Issue #2 - 2011-08-08 - YAPC::EU is coming!

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Welcome to the second issue of the Perl Weekly. Since sending out the first issue the number of subscribers grew a lot more than I expected. Thank you for your trust!

I hope I can fulfill your expectations but this is not going to be easy. There are too many interesting news items and I have to reduce their number to something manageable.

Anyway, next week I am going to be at YAPC::EU in Riga. If you happen to be there too, please say hello!

Now to the news:

Gabor Szabo


Nitty Gritty Details From YAPC::Asia by Daisuke Maki (lestrrat)

by Daisuke Maki (DMAKI)

YAPC::Asia is the biggest Perl event in the world with more than 500 visitors. The organizers are looking for more talks and sponsors. This post has a few links for previous talks and it also explains the finances behind YAPC::Aisa and JPA, the Japan Perl Association. BTW tickets for YAPC::Asia are already on sale.

19th edition of the German Perl-Magazine was published

by Renee Baecker (RENEEB)

Renee Baecker writes that the latest edition of the Perl-Magazin (in German) was published. The content includes Moose tutorial, 2D game programming with OpenGL, Roles with Role::Basic, WxPerl Tutorial, Data Serialization, Linked objects in OTRS and Perl 6 overview.

European speaking schedule of Damian Conway

by Damian Conway (DCONWAY)

If you happen to be in or near Lisbon, Oslo, Lausanne, Zurich or Riga in the next few weeks you are lucky as Damian Conway comes to your city. In some places he gives free talks while in others he provides public training classes. I am going to attend one of his classes in Riga.

Happy birthday Dancer!

David Precious (bigpresh) writes that the Dancers project is celebrating its second birthday. Read some of the history over there. (BTW I have been using it for a while and soon the Perl Weekly will also use Dancer to handle the web based registration.)


Using CPAN on Win32 ActivePerl

Unlike what many people think you can use the CPAN client in newer versions of ActivePerl even for modules that require a C compiler.

Record, 957,044 test reports during July

by Barbie (BARBIE)

The CPAN testers are breaking their records every month now and helping CPAN Authors to discover and fix bugs in their modules. Even in Devel::Cover! Barbie who runs the sites provides us with updates, plans and a use-case.

Using Template Toolkit with Mojolicious

Cosimo Streppone is experimenting with the Mojolicious web framework.

Perl Module Monday: Sub::Exporter

Randy J. Ray. continues his series of weekly Perl module description. Sub::Exporter is an enhancement over the Exporter module but I wonder if people are using it? Please, comment on his blog.

Event Loops are better than while

by Arthur Axel "fREW" Schmidt (FREW)

fREW Schmidt gives an example how a simple while loop was replaced with an AnyEvent loop for better stability and eventually easier development.

Debugging NetMRI Perl Scripts

NetMRI is proprietary network appliance to collect data from other network devices. It can run Perl scripts but it is is not that easy to debug them in the locked down environment.


12 Random password generators in Perl

NeilB from Cogendo gave a thorough analysis of the 12 random password generators he found on CPAN. Do you know others he has not mentioned?

Peeking under the hood of Perl using Devel::Peek

Brock Wilcox (awwaiid) shows a very good example on how to see what's going on under the hood with the scalar variables of Perl in various contexts.

Marpa::XS 0.8.0 was released

by Jeffrey Kegler (JKEGL)

Marpa is a parser for any BNF based language. Jeffrey Kegler reports on the new release of his module with some interesting details.


Ovid is loving 5.14

by Curtis 'Ovid' Poe (OVID)

With a small example Ovid is showing several new features of Perl 5.14. The actual explanations by Hercynium are in the comments.

Perl Mongers

Bangalore Perl Mongers

Started to have meeting and they also blog about it!

Upcoming conferences and Workshops

YAPC::EU - 2011, The European Perl Conference

August 15-17, 2011, Riga, Latvia. The annual grass-root Perl conference in Europe. Several training classes.

Italian Perl Workshop

September 8-9, 2011, Torino, Italy

Portuguese Perl Workshop

September 22-23, 2011, Lisbon, Portugal - French Open Source Developers' Conference

September 23-24, 2011, Paris, France. This is not only about Perl but Perl has a strong representation there.

The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop

October 8-9 2011, Pittsburgh, PA, USA


October 13-15, 2011, Tokyo, Japan. The biggest Perl conference in the world. - In the previous issue I missed this one. Sorry.

German Perl workshop

October 19-21, 2011, Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

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