Issue #138 - 2014-03-17 - Would you like to have a Perl conference in your European city?

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sorry for the delayed posting, I had an unplanned 2-days vacation with my daughter. It was great.

I hope you also enjoyed your weekend, and you are ready for a new set of articles:

Gabor Szabo


Call for Venue for YAPC::Europe::2015

Would you like to have a Perl conference in your (European) city? This is your chance to put your city on the world map! The dead-line for sending letter of intent is Friday, 25 April, and then you'll still have 2 months to actually prepare your proposal or hide under a stone.

German Perl Workshop 2014 - Just 20 tickets left - T-14 days

That was on March 11. I am not sure if they still have any more tickets left.


Evolvable languages

by Jeffrey Kegler (JKEGL)

Jeffrey Kegler shows some Perl code that is obviously incorrect, to the eyes of a long time Perl developer, but that seems natural. He then shows how could this syntax be allowed using a Marpa preprocessor.

Perl Encryption Primer: The Importance of Randomness

by Timm Murray (TMURRAY)

Timm Murray from the Wumpus Cave explains how rand() works and why it is not a good tool when security is important. He then goes on to suggest adding extra hardware if randomness is really important, or at least to use Crypt::Random.

How did PHP and Python take over such a huge market-share of Perl?

by Gabor Szabo (SZABGAB)

In a nutshell: the 'ease of getting started' and 'batteries included' are two keys in those stories and while there are other issues, without solving these two Perl has no chance in getting in the ring again.

A Faster Perl Runtime in Tiny Steps

by Dave Mitchell

Apparently now is sponsoring Dave Mitchell directly to improve the performance of perl. Steffen Muller explains the changes Dave made in a human readable way.


Precision Testing for Modern Perl

by Toby Inkster (TOBYINK)

Toby Inkster argues that Test::Most is old, has some outdated dependencies and cannot be changed because modules depend on it. Hence he released Test::Modern with a set of dependencies that are good now. I applaud the recommendations, but I think this is not a good path. IMHO it would be better to find a way to update Test::Most.

Test::More - New Maintainer, Also stop version checking!

by Chad Granum (EXODIST)

Chad 'Exodist' Granum is the new maintainer of Test::More. If you have been experimenting with the 1.5 branch, you might need to update your code!

How soon do CPAN Testers start testing your releases?

by Neil Bowers (NEILB)

It is only based on data from a single CPAN distribution, but so far it shows that the bulk of the test reports arrive in the first 8 days after the release reaches PAUSE with some reports arriving within the first hour!


Perl RegEx /s /m Magic

by Sebastian Willing (SEWI)

Sebastian Willing explains the 3 modifiers: /s, /m, and .


pjam on rails - build server for perl applications

by Alexey Melezhik (MELEZHIK)

This looks like some strange animal. A build-server for Perl applications, but running on Ruby on Rails? You might want to check it out and let everyone know what's it about?


What happens when you upload to CPAN?

by Neil Bowers (NEILB)

This is the first part of a series in which Neil Bowers tries to explain to himself and to you how the whole CPAN ecosystem works. Do you know what is PAUSE and what is BackPAN?

You Can Help MetaCPAN by Helping the QA Hackathon

by Olaf Alders (OALDERS)

In general MetaCPAN does not accept monetary contributions, but being able to participate at the annual QA Hackathon helps Olaf Alders to allocate time to work on MetaCPAN and get others to be involved. So if you'd like to help MetaCPAN with money, the best way is to donate to the QA Hackathon. (See reports about this years QA Hackathon in the Testing section above.)

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple change to make your Perl code run on Windows

by Sinan Unur (NANIS)

The difference between directory separator characters between Windows and Linux has tripped me many times. Especially in testing. Now Sinan Unur shows how we could improve our tests script be be less platform dependent.


perldoc -l for modules without pod

Did you know that 'perldoc -lm Module::Name will print the path to a module even if it does not have POD? You can open it in vim by typing 'vim $(perldoc -lm Module::Name)'


Maintaining Perl 5: Grant Report for Month 7

by Tony Cook (TONYC)

The report by Tony Cook.

March 2014 Grant Proposals

After many months without any grant requests, and after raising the grant limit from 3,000 to 10,000, the last call for grant proposals brought you 4 grant proposals. The Perl Foundation is looking forward to read your comments and thoughts.

Perl 6


What goes around, comes around

by Damian Conway (DCONWAY)

Vikings being attacked by an Aussie! More specifically, Damian Conway is visiting Oslo and teaching his Perl Masterclass on Monday, 24 March.

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In the following cities: Hannover (DE), Cluj (RO), Swindon (UK), Utrecht (NL), Silver Spring, (MD/USA), Poznan (PL), Prague (CZ), Oslo (NO), Paris (FR), Kiev (UA), Orlando (FL/USA), Sofia (BG), Flörli Olten (CH)

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