Issue #16 - 2011-11-14 - London Perl Workshop and the Modern Core Perl Slides

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I am sending this from London where I attended the UK Perl Workshop. It was great. There were lots of interesting talks that I missed because I was giving a 4 hour training.

There was also a social event after, that I enjoyed very much. There were some 220-250 people who came to the event.

GCI - TPF needs your help to locate teenagers who would like to participate in the Google Code-in and do Perl related projects.

Now to the articles:

Gabor Szabo


Perl Accepted For GCI - Now We Just Need Students

by Paul Johnson (PJCJ)

The Perl Foundation was accepted to participate in the Google Code-in. Now it is time to find students between the ages 13-17 years who are interested to participate. That's where The Perl Foundation needs your help. See the post of Paul Johnson (pjcj) with details.


Famous Perl One-Liners Explained, Part VII: Handy Regular Expressions

by Peter Krumins (PKRUMINS)

Peteris Krumins continues his series about Perl one-liners. This time looking at regular expressions. Some of them are useful, for others there are CPAN modules that serve the purpose better than a regex.

Graphing time-based data in Perl

David Precious (bigpersh) wanted to produce some graphs for a Dancer based application. After looking around on CPAN he settled with Chart::Strip. There is a small example code and the resulting graph in the blog.

Intelligent caching for all time statistics

by Sebastian Willing (SEWI)

Sebastian Willing show how to use Memcached to keep already computed data in memory in a way that survives even a restart to the web-server.


Confident Code Using Systematic, Automated Input Validation

John Wang takes some ideas from Ruby and shows how to implement 'confident code' in Moose. It's up for discussion to figure out if this is a good or a bad way to show the power of Moose.

Technical Quality is an Insurance Policy

When you copy-paste some code, do you create 'technical debt', 'friction' or are you driving up the premium you pay for your 'technical insurance'? It's only a question of metaphor but explaining the problem in a way that is easier to understand for business people is important. Hence the article of Jeff Thalhammer on the Moder Perl Books web site.

Marpa v. Perl regexes: some numbers

by Jeffrey Kegler (JKEGL)

Jeffrey Kegler pitches his Marpa engine against the regex engine of Perl. He says that in some cases Marpa is much faster than any regex could be. Then a discussion with Tom Christiansen makes the whole article even more interesting.


London Perl Workshop - Learning Perl Together

Ian Norton (idn) has published his slides from the 'Learning Perl Together' workshop he gave at the London Perl Workshop

Modern Core Perl Slides

by Dave Cross (DAVECROSS)

Dave Cross gave a very good 90 minute long talk about what is new in Perl 5.10, 5.12, 5.14 and even in the not-yet-released 5.16. He is sharing his slides here.


Caching pages - Beyond Firebug to NYTProf

by Dave Jacoby (JACOBY)

Dave Jacoby shows an example how NYTProf lead him to caching result pages reducing the response time by more than 50%. It was interesting to see now as I am planning to do the same with my simple blog engine.

Perl Tutorial

Perl 6

Slides from the Optimizing Rakudo Perl 6 talk

by Jonathan Worthington (JONATHAN)

Jonathan Worthington published his slides.


Fun with Perl

A couple of days ago Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes mentioned to me that the 'Fun with Perl' mailing list suddenly woke up. Judging from the archive it isn't a busy list but a very rewarding one. Assuming you like that kind of fun.

What I learned from YAPC::Brasil

by brian d foy (BDFOY)

brian d foy describes his experience at a conference where most of the talks are in a language he does not understand and also finds time to introduce Data::Printer. Nice pictures too.

LPW2011 : my thoughts overall

David Precious (bigpersh) reports about the London Perl Workshop.

Perl Training

Public Perl training in London

by Dave Cross (DAVECROSS)

Dave Cross is running an 'Intermediate Perl' and an 'Advanced Perl' course in February 2012 in central London.


Saint Perl 2011 Conference

December 18, 2011, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

The Perl Oasis

January 13-15, 2012, Orlando, Florida, USA

German Perl workshop

March 5-7, 2012, Erlangen, Germany

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