Issue #176 - 2014-12-08 - Advent ahoy!

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Lots of Advent articles in the last week, and plenty more besides.

The articles are all written by volunteers — why not see if you can help out?

Developer releases of Catalyst and Perl::Critic need their tyres kicking, so get ya boots on!

Editor #3, Neil

Neil Bowers


Perl Recruitment by a CPAN contributor

I'm a Perl programmer and open-source developer who also specialises in Perl recruitment in Europe. If you want to know if you're being paid enough, want some help with your CV, or just want to talk to a recruiter who knows the difference between 'local' and 'my', say hello at:

We are Hiring a Senior Perl Software Developer - Grant Street Group

We are a growing software company using open source software/modern Perl practices to build innovative e-payment, auction, and tax collection web applications. We are looking for talented, motivated professionals committed to flawless work and customer service.


Of course you can `requires` attributes!

by Philippe Bruhat (BOOK)

Philippe Bruhat presents a problem with use of requires when working with roles, and also presents a solution.

Using Roles as Partial Classes

by Curtis 'Ovid' Poe (OVID)

Curtis Poe describes how roles can be treated as partial classes, a concept in some languages, where a class can be split into multiple files. A bit like roles, you might be thinking.

Module news

Test-Simple release candidates

by Chad Granum (EXODIST)

Chad Granum posted an update on changes to Test::Builder, Test::Simple, and Test::More. These changes will be part of Perl 5.22.

Development release 001 of Catalyst 5.90080

by John Napiorkowski (JJNAPIORK)

John Napiorkowski announces a developer release with a lot of fixes related to UTF-8 and encoding. "If you never bother to test development releases of Catalyst, this is the one time you really should".

Test::Perl::Critic Is Now Wicked Fast

by Jeffrey Thalhammer (THALJEF)

Jeffrey Thalhammer announced a developer release of a new version of Perl::Critic, which now uses MCE to run tests in parallel.

Perl Maven Pro

The Perl Maven Pro subscribers receive two new articles and screencasts every week. The last week these were the two screencasts:

Add "404 Not Found" page

Added a custom 404 error page to your project.

Protecting from a crash

Something about protecting from a crash.


Pretty-printing multiple arrays

by Curtis 'Ovid' Poe (OVID)

Curtis Poe posted a small programming challenge, and a bunch of people gave their solutions (in the comments, gists, etc).

Adventures with XML

Nestoria describe how they process a lot of data in XML using XML::Simple.

Perl 5 Regex quantifiers

by Gabor Szabo (SZABGAB)

Gabor explains regular expression quantifiers, which specify how many of a given sub-pattern you want to match.

Time is a scarce resource

by Sinan Unur (NANIS)

Sinan Unur muses (more than once) on the right thing to do when you hit problems trying to install someone else's software. These resonated with me, since I spent way too long trying to get GD and GD::Graph working on a machine last week. Sometimes, when you've got the damn thing working, you're out of time and energy, and just need to move on. And sometimes not.


Interview with Olaf Alders

by Viacheslav Tykhanovskyi (VTI)

Viacheslav Tykhanovskyi interviewed Olaf Alders, the founder of MetaCPAN. Topics covered: how he got started in Perl, what led to MetaCPAN, and his current web framework of choice.

Nestoria's module of the month: Perl::Critic

Each month Nestoria tip their hat, and wallet, to a favourite module. November's choice was Perl::Critic.

The patch -p2 hackathon in Lyon is over

by Philippe Bruhat (BOOK)

Philippe Bruhat might count as a professional workshop organiser. He reports on a recent hackathon held in Lyon, without actually mentioning what they were hacking on.


First release of lib::projectroot

by Thomas Klausner (DOMM)

Thomas Klausner has released lib::projectroot, which makes it easier to load all the project-specific, non-CPAN code ("DarkPAN") in your project's scripts

Pod::Readme can now be used with Dist::Zilla

by Robert Rothenberg (RRWO)

Robert Rothenberg has released a new version of Pod::Readme which has hooks for working with Dist::Zilla. This means your pod can now include sections just for inclusion in the README, for example.

Things written in Perl

i-Mage announced

by Steve Cookson

Steve Cookson emailed the wxPerl mailing list, "After six years of graft and toil we have just launched our project i-Mage at a medical conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil".

What's new in OTRS 4?

OTRS is an open-source ticketing system written in Perl (Wikipedia page). Version 4 was released recently; one of the changes was to move to the Template toolkit.

Perl Foundation Grants

Tony Cook's grant report

by Tony Cook (TONYC)

This kind of work is critical to keeping Perl moving forward, and stopping the bit-rot.

Inline grant weekly report #7

by Ingy döt Net (INGY)

Ingy and David describe their recent work to make "auto-stubbing" a reality. This lets you create lightweight modules in C using Inline, rather than going full-fat XS.

Advent calendars

The Perl 5 Advent Calendar

by Mark Fowler (MARKF)

Mark Fowler has been doing a sterling job on this advent calendar thus far, covering Test::TempDir::Tiny, Mac::Safari::JavaScript, HTTP::Tiny, Plack, Sub::Util, Test::DatabaseRow, and Time::Limit.

PERLANCAR's Advent Calendar

by Steven Haryanto (SHARYANTO)

Steven Haryanto is being greedy or impressive, or both, describing one of his 2014 modules each day. So far: App::jpath, App::nauniq, DBIx::Diff::Struct, App::datecalc, App::rmhere, File::umask, and App::SetScreensaverTimeout.

Matt Trout's Advent Posts

by Matt S. Trout (MSTROUT)

Matt Trout is giving his thoughts on themed modules each day. So far: web frameworks, web deployment, XML, HTML, Files,

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