Issue #156 - 2014-07-21 - Perl 5.21.2 is out, YAPC::EU is coming in

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This week we have lots of foreshadowing of nifty things to come: YAPC::EU's buzz is intensifying, a new development release of Perl 5 has been churned, a discussion of the direction Catalyst development is going. The future, I must say, doesn't look half-bad. Enjoy! ~ `/anick

Yanick Champoux


We are Hiring a Senior Perl Software Developer - Grant Street Group

We are a fast growing software company using open source software/modern Perl practices to build innovative e-payment, auction, and tax collection web applications. We have been hiring great Developers for many years, and we want to further expand our distributed team of talented and friendly Developers. Most of our experienced Developers telecommute; on-site positions are also available.


Guest Speaker Peter Rabbitson at Perl::Dancer Conference

Things are shaping well for the Perl::Dancer Conference that will happen in Hancock, NY this October. Peter Rabbitson, Stefan Hornburg announces, has confirmed his presence as a guest speaker.

First Round of Talks Accepted - But Still Room for More!

The list of talks is shaping up for YAPC::EU. The first round is completed, but stragglers rejoice: there is still room, so it's not too late to squeeze in.

Communication Channels

Wondering where to pick up the latest news and updates on YAPC::EU? Wonder no more: all communication channels are listed here.

Looking for help to package Perl6, Moar and others for Debian

by Dominique Dumont

Familiar with Debian packaging? Perl 6 needs you! Dominique Dumont calls for help to package Perl 6 projects for Debian.

Perl 5.21.2 has been released

The next development release of Perl is out!

CPAN Day - 14th August!

by Neil Bowers (NEILB)

On August 14th, CPAN will be 19 years old. Neil Bowers urges you to do something to celebrate the occasion. Me, I'm considering asking friends to bring individual muffins and build a giant, delicious cake out of them.


PSGI Middleware and the Future of Catalyst

by John Napiorkowski (JJNAPIORK)

John Napiorkowski offers us a glimpse of the future of Catalyst, and how it's integrating even more closely with the PSGI middleware layer.

CPAN Testers Summary - June 2014 - Built To Last

by Barbie (BARBIE)

Barbie summarizes the many things that happened in the CPAN Testers world in June.

Meta-Meta-Meta Problem Solving

by Toby Inkster (TOBYINK)

Toby Inkster is on his way to a yak stack overflow, as he solves problems to solve problems to, hopefully, solve his problem.

A Gentle TLS Intro for Perlers

by Arthur Axel "fREW" Schmidt (FREW)

Security is hard. An absolute requirement in this bold new world, but, yeah, it's hard. Fortunately, fREW Schmidt provides us here a nice, gentle introduction to TLS.


San Francisco Perl Mongers: 12 months, 50% growth

The group is doing very well indeed, VM Brasseur reports, while sharing some of the secrets of their success.

Net:: vs WWW:: vs WebService::

by Steven Haryanto (SHARYANTO)

Cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors. Everybody know those are the two of the thorniest problems we have to deal with. Here, Steven Haryanto open the discussion on what is the sensible namespace to use for web service APIs.

Sunshine Of Your Love

by Barbie (BARBIE)

The survey results are in for YAPC::NA, announces Barbie.

Yanick At Perl Conference: Notes of Attendance (YAPC::NA)

by Yanick Champoux (YANICK)

Scattered notes of Yanick on his YAPC::NA experience at Orlando.

Between Learning and Doing

by Doug Bell (PREACTION)

Once upon a time, Doug Bell decided to start a new project. At the time, he also opted to write it in a language that he had no experience in, despite the fact that there was a quite real time constraint involved. Now that the wounds have healed, he shares his experience with us.


Using GDAL/OGR perl bindings to load GPX files into PostgreSQL/PostGIS

James Marca begins to dabbles with the Perl bindings to interact with geospatial data coming from PostgreSQL.

Generate static websites from dynamic Perl web apps

by David Farrell (DFARRELL)

Catalyst, Dancer, Mojolicious and all the web framework are great to get the stuff done. But sometimes we need a static representation of the final website. That's where Wallflower comes in, and David Farrell shows us how to use it.

A simple function exporter

by Neil Bowers (NEILB)

Neil Bowers is having a look at exporter modules, and to understand the mechanisms involved he has a try at crafting a minimal exporting module from the bottom up.

More with the GDAL/OGR perl bindings

James Marca continues to have fun with Perl and geospatial data.


July 2014 Grant Proposals

by Makoto Nozaki

There are two grant proposals in the wing for the Perl Foundation, Makoto Nozaki tells us. One is a book project, the other deals with improvements for the software running the Perl conferences websites.

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