Issue #144 - 2014-04-28 - Prime Time For Learning

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Lots of learning material in this edition. Amongst other things, Dave Cross is making a pdf version of his "Data Munging with Perl" available, and the German Perl Workshop talks are now on YouTube. Also, summer is coming, and with it the different student coding programs that are now part of the season -- and Perl has some very promising proposals in store for them. ~ `/anick

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MetaCPAN Officially Welcomes Our OPfW and GSoC Participants

by Olaf Alders (OALDERS)

Olaf Alders is proud (and with reason) to announce MetaCPAN's participation in both Google's Summer of Code and the Outreach Program for Women.

Data Munging with Perl

by Dave Cross (DAVECROSS)

Dave Cross offers a free pdf version of his book "Data Munging with Perl". The book may be on the old side, but its chapters aged like wine; a few might have gone a bit sour, but most of them are still pretty delectable.

Google Summer of Code 2014 (Update 2)

by Mark Keating

Summer, and its student programs, is coming. We are ready for them.


Fighting CPAN entropy

by Neil Bowers (NEILB)

Neil Bowers is a relentless machine. With a dedication not seen since the T-800 went out of production, he obtains the co-maintainership of CPAN modules to clean up their documentation, refresh their code, and generally give them needed dust-off.

Loops and conditionals: While/until

Emma Howson continues her journey of discovery in the world of Perl. In this installment: she discusses while/until loops.

Modernize Your Legacy

Are you stuck in a legacy morass? What can you do to extricate yourself from it? Jay Hannah discusses how to recognize the signs, and ways to escape the blightful vortex of a legacy environment.

All about Dancer - interview of Sawyer X

by Sawyer X (XSAWYERX)

Sawyer X reveals all about Dancer in this first part of a series of three interview.


CPAN {Spring|Autumn} cleaning time again

by brian d foy (BDFOY)

It's Spring! Which means it's cleaning season. So, as brian d foy proposes, why not take the opportunity to remove some of the cruft accumulated in your PAUSE directory?

mop problem 1 - mop can't have protected attribute variable

Mop can't have protected attribute variables! bemoans Yuki Kimoto. Actually, it can, corrects Toby Inkster from the comment section.


Executing remote commands from a Dancer application

Maybe not code you want to make available to the outside world, but something that can sure be handy in a pinch. Johandry Amador shows us how he uses Dancer as a centralized service firing remote commands to a group of machines.

Facebook Authentication in Perl with Mojolicious (Lite)

by Tudor Constantin (TCONST)

Authentication is one of those complex interaction things that are almost guaranteed to make our heads swim. Fortunately, most web frameworks have helpful plugins to abstract most of the headache away. Here, Tudor Constantin shows us how to deal with Facebook authentication within Mojolicious.

Perl and Windows UAC

The Windows registry... an Escher-inspired bedlam if there was ever one. Michael Roberts shares here a little module that is a blessing for anyone cursed to wander this byzantine maze.

A non-exceptional failure in the catch block

by Sinan Unur (NANIS)

Exceptions are tricky. Sinan Unur hits a classical wrong assumption in his code and share it, for our enlightenment and as a warning to us all.


My brush with Oulipo

by Mark Dominus (MJD)

Mark Jason Dominus reminisces about his brush with Oulipo, a society of writers that takes delight in "constrained writing", which is not totally unlike code golfing with natural languages.


German Perl Workshop 2014 - Talks available on YouTube - T+25 days

Couldn't make it to the German Perl Workshop? Don't be sad: burnersk brings the GPW to you.

Testing Lies

Testing is all about trusting nothing. Yet, some things are so deeply ingrained that it's hard to recognize how implicitly they are taken for granted. Fortunately, Ovid is there to turn us into better paranoids.

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Programming Languages and

Unfortunately, Audrey Tang has totally disappeared from the Perl world and she has not blogged either. Now you can read the text of her talk at TEDxTaipei.

Perl Maven Tutorials


Perl-related events

In the following cities: Silver Spring, (MD/USA), Poznan (PL), Prague (CZ), Oslo (NO), Paris (FR), Kiev (UA), Orlando (FL/USA), Sofia (BG), Flörli Olten (CH)

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