Issue #208 - 2015-07-20 - Dancer Conference in Vienna

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Gabor Szabo


Perl Dancer Conference 2015 - Call for Papers

by Stefan Hornburg (HORNBURG)

The submission deadline is August 31th. The conference itself will take place between 19-22 October 2015 in Vienna, Austria.

Pittsburgh Perl Workshop

The PPW will take place between 9-11 October 2015 in, well, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Submit your talk proposal now!


UTF-8 & perl

by Upasana Shukla (SWEETKID)

How to handle UTF-8 in IO:All, Text::Haml, Template-Toolkit, Email::Simple, and in plain print statements.

Culling My Modules

by Dave Cross (DAVECROSS)

Dave built a nice dashboard showing the results of Travis-CI and Coveralls for all of his CPAN modules. That's great. Unfortunately that highlighted the fact that he has many modules that he has not interest maintaining and he is going to delete from CPAN. Or maybe its a good thing to make CPAN slimmer, but with a higher percentage of useful and maintained modules.


On more hotel offering special prices for YAPC:EUROPE attendants

A new hotel, very, very close to the venue, offers us a special price for those of you attending YAPC::Europe 2015.


Testing your sqitch changes

by Curtis 'Ovid' Poe (OVID)

Sqitch is a is tool (written in Perl) to manage changes in databases. Of course it is not perfect, but some of its flaws can be avoided, or at least detected by a simple test script Ovid shares with us.


Interview: Larry Wall

by Larry Wall

Perl 6 has been 15 years in the making, and is now due to be released at the end of this year. We speak to its creator to find out what's going on.

Perl 6

This week: less than hoped, but still good stuff

by Jonathan Worthington (JONATHAN)

Subtitles by Jonathan: Multi-dimensional array progress; &?BLOCK and &?ROUTINE; when/default semantics; One more regex engine bug down; And the usual other little bits

Web development using Perl 6

by Gabor Szabo (SZABGAB)

I am preparing a talk with the same title for YAPC::EU. On this page I am trying to collect the existing Perl 6-based web applications. If you find one in your pocket, please let me know!


Mailing Lists

by Dave Cross (DAVECROSS)

Dave ran a number of mailing lists that were mostly accumulating spam in recent years. It is time to close them.

Weekly collections

Perl Maven Articles

Beginner Perl Maven video course

by Gabor Szabo (SZABGAB)

The slidecast Perl tutorial has passed 130 freely available episodes. Available on YouTube or downloadable from the Perl Maven site.

Data structure design for fast lookup

by Gabor Szabo (SZABGAB)

People talk a lot about code optimization, some even claim that using single quotes is faster than double quotes, but one of the things that can really matter is the data-structures we use to represent our data. In this article you'll see one example for consideration.

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