Issue #145 - 2014-05-05 - MetaCPAN changes

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Hello there!

I hope you spent both the International Workers' Day and Star Wars Day well, and you are ready for the challenges of the new week!

Last week I included a call to support Yanick via GitTip that resulted a few people giving him money, and then Yanick and myself (Gabor), continued to discuss it. PJF suggested we set up a team-account in GitTip so people can give tips to the Perl Weekly team, and then the members of the team can divide the money. So I set up a GitTip account for the Perl Weekly and it already received some gifts. Thanks! We don't expect to be super-rich from this (at least not in the next few weeks ;), but it would be awesome to get presents from hundreds, or even thousands of our readers. Actually I'd prefer receiving 1 cent from a 100 people than $1 from a single person. So if you have a spare cent a week...

The other idea that was suggested by Yanick was to include a new section called 'GitTip Profile of the week'. I find this a good idea as it will give us an opportunity to introduce an open source Perl contributor a week without running lengthy interviews :). It will also gives you an opportunity to give a small weekly present to these people. I am going to look at the people listed in the Perl community at GitTip, and the mashup created by Neil Bowers called CPAN Tip.


Gabor Szabo

GitTip profile of the week

Neil Bowers

Neil has been working tirelessly to make CPAN a better place. He advocates the adoption of CPAN modules, he created the CPAN Tip mashup, and he is working on the CPAN authors' dashboard. Coincidentally I have interviewed him a while ago.


Simple JSON and Mongo speed test between Perl, Ruby and Python

The result: Perl is much faster. Reactions on Reddit.


Segfault Fixing for Dummies

by Christian Walde (MITHALDU)

Answering a couple of questions such as 'How to print debug messages in XS?' and 'How to validate memory accesses of a C program on Windows?'



Learning the Perl Debugger - lesson 5

Setting breakpoints using (b). Listing the breakpoints using (L). Clearing them using (B). Setting conditional breakpoints.


by Steven Haryanto (SHARYANTO)

Steven Haryanto brings up an interesting problem. Give a short string, how can you cheaply(!) detect if it is any of the 'standard' or 'approved' formats?


Major Dancer 2 release: 0.140000

by Sawyer X (XSAWYERX)

Mostly the results of the recent Dancer 2 hackathon.


Introducing CPAN::Releases::Latest

by Neil Bowers (NEILB)

As Neil Bowers is working on the CPAN author's dashboard he is putting the pieces together. This module allows you to iterate over all the recent releases limited by age.

News from the MetaCPAN developers

If you'd like to follow the changes in MetaCPAN, now there is a page for this with an RSS feed.

What's new on CPAN - April 2014

by David Farrell (DFARRELL)

The monthly report about new stuff on CPAN.


European Perl Tour 2014, getting real

brian d foy and Sawyer X are planning to take the train around Europe, stop-by interesting places and talk to the local Perl Mongers. If you are interested to having them in your city, check out the article and get in touch with them.


Devel::Cover grant report March 2014

by Paul Johnson (PJCJ)

After several months of break, Paul Johnson is back in the saddle, and started to work on Devel::Cover again. Including some plans to update

Call for Grant Proposals (May round)

The new, bi-monthly opening for grant requests by The Perl Foundation.

Perl 6

Supplies talk and sundry

The Perl 6 weekly update.


Programming Languages and

The English transcript(?) of the talk Audrey Tang gave at TEDxTaipei.

GitTip and the Perl Community

by Gabor Szabo (SZABGAB)

In a nutshell, I think if all the people who benefit from Perl contributed back to the community, the Perl ecosystem could do a lot more. So if you cannot contribute time, maybe you can contribute some money. GitTip is an easy way to do so.


Training in London

by Dave Cross (DAVECROSS)

This year Dave Cross will run his regular courses in November.

Weekly collections

Perl Maven Tutorials

The Hash-bang line, or how to make a Perl scripts executable on Linux

Do you know what is the #!/usr/bin/perl at the beginning of Perl scripts? What about #!/usr/bin/env perl ?

Adding a news feed to MetaCPAN

In this article you'll find a small introduction to how to contribute to MetaCPAN via the naive way the news feed was added.


Open West

8-10 May, 2014, Orem, UT, USA and it has a Perl Track

Perl-related events

In the following cities: Silver Spring, (MD/USA), Orem (UT/USA), Poznan (PL), Prague (CZ), Oslo (NO), Paris (FR), Kiev (UA), Orlando (FL/USA), Sofia (BG), Flörli Olten (CH)

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