Issue #163 - 2014-09-08 - Roadmap/plan for Perl 5?

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Hi there,

there was a very interesting thread on the Perl 5 Porters mailing list about the future of Perl. Worth looking at it.

There were also a surprisingly big number of reports about the Swiss Perl Workshop. (see at the bottom.) I am really glad about it even though I could not go :-(

Oh, and the Perl Weekly is looking for sponsors.

Enjoy your week!

Gabor Szabo


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Marpa has a new web site

by Ron Savage (RSAVAGE)

.. on the web site of Ron Savage.

The art of interviewing programmers, the fizzbuzz test, the white board and other thoughts

by Alexis Sukrieh (SUKRIA)

Not exactly Perl specific, but Alexis Sukrieh has some good point for the interviewers. Of course if you are looking to be employed by a good firm, you might also want to read this to see the reasoning behind some of the interview questions and processes. For example: Who the hell needs to be able to program at a whiteboard?


Roadmap/plan for Perl 5?

Recently there was a thread on the p5p mailing list discussing the topic. I'd suggest reading the whole thread, but if you don't have time, this might explain how p5p, the Perl 5 Porters currently work. IMHO it would be great to have a centralized place where people who actively work on perl core could list their TODO items, break them down into smaller steps, and let others, who might have time, to join in implementing specific steps needed to accomplish that TODO item. A roadmap of many individual roads. Maybe an enhanced (I am not sure in what way though) version of the current TODO list. Maybe including the names of the people who consider each item as their personal goal with links to RT tickets and branches where the work already happens.


I hate unpacking sub calls with shift

by Toby Inkster (TOBYINK)

Vytas Dauksa rants about certain ways of parameter unpacking. He hates code that uses 'shift' there. Why not use 'pop' too then he argues. The reply is not waiting long. Toby Inkster mentions he would use pop if it was necessary.


Mojolicious: Do It For The Candy!

by Joel Berger (JBERGER)

Joel Berger is extracting 'Ooooh's and 'Aaaah's from onlookers by showing off some of the capabilities of Mojolicious: WebSocket, UserAgent, eval, testing.


What's new on CPAN August 2014

by David Farrell (DFARRELL)

The, already traditional monthly round-up of David Farrell listing a number of new CPAN modules.

What you need to know about CPAN

A skeleton of an article explaining CPAN to users, contributors, and (would be) module authors.

Planet Moose - August 2014

by Toby Inkster (TOBYINK)

The monthly collection of Object Oriented news by Toby Inkster.

Urging users with good test suites to test-drive latest DBIx::Class trial

by Peter Rabbitson (RIBASUSHI)

This is that time of the year again when Peter Rabbitson (Ribasushi) is getting ready for a new release of DBIx::Class and he wants to be sure it will work for you! So if you use DBIx::Class in an application, and especially if you have good test suite, then this is a very good time to test it with the upcoming release candidate.

Some MetaCPAN advanced search tricks using prefixes

Do you know how to search for modules with 'Middleware' in their name? How to find all the modules that are version 0.01 ? Maybe combine the two?


Instant podcasts, in 50 lines of perl

by David Cantrell (DCANTRELL)

David Cantrell implements in 50 lines of clean(!) perl what the other application does in 1,300 lines of PHP. True, he uses a few CPAN modules, but hey, loading them also adds to the line count!


Call for Grant Proposals (September round)

The Perl Foundation is waiting for your grant proposals till 14th September.


The Whitespace in the Perl Community

by brian d foy (BDFOY)

As I understand from other sources, the 'whitespaces' meant by brian d foy in his talk are the places where the Perl community has some kind of a hole to be filled. For example a module implementing the API of a public service. Though I am not sure. I wish I also heard the talk, not just seen the slides.


Enlightened Perl Organization sponsors Strawberry Perl

The Strawberry Perl on Windows project requires a build server. It had one sponsored in the past 12 months by Auditsquare, but for the coming year kmx, the project maintainer has published a call to support Strawberry Perl. Mark Keating quickly jumped on the call and paid for the server for the next year.

Weekly collections

Perl Maven Tutorials

Check several regexes on many strings

What if you a bunch of regexes and you would like to filter the lines of a file that match all of there regexes? (article + screencast.)

Event reports

My first YAPC (Yet Another Perl Conference)

by Upasana Shukla (SWEETKID)

Upasana Shukla went to her first YAPC in Bulgaria. She managed to list the names of a lot of people. I wonder what would have happened if she had better memory?

YAPC::EU 2014

by Kerstin Puschke

Xing was at YAPC EU in Bulgaria Kerstin Puschke reports.

Day One At the Swiss Perl Workshop

by John Scoles (BYTEROCK)

Report written by byterock.

Day Two At the Swiss Perl Workshop

by John Scoles (BYTEROCK)

Report written by byterock.

back from Swiss Perl Workshop 2014

by Laurent Dami (DAMI)

Laurent Dami was skeptical about the Swiss Perl Workshop.

Second Swiss Perl Workshop - Perfect Location

Tobi Oetiker even took a picture to proove it was fun!

A Newbie is Sent in YAPC::ASIA

Pattawan Kaewduangdee went to Tokyo in the Send-A-Newbie program. Here is what she saw.


Perl-related events

In the following cities: Hancock (NY/USA), Itapema (SC/Brasil), Salzburg (Austria), Barcelona (Spain), London (UK)

YAPC::EU 2015 from 2nd to 4th September

It's almost a year from now, but if you are interested, mark it in your calendar now! (Remember, it is in Granada, Spain. Even if you don't care about Perl, it's a good excuse.)

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