Issue #259 - 2016-07-11 - Please delete old releases from your CPAN directory

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Hi there!

Lot's of CPAN related entries this week, but the one I wanted to point out was aimed at CPAN authors. It seem PAUSE is running out of disk-space and there a lot of old releases that could be deleted and left on BackPAN only where they will live happily ever after.

To the the rest of the readers: This is a good time to contribute to a CPAN module or to even adopt one that needs some extra love.

Enjoy the week!

Gabor Szabo


Webinar - A Long-Time Perl Hacker's View Of Perl: Past, Present & Future

While many claim that Perl has become a legacy language, ActiveState's Perl business is vibrant and growing. Watch this webinar recording as ActiveState's Tom Radcliffe and guest speaker Jason McIntosh (co-author of "Perl & XML") discuss all things Perl: its past, present and what the future holds.


The Perl Paradox

ActiveState pushing the Perl cart.



PRC 2016 - Second Trimester

by Alberto Simões (AMBS)

In which Alberto expresses his disappointment for having almost no response for his pull requests. The talk about drive-through contributions was mentioned in a comment.

How to Get a CPAN Module Download URL

by Olaf Alders (OALDERS)

In 2 requests it is easy, but how do you golf that?

Sparrowdo automation. Part 1. Installing cpan packages.

by Alexey Melezhik (MELEZHIK)

Sparrowdo scenarios are written in Perl 6. Oh!

Please delete old releases from your CPAN directory

by Neil Bowers (NEILB)

If you are CPAN author, this is a late spring cleaning call to you. (More suggestions here)


Perl 5

The Ongoing Disaster That Is Perl 5

by Ricardo Signes (RJBS)

A very good 30 min presentation by the previous Pumpkin.


How to improve your Perl code in just 16 years

by Mike LaGrasta (LAGRASTA)

A lightning talk at YAPC by someone who spend most of his like in the vacuum, but who's desk has 80,000 views on YouTube.


Modern Web Development with Perl and Dancer2

by Dave Cross (DAVECROSS)

Dave is running a one-day training class on 23 August in Cluj. (aka. Kolozsvár).

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