Issue #191 - 2015-03-23 - Hackathon after Hackathon

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There are two Hackathons going to take place in close proximity in time, but quite far away. One in Berlin and the other one in New York. The former is the traditional annual QA Hackathon with a number of people flying in from various other places of the globe, therefore they still need help with some funding. I am happy to tell you that thanks to the growing number of advertisers in the Perl Weekly, and thanks to the people who contribute to the Perl Weekly via Gratipay I could use some of that money to sponsor the QA Hackathon! (The still need some more.)

In any case, enjoy the articles!

Gabor Szabo

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New York City Perl Hackathon 2015

by Charlie Gonzalez (ITCHARLIE)

I wish I could participate... (May 2, 2015, New York)


Accelerating Perl

by Timm Murray (TMURRAY)

With the Raspberry Pi and other SoC (System on a Chip) devices it is time for Perl to start using accelometers. There aren't a lot of CPAN modules doing this, but Device::LSM303DLHC handling the LSM303DLHC chip can provide access to the readings. Let's see what can you do with it?

DBIx::Class::Report - generate ad-hoc dbic classes from SQL

by Curtis 'Ovid' Poe (OVID)

Wouldn't it be nice if we could just take a chunk of arbitrary SQL and get a resultset from it? - Ovid asks and responds to himself with the release of DBIx::Class::Report. But when would you need it?

How you average numbers matters

by Sinan Unur (NANIS)

We all know (or should know) that computations in a computer are not exact, but when Sinan puts it in front of us it is still very disturbing.


Test::More in serious need of review, be afraid!

by Chad Granum (EXODIST)

Exodist is planning to release a new version of Test::More to CPAN. If that version breaks some a CPAN module, that CPAN module will become uninstallable. (Well, sort of.). Not only that. If the new version starts to report success when something failed then your code might be full of bugs while everything looks fine. In case you want to neither of this will happen, you can put some energy into looking at the changes and testing the new version.

The Perl QA Hackathon is still looking for Sponsors

by Olaf Alders (OALDERS)

The QA Hackathon is an excellent event and dispite its name it is not only about Quality Assurnce. It became a more generice event when some of the people maintaining the core infrastructure needed for the Perl world get together for some much needed face-to-face conversation. I had the luck participating in two of such events, and now I had the privilage to even provide some funds to run the event. If you, or your company relies on Perl, this is a very good place to ensure the continous improvement of the whole ecosystem around Perl.

Dancer + Jasmine

by Yanick Champoux (YANICK)

Absolutely awesome! Yanick had to test his Angular.js based code. So what did he do? He wrote a plugin for Perl Dancer. Jasmine is a behavior-driven development framework for testing JavaScript code. The new Dancer::Plugin::Test::Jasmine allows you to integrate the tests written in Jasmin with the test you write for your Perl-based back-end.


Loading module conditionally (and other options)

by Steven Haryanto (SHARYANTO)

'use MyModule if $cond;' won't do what you might expect. So what can you do? (... and what < href="">Redditors think about this.)

Twitter Mass Unfollower in Perl

Sometimes automated tests can cause you to add many unwanted twitter accounts following many other people. This simple Perl script helps you stop following everyone.


How to Push K&L Wine Tastings

by Hasan Diawn

How to Generate an ATOM feed for a Lazy Webmaster


A Year of CPAN Uploads

by Barbie (BARBIE)

There are some really crazy people out there. For example Barbie, who has been uploading modules to CPAN every day for more than a year now. That's real persistence.


All other languages tired of Python's shit

New Zealand. A recent survey of software languages has revealed that...

Perl 5 Porters

My perl 5.21.9

by Sawyer X (XSAWYERX)

The short story behind another development release of Perl 5.

Perl 6

Tiny Games with Perl 6

by Curtis 'Ovid' Poe (OVID)

Rolling unicode dice with Perl 6.


Comparing Audio files with Sense

by Bakkiaraj Murugesan

Running a radio station is not easy task. How can you make sure the listeners hear the music in acceptable quality? Do you sit an listen to every song, or can you automate it?

Perl Maven Tutorials

Sending HTML e-mail using Email::Stuffer

by Gabor Szabo (SZABGAB)

A screencast and article explaining and showing how to send e-mail with Perl.

Moo attribute predicate and clearer

This and the article about Moo attributes with default values were recently made available to the general public.

Testing sessions by mocking time

by Gabor Szabo (SZABGAB)

How can you test a system that is supposed to time-our after 100 days? Your can't wait a 100 days for that. What about 1 minute? Is that still too much?

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