Issue #172 - 2014-11-10 - And the Silver Camel Goes To...

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This weekend was rocking Perl on both sides of the Atlantic. On the New World side: The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop. Meanwhile in the Old World: the London Perl Workshop. No doubt helped by a 6 hours headstart, echoes and reports already began to trickle about the latter event. Amongst other things: Mark Keating was awarded the Silver Camel (congrats!). Of the PPW nary a word yet, but you can bet that will change by next week. Till then, enjoy! `/anick

Yanick Champoux


Mojo News: Mango

by Glen Hinkle (TEMPIRE)

Mango is no go anymore, announces Glen Hinkle, as the project has been deprecated.

Shutting down the Perl Community AdServer

by Gabor Szabo (SZABGAB)

It's time to say farewell... Gabor Szabo lets us know that the Perl community adserver is going down.

A new Perl 6 community server - call for funding

by Moritz Lenz (MORITZ)

The Perl 6 community needs a new server. Moritz Lenz tells you how you can pitch in.

The Silver Camel goes to ... Mark Keating

by Neil Bowers (NEILB)

At the London Perl Workshop, Neil Bowers happily reports, Mark Keating was awarded a Silver Camel for his excellent work within the Perl community. Well-deserved and, oh my, that's one heck of a spiffy trophy.


What's new on CPAN - October 2014

by David Farrell (DFARRELL)

David Farrell gives us the new modules that made their apparition in October.

Perl Maven Pro

The Perl Maven Pro subscribers receive two new articles and screencasts every week. The last week these were the two screencasts:

Create skeleton PSGI application for the SCO project

Instead of working 'according to the book' and writing all the acceptance tests first, Gabor started to build the actually web application by setting up the PSGI skeleton.

Start using Template Toolkit to show the empty pages

Embedding HTML in the Perl code is a no-go. All the HTML needs to be in separate template files.


Quick post-LPW roundup

by Toby Inkster (TOBYINK)

Toby Inkster quickly jolts down his favorite talks of the event.

The London Perl Workshop 2014

by Neil Bowers (NEILB)

Neil Bowers gives us an overview of the talks he attended this year at the LPW.


Printing function calls in Perl

by Paul Evans (PEVANS)

Paul Evans shows a few way one can imbed the result of a function call within a string.

Semantic Versioning Your Way

by Yanick Champoux (YANICK)

Yanick updated his semantic version plugin for Dist::Zilla to accommodate all and any of the common versioning schemes CPAN modules use.

Fumbling Toward CatalystX::Info

by Yanick Champoux (YANICK)

Yanick Champoux was left alone for a whole week-end. This never ends well...

Weekly collections

Perl Maven Tutorials


A collection of MetaCPAN related articles and screencasts. The audience starts from plain users, through CPAN module authors, all the way till MetaCPAN developers.

Regex character classes

The second part of the 'Introduction to Perl 5 Regexes' series.

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