Issue #280 - 2016-12-05 - LPW - 10 years of Mark Keating

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We just had the London Perl Workshop, the 10th and final one that Mark Keating has organised. He's faced all kind of issues over the years, including serious flooding in his home town last year, but always made sure things ran smoothly. We're all thankful for his work and passion.

It's that time of year again - there are plenty of advent calendars to check every day!


Neil Bowers


Security release - use after free in DBD::mysql when using prepared statements

by Michiel Beijen (MICHIELB)

A security issue was discovered in DBD::mysql, fixed in version 4.041. If you're using prepared statements with MySQL, update as soon as possible.

You can import your Metacpan favorites into!

by Alexander Karelas (KARJALA) is a site that tells you when modules you're interested in have changed. You can now import your MetaCPAN favourites.

Introducing Net::ACME

Felipe's new module Net::ACME is an interface to Let's Encrypt's Automatic Certificate Management Environment.

Perl 5

Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: November 21st - 30th

by Sawyer X (XSAWYERX)

The one where Sawyer walked out of the shower and the last week and a half turned out to have all been a dream.

Static code analysis with Perl and SonarQube

Oliver is starting a project to add Perl support to SonarQube, an application which aims to help you manage code quality for your project(s).


Perl 5 advent calendar

by Doug Bell (PREACTION)

The usual Perl 5 advent calendar is still going strong -- a different Perl module every day.

Command-line modules

by Steven Haryanto (SHARYANTO)

Each day in Advent perlancar is going to describe a different module for parsing command-line arguments.

C::Blocks Advent

by David Mertens (DCMERTENS)

David's doing 24 posts about his C::Blocks module, which lets you embed C in your code and have it compiled and run on the fly.

Perl 6 Advent

An advent blog calendar for Perl 6.

Advent Planet

by Len Jaffe (LENJAFFE)

As every year Len put together the list of all the Advent calendars.

Perl 6

2016.48 Kickstarting Along

by Elizabeth Mattijsen (ELIZABETH)

The usual weekly round-up of Perl 6 news.

Backticks and tests in Perl 6

by Ken Youens-Clark (KCLARK)

Ken works through a script he wrote which does things long considered bread and butter for Perl 5, and shows how he did them in Perl 6.

Tips for Perl 6

by brian d foy (BDFOY)

While the kickstarter for the Learning Perl 6 book is going on, brian is posting daily short tips about Perl 6.

Taking a couple of steps backwards to fix a GC bug

by Jonathan Worthington (JONATHAN)

Follow along as Jonathan gets into the nitty-gritty of fixing a garbage collection bug in MoarVM. He gets a bonus for saying "less is moar".


meta::hack Wrap-up Report

by Olaf Alders (OALDERS)

Olaf's summary of meta::hack, the recent MetaCPAN hackathon that had a goal of switching over to MetaCPAN v1.

The London Perl Workshop 2016

by Neil Bowers (NEILB)

My report on this year's London Perl Workshop (LPW).

Not Perl

Grep is Losing Its Grip

A brief summary of three tools you can use instead of grep, when searching through code. Having been a loong-time user of grep, I used ack for a while, but am a big fan of ag at the moment.


A tale of a Perl start-up

20 min video about business and some Perl by Claudiu Campean

Beginning with Perl and Vagrant (and Ansible)

by James Lance (NEYBAR)

20 min talk with demo showing how to use Vagrant and explaining what is the difference between Vagrant and Docker

As I recall we have never used the footer but let's try it now. The Learning Perl 6 kickstarter already got $34,963 backing from 437 people out of the $37,000 goal. What it really needs now is that every one of the Perl Weekly subscribers will pledge a single $1. Not only will that bring it to the goal it will really show interest in Perl 6. One USD!

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