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Oh boy is this week YAPC-themed. Now that the jetlag begins to dissipate, reports on YAPC::Asia are finally bubbling up, and a second, strong stream is coming from YAPC::EU which concluded a few days ago. We also have echoes coming from the Swiss Perl Workshop as well. Between the stories, pictures and videos, one can hope you'll develop a yearning to join the fun next year... Enjoy! ~ `/anick

Yanick Champoux


CPAN Testers Site Update & Successor Wanted

by Barbie (BARBIE)

Barbie wishes to go no more a testing so late into the night, and is calling for heroic figures to take the testing torch from him. And as this PerlWeekly goes under press, a mysterious knight already seems to have stepped forward.

Call For Grant Proposals (Sept 2015 Round)

by Makoto Nozaki

Have a great idea how to help the Perl ecosystem? The Grant Proposals are open until the 18th of this month.

Enlightened Perl Organisation sponsors Strawberry Perl

by kmx (KMX)

Strawberry has an Internet home -- nay, castle -- for at least one more year, thanks to the EPO. Huzzah!

YAPC Travelogs

YAPC::Asia 2015

by Karen Pauley

Karen's impressions of YAPC::Asia. (In case you don't know, Karen is also the President of The Perl Foundation.)

YAPC::Asia 2015

by Tatsuhiko Miyagawa (MIYAGAWA)

Miyagawa summarizes his impression of the tenth and last (at least in its current incarnation) YAPC::Asia.

YAPC::Asia, day -2

by Ricardo Signes (RJBS)

Ricardo narrates his YAPC::Asia experience. But before enjoying the conference itself, he had to get there...

YAPC::Asia, day 0

by Ricardo Signes (RJBS)

As the timezones blur the lines between days, Ricardo makes it to Tokyo. It's the day before the conference, so what's a stranger to do in a strange land. Try the food and shop for neat stuff, of course!

YAPC::Asia, day 1

by Ricardo Signes (RJBS)

It's day 1 of YAPC::Asia, and Ricardo is ready to enter the fray.

YAPC::Asia, day 2

by Ricardo Signes (RJBS)

In which Ricardo trust somebody from Pittsburgh, and pay the price.

Things I learned at YAPC::Europe 2015 in Granada

by Thomas Klausner (DOMM)

domm provides us with a tl;dr summary of what happened in Granada in the form of a TIL@YAPC::EU.

YAPC Europe 2015: A Community is a Home

by Dave Cross (DAVECROSS)

Dave provides us with his account of YAPC::EU.

YAPC Reflections

by Mark Keating

MDK recounts his YAPC::EU experience, with pictures, puns and everything.

My YAPC::EU 2015: The Art of Community

by Sawyer X (XSAWYERX)

YAPC::EU, from the eyes of the current Velocirapbond.

YAPC::EU 2015

by Lee Johnson (LEEJO)

YAPC::EU, from the eyes of a first-time attendee.


Maintaining the Perl 5 Core: Report for Month 22

by Dave Mitchell

Dave Mitchell reports on his work on the Perl core. His optimization of subroutine argument passing, amongst other things, looks fantastic.

What's new on CPAN - August 2015

by David Farrell (DFARRELL)

David surveys what's new and cool on CPAN.

CPAN authors and Gratipay 2.0

by Philippe Bruhat (BOOK)

Lately, Gratipay went through a total restructuration. What does it means for CPAN authors receiving tips from that service, and what one has to do to get things aligned with the new system? BooK tells us.

A glossary of CPAN terminology

by Neil Bowers (NEILB)

One of the tricky things when one learns a new language is to pick up its particular lingo. Depending of wether you are in Ruby, Perl, Python, JavaScript, terms like 'modules', 'packages', 'distributions' will have slightly different meanings. Neil provides us here with a killing cheatsheet to what those terms refer to in the CPAN ecosystem.

Swiss Perl Workshop 2015 - Perl 6

coke tells us what Perl 6 work was done at the Swiss Perl Workshop -- seems like solid forays in the Great List Refactor was made!


Code Red: A Somewhat Delayed Response To Eccentric Flower's "Code Blue" Posts

by John SJ Anderson (GENEHACK)

I love big rebuttals and I cannot lie... *ahem* Sorry. What I meant to say is: a few months ago a blog entry called "Code Blue" decried the many and inter-related dependencies of CPAN modules, and Genehack finally got the time to write down an answer.

Another moment, I love the Perl community for...

by Renee Baecker (RENEEB)

Renee shares the heart-warming tale of how he got notified, and his module got patched to play nice with the new version of CLDR::Number even before he had time to sit down and look at the problem himself.


Porting AnsibleModule to Perl.

by Marcus Ramberg (MRAMBERG)

The IT automation tool Ansible is written in Python, and so are most of its modules (natch). But they are not restricted to that language as Ansible also has a JSON-based interface to its modules that is utterly language-agnostic. Marcus doesn't only show us how to use this to our Perlish advantage, but also how his modules can help the interfacing (and testing!).

Convos revamped!

by Jan Henning Thorsen (JHTHORSEN)

Convos, the mojolicious-powered browser chat app, is back, all refactor and enhanced with more spiffiness.

Journey to Neovim: MessagePack Encoder (part 1)

by Yanick Champoux (YANICK)

Yanick wants to recreates Vim::X for Neovim. This quest, however, comes with a build-in detour to the land of MessagePack encoding.

Calculating U.S Federal holidays with Time::Moment

by Christian Hansen (CHANSEN)

Fiddling with dates is now a tad more easy.

Changes, nags and git hooks

by Flavio Poletti (POLETTIX)

Want Dist::Zilla to check that the Changelog of your module has been updated before releasing a new version? Flavio did, and discovered that he was naught but a configuration away of total bliss.

Journey to Neovim: MessagePack Decoder (part 2)

by Yanick Champoux (YANICK)

Yanick presents the code he wrote to decode streams of MessagePack data, using it as an excuse to play with higher-function programming.

Anonymous Classes With Private Data

by Joel Berger (JBERGER)

One for the fans of inside-out objects and JavaScript-like prototype-based object systems. Joel released to CPAN his module providing a rather clever anonymous, function-based, extensible class system.

Stop Writing Your Own Commify Functions

by Olaf Alders (OALDERS)

Localisation is hard, and finicky, and maddening. Which is why it's better to leave it to a module specifically to take that pain of shoulders. Numbers, percentages, monetary amounts, CLDR::Number knows how to format them all. McCarthy would approve.

BZ::Client updated for Bugzilla 5.0

Bugzilla, the venerable bug tracker, is still going on. And so is BZ::Client, which is now under the care of Dean. New releases are being made, and a cleaner, v2.0 version is looming at the horizon.

New Dancer2 release en route to CPAN: 0.162000

by Sawyer X (XSAWYERX)

A new version of Dancer2 is hitting CPAN. Amongst the notable changelog items: Dancer 2 seems to now be faster than its predecessor. Niiice.


Dave Cross and Modern PERL

by Curtis 'Ovid' Poe (OVID)

Following Dave's YAPC::EU lightning talk, Ovid shares some real-life code he saw in the wild. Warning: the code you're about to see may makes you groan, sigh, or heartfully head-desk.

Perl 6

P6SGI: Revising and Reviewing

by Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp (HANENKAMP)

A follow-up on Sterling's quest to bring PSGI to Perl6.

Asynchronous, parallel and... dead. My Perl 6 daily bread.

Asynchronous programming is probably going to be one of the big differenciators between Perl6 and Perl 5. Pawel gives us an example -- complete with puzzling bug and all -- of how this feature can be used for great optimization.

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