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Hi there!

I hope you've enjoyed your weekend. Rested enough to tackle the next week.

I am personally very excited, because I am going to run a seminar on testing with plenty of hands-on exercises using the real code-base of the client. This is a format I enjoy even more than using my own home-made exercises, because this ties in directly to their pain points.

In other news: there is a new weekly in town!

Enjoy your week and your weeklies!

Gabor Szabo


Rakudo Star Release 2016.01

As you might know Rakudo is 'just' the Perl 6 compiler and Rakudo Star is the name of the distribution that includes the compiler, documentation, and a bunch of additional modules. This is the first such release since Perl 6 was officially released. It also comes with a Windows MSI Installers.

CPAN Weekly: one module per week, in your inbox

by Neil Bowers (NEILB)

It seems Neil does not have enough fun editing the Perl Weekly once every 3 weeks or so. Nor does he have enough on his plate running the CPAN Pull Request Challenge for a second time, and being in the river cleaning business up to his neck. Now he also wants to run his own weekly newsletter called CPAN Weekly giving you one CPAN module every week. I can only guess that he is looking for more ways to procrastinate... Good luck!


My Github dashboard of neglect

by David Golden (DAGOLDEN)

It is very frustrating when you submit a pull-request and noone responds to it for a year. It is also very embarrassing when you realize you were the one who did not respond to a pull-request. Now, with the help of a little Perl script written by David you can see the whole list of repos where there are pull-requests waiting for your attention.

A parallel MongoDB client with Perl and fork

by David Golden (DAGOLDEN)

Connect to MongoDB; fork; reconnect in each child; do your job.


Last call for review of Test-Builder using Test2 (Formerly Test-Stream).

by Chad Granum (EXODIST)

'It seems that declaring something done is the best way to find out ways in which it is not actually done.'


Deserialization in Perl v5.8

It is interesting to see how to exploit a bug in an ancient version of perl, though I wonder, if the fix isn't available by just upgrading perl? See also Reddit. Though given the fact that the vulnerable code that does not use strict or warnings, I am not surprised the author uses such an old version of Perl.


Get an in-browser remote desktop with Mojolicious and noVNC

by Joel Berger (JBERGER)

How to play Minesweeper on your home computer while you are at work?



Ian Hague Perl 6 Grant Application: JavaScript backend for Rakudo

Would you like to be able to run Perl 6 in a web browser near you? (sort of). Would you like The Perl Foundation to support it financially.

Perl 5 Grant Application: QA Hackathon Travel

by Ricardo Signes (RJBS)

The annual grant request of Ricardo Signes, the Pumpkin to attend the QA Hackathon.

Core Perl 5

Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: January 25th - February 1st

by Sawyer X (XSAWYERX)

This is the place of the summary of the summary.

Memory savings with cperl and AvSTATIC

by Reini Urban (RURBAN)

'B::C and cperl has now proper support for copy-on-grow (COG) and copy-on-write (COW) arrays.'

Perl 6

Atom Perl6 editor tools

by Ahmad M. Zawawi (AZAWAWI)

Tooling is critical for the success of a programming language. Having at least one great IDE supporting the language is very important. Ahmad, who was once one of the key contributors to the Padre project and who later went on and created Farabi, has now written a plugin for the Atom editor to support Perl 6.

Christmas announcement, two.

Thanking the companies that supported the Rakudo Perl 6 effort.

Exploring Perl 6: Signatures, Part 2

by Mike Friedman

Class constraints with and without a where block. Promising the type of the returned value. Introspection: How to find out about the constraints during run-time.

Hacking on Perl 6 (Rakudo and Roast)

by Dave Rolsky (DROLSKY)

It seems fixing a bug in Rakudo, the compiler of Perl 6, is actually fun.

Weekly collections

Perl Maven Articles

Refactor the tests to use Test::More

by Gabor Szabo (SZABGAB)

As part of becomming a co-maintainer of Pod::Tree I have written a series of articles describing the process and published them for the Perl Maven Pro subscribers. It is time to re-publish them to the general public.

Event reports

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