that is time-based calculation.

How to deploy #Mojolicious apps on @DigitalOcean

by Jan Henning Thorsen (JHTHORSEN)

Cloud hosting. Not only convenient, but also pretty easy, as Jan Henning Thorsen demonstrates.


Exobrain setup is now even easier!

Paul Fenwick pursues his quest for the perfect exobrain. This time around, he tweaks its architecture such that its lobes are now independent components. Which, amongst other things, reduces drastically the number of dependencies of the core Exobrain.

Weekly collections

Perl Maven Tutorials

Perl slides in EduMaven

There were no new Perl Maven articles this week, but Gabor has started to post his Beginner Perl Maven slides on the EduMaven site.


Perl-related events

In the following cities: Lyon (FR), Hannover (DE), Cluj (RO), Swindon (UK), Utrecht (NL), Silver Spring, (MD/USA), Poznan (PL), Prague (CZ), Oslo (NO), Paris (FR), Kiev (UA), Orlando (FL/USA), Sofia (BG), Flörli Olten (CH)

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