Issue #247 - 2016-04-18 - The Pumpking has resigned!

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Hi there!

As we are drawing closer to the release of perl 5.24 there are several interesting announcement in this issue.

Enjoy the links!

Gabor Szabo


Call for Venue for YAPC::Europe::2017

by Anton Berezin (GRUBER)

Would you like to host the next European Perl conference in your city?





Uploading files using Dancer

by Gabor Szabo (SZABGAB)

Dancer makes it quite easy to upload images and files to the server.

CPAN now sends emails!

by Alexander Karelas (KARJALA) is a site that notifies you whenever your favorite Perl modules get updated. Up till now it only provided RSS feeds, but from now on you can also get E-mail notifications. I wonder if that is going to be it, or will there be other forms of notifications. E.g. on IRC. Twitter, Slack?

Virtual Spring Cleaning, an interlude

by Max Maischein (CORION)

Corion shows us the tools he is using to clean up the mess. Basically a set of tests he uses for his CPAN modules. Some nice suggestions there, though I think I'd also add a test using Perl::Critic and one using Perl::Tidy.

Perl 5

Rik Signes to step down as Pumpking

by Ricardo Signes (RJBS)

Rik, who has been the Pumpking of Perl 5 for 4.5 years, has now decided to move on. Apparently, not everyone was happy with the job Rik did, but I think it is more than unfortunate that some people decide to attack him now in some comments on Reddit.

Interview - Perl's Pumpking Ricardo Signes

by Andrew Solomon (ILLY)

If you wonder what is a Pumpking, or if that is even a word, check out what Rik, the outgoing Pumpking says about it.

Perl 6

Perl 6, the Game of Thrones of Programming Languages

by Curtis 'Ovid' Poe (OVID)

In which Ovid points to his article and wonders if the awful title was worth it?


Training in Cluj

by Dave Cross (DAVECROSS)

Dave is planning on a day of training before YAPC Europe in Transylvania, but still has not decided about what. So what training would you attend? It is only pity that the conference itself does not have a web site.

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