Issue #270 - 2016-09-26 - Hackathons are like buses ...

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... you don't get one for ages, and then two come along together! Last week we heard about meta::hack (the MetaCPAN hackathon), and this week we heard about the P5P hackathon in November.

And the Barcelona Perl Workshop is on Saturday 5th November.


Neil Bowers


CPAN Tutorials

Miroslav has written some CPAN tutorials, and they're on github so you can contribute and/or give feedback.

Introducing MIME::Detect

by Max Maischein (CORION)

Another entry in Max's occasional series about tidying up code he's written, to release as hopefully-useful CPAN modules. His new module File::MimeInfo will try to identify the MIME type of a file.

Perl 5

The 2016 P5P Hackathon

by Mark Keating

The first-ever P5P hackathon is going to be held in Amsterdam, from 11th to 14th November this year, hosted by and officially supported by The Perl Foundation.

5 things I learned from Learning Perl 7th Edition

by David Farrell (DFARRELL)

David shares 5 things he learned from reading the 7th edition of Learning Perl, which will be released later this month.

Perl 6

We Are The Robots

A round-up of the goings-on from the Perl 6 world, including the first fully-automated released of the Rakudo Perl 6 compiler.

The must-have features for Perl 6

by D Ruth Holloway

Ruth chats with Jeff Goff about Perl 6, in an article aimed at people outside the Perl echo chamber.

Hacking with Perl 5

MoobX: MobX + Moose

by Yanick Champoux (YANICK)

Yanick has been looking at Javascript frameworks (a never-ending job!), then thinking about what they might look like in Perl. In this post, and a followup, he introduces Perl ideas based on MobX, a framework that claims it "makes state management simple and scalable by transparently applying functional reactive programming".


TPF at OSCON London

by Mark Keating

The Perl Foundation (TPF) is going to have a stand at OSCON Europe, which is on London, 17th - 18th October. If you're going, drop by and said hello.


Grant Extension Request for Tony Cook

by Karen Pauley

Tony Cook has requested another $20k, to continue his work on Perl 5. If you have an opinion on this, add it to the comments on this post.

RPerl User Documentation #2

An update on the TPF grant for RPerl documentation.

Jonathan Worthington's Grant Extension Accepted

by Karen Pauley

Jonathan's grant extension has been approved.


Barcelona Perl Workshop

Barcelona Perl Mongers are having a one-day Perl workshop on Saturday 5th November. Hey, why not submit a talk!

Day 1 at DancerCon

A summary of proceedings at Day 1 on the Dancer conference.

Not Perl

The MIT License, Line by Line

A dissection of the MIT open-source licence. If you release open-source, you need to know at least something about open-source licences, as any code you release should always specify the licence under which it is released.

Perl Maven Articles

Creating a testing module

by Gabor Szabo (SZABGAB)

Part of the test automation with Perl series. (screencast)

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