Issue #252 - 2016-05-23 - They keep on writing

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We have a number of prolific bloggers in our community, which I think is a good thing. This week we have posts from a number of them: the Russians have War and Peace, but Buddy gives us Date and Time; Max's spring cleaning may take him through to winter; and Zoffix continues introducing his road trip through Perl 6.


Neil Bowers


Virtual Spring Cleaning (part 9 of X) wherein I retrieve content

by Max Maischein (CORION)

Max presents his new Future::HTTP module, which gives you an HTTP client with an interface based on the Future module.

Faster DBI Profiling

by Arthur Axel "fREW" Schmidt (FREW)

If you're profiling your DBI queries, perhaps after reading Frew's previous post, then you should read this short post.

Perl 5

P5P Mailing List Summary: May 10th-18th

by Sawyer X (XSAWYERX)

Many more issues resolved than reported, so I declare it a good week!

Define and use constants for use by other modules in Perl

by Sinan Unur (NANIS)

A discussion on how define a group of constants that you might want to share across a system. Sinan favours Const::Fast used together with Importer.

A Date with CPAN, Part 9: Composition Defeats Inheritance Yet Again

by Buddy Burden (BAREFOOT)

In this episode Frodo and Sam visit Rivendell to ask Elrond's advice on writing Date and Time modules.

Virtual Spring Cleaning (part 10 of X) wherein I tackle finances

by Max Maischein (CORION)

Max is going to have to rename this series, as it will soon be summer. Here he tells us how he's managing the accounts for, and the Hibiscus::XMLRPC he's written to help with that.


PAUSE permissions code outline

Colin spent some time looking at how the PAUSE code handles permissions; this blog post is his notes.

Travis-CI and Perl

by Flavio Poletti (POLETTIX)

Notes from Flavio on using Travis-CI with perl projects.

Komodo X: features and fairings

A new release of the Komodo IDE, which you can use to develop Perl, and other languages besides.

Using monotonic versioning in Perl

by Steven Haryanto (SHARYANTO)

Perlancar has been looking at the Monotonic Versioning Manifesto and thinking about how you might use it for CPAN distributions. It's recently been discussed on Hacker News.


TODO - testing a bug or a future feature

by Gabor Szabo (SZABGAB)

Gabor shows how you can mark a test as TODO, so it won't stop your distribution installing, but it lets people know that some work remains.


Veure's Database

by Curtis 'Ovid' Poe (OVID)

Ovid takes us through some of the database-related decisions they've made while working on their Veure game.


Staging Server for New

by Tom Hukins (TOMHUKINS)

A development version of the new site is available, and comments are invited.

Perl 6

2016.20 Packaging Progress

by Timo Paulssen

The weekly round-up of Perl 6 news.

Perl 6 Hands-On Workshop: Weatherapp (Part 1)

by Zoffix Znet (ZOFFIX)

Zoffix continues his excellent Perl 6 evangelism. This is the first of a series working on the development of a tool to get weather information from web services.

"Anguish": Invisible Programming Language and Invisible Data Theft

by Zoffix Znet (ZOFFIX)

Zoffix shows us how he implemented an invisible programming language using Perl 6. Why, you ask? This is Zoffix, you don't ask questions like that!

Perl 6 .polymod: Break Up a Number Into Denominations

by Zoffix Znet (ZOFFIX)

Zoffix introduces the polymod method provided by Perl 6.


YAPC Updates

by Dan Wright (DWRIGHT)

Various bits of news about this year's YAPC::NA, including the talk schedule.

Dancing in Cluj-Napoca

by Dave Cross (DAVECROSS)

Dave ran a poll to see what training courses people were interested in for YAPC::EU. Here he presents the results.

Not Perl

Keynotes from OSCON in Austin 2016

Links to videos of all the keynotes from the recent OSCON.

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