Issue #170 - 2014-10-27 - Last day for LPW submissions!

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Lots of videos for you to watch this week, particularly those from the Austrian Perl Workshop, held recently.

You might have noticed that MetaCPAN had a bumpy week, the result of a move to new hardware in a different data centre, hopefully settled now. Olaf tells me they're always looking for volunteers, want to help out?

Think carefully before giving feedback to Gabor on the Perl Weekly — you might find yourself an editor!

Editor #3, Neil

Neil Bowers


We are Hiring a Senior Perl Software Developer - Grant Street Group

We are a growing software company using open source software/modern Perl practices to build innovative e-payment, auction, and tax collection web applications. We are looking for talented, motivated professionals committed to flawless work and customer service.


Uni - find or display Unicode characters

by Ricardo Signes (RJBS)

Rik Signes has (re)written a handy little tool for finding unicode characters, called uni. Fork it on github or get App::Uni from CPAN. It was a rewrite of a tool of the same name written by Audrey Tang.

A clone of

by Gabor Szabo (SZABGAB)

Gabor Szabo has started an open source clone of,, which is built on MetaCPAN's API.

Perl Maven Pro

The Perl Maven Pro subscribers receive two new articles and screencasts every week. The last week these were the two screencasts:

Organizing a test script with subtests

When the number of your tests grow beyond 10 it might be a good time to split them up into subtests.

Getting started - Create skeleton for the SCO clone application

This is the first episode explainig how to build the clone.


Austrian Perl workshop videos

by Paul Johnson (PJCJ)

Videos from the recent Austrian Perl workshop are now on youtube. See Marko Jozic talking about Bootstrap and Dancer 2 for newbies; Tim Bunce on Devel::NYTProf; Stefan Seifert on Inline::Perl5; Paul Johnson on Docker; Lars Dieckow on HTTP tricks, and some guy called Larry.

Asynchronous Programming with Futures

by Paul Evans (PEVANS)

Watch Paul Evans's talk from YAPC::EU, about his Future module on CPAN.

What Do Managerless Companies Look Like?

by Curtis 'Ovid' Poe (OVID)

Ovid posted a link to the video of his opening keynote from YAPC::EU this year, also on YouTube.

Awards (of fame and fortune)

White camel awards 2014

by brian d foy (BDFOY)

brian d foy has called for nominations for this year's White Camel Awards, which are given for non-technical achievement in Perl and the Perl community. Add comments to the blog post, email brian, or tweet under #whitecamelaward.

Inline::C(PP) grant first weekly report

Ingy and David have started a blog about their work on Inline::C and Inline::CPP which was awarded a grant. This week is mainly about bootstrapping themselves.


Perl 5.21.5

Abigail did October's development release of Perl 5, which includes: the new 'double diamond' operator <<>>; aliasing of subroutines and variables; and more!

Stop using indirect object notation

by Paul Johnson (PJCJ)

Ovid had a mini rant on twitter, begging people to stop using indirect object notation ($object = new Class;). Paul Johnson directed people to a summary of problems with indirect object notation from tchrist, 16 years ago!

Perl's versatile split function

by David Farrell (DFARRELL)

David Farrell looks at some of the ways you can use the split() built-in.

Computed labels with next, last and redo

by brian d foy (BDFOY)

brian d foy shows how you can use computed labels with Perl 5.18+, letting you write next $label;.

Perl 6 weekly news

Timo's list of happenings in Perl 6 also includes a mini report on the Austrian Perl Workshop.

Perl5 vs Perl6 vs JS vs PHP

@koorchik compared performance of 4 languages for computing Excel style formulae: code and results are on github. NodeJS solution by far the fastest, PHP and Perl5 similar but an order of magnitude slower, Perl 6 two orders of magnitude slower again.

Good looking addresses - solving the "Berlin, Berlin" bug

Ed Freyfogle explans the problem solved by the new Geo::Address::Formatter module.


The Bio-Community Perl toolkit for microbial ecology

Bio-Community is a toolkit that extends BioPerl to make life easier microbial ecologists. This is based on work by Florent Angly, Christopher Fields and Gene(!) Tyson.

Nestoria module of the month: Role::Tiny

by Matt S. Trout (MSTROUT)

This month the Nestoria team tip their hat to, and tip Matt Trout for, Role::Tiny.


by David Farrell (DFARRELL)

David Farrell created Devel::DidYouMean (currently tagged experimental), which “intercepts failed function and method calls, suggesting the nearest matching available subroutines in the context in which the erroneous function call was made”. It was inspired by the did_you_mean ruby gem.


by Leon Timmermans (LEONT)

Leon Timmermans released File::Slurper, previously known as File::Slurp::Sane. It's intended as a replacement for File::Slurp, which has a number of problems.

Paging Brent B Powers

Alex is looking for Brent B. Powers, the author of (amongst others) Tk::FileDialog and Tk::Waitbox. When an author is unresponsive, if you want to help out by taking over a module, you need to go to appropriate lengths to track down the author. This is a good time to remind you: when your email address changes, don't forget to update PAUSE, so people can keep in touch with you.

Weekly collections

Stackoverflow perl report

by Miguel Prz (NICEPERL)

The ten most rated Perl questions on stackoverflow last week.

MetaCPAN favourites

by Miguel Prz (NICEPERL)

Newly favourited and most favourited distributions on MetaCPAN.

Perl Maven Tutorials Authors, Recent, FAQ, Feedback

A screencast from Gabor which demonstrates

MetaCPAN URLs and Issues

Gabor explains some of MetaCPAN's URL schemes, for getting the latest page for a module and distribution.


The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop

The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop is at the Doubletree Hotel, 8th & 9th of November.

London Perl Workshop

The London Perl Worshop is at Westminster University on Saturday 8th November. The deadline for submissions has been extended to 23:59 on Monday 27th October. Why not submit a lightning talk!

Perl-related events

In the following cities: Barcelona (Spain), London (UK), Pittsburgh (PA/USA), Helsinki (Finland), Paris (France)

Not Perl, but may be of interest

The npm registry roadmap

npm is the equivalent of CPAN for node.js. This blog post gives some usage stats and plans for the future.

Pro Git book 2nd edition

The second edition of the Pro Git book, by Scott Chacon and Ben Straub, is now availble online, in PDF, mobi, or ePub format for free. You can buy a printed copy from your usual place.

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