Issue #282 - 2016-12-19 - The White Camels are roaming again!

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Hi there!

I have not done a Perl Weekly edition for a long time. Nice to see you again!

It is said that in every bad thing there is also something good. Karen Pauley has left The Perl Foundation, but at least now she could be awarded with a White Camel.

Congratulations to her and to David Golden and Thomas Klausner, the other two recipients.

Enjoy the presents!

Gabor Szabo



Version Numbers

by Dave Cross (DAVECROSS)

Not only does Dave explain the major, minor, patch level numbers, but he has also gone full-blown marketingish and has a pop-up to subscribe for his e-mail newsletter. How great men are falling. Even if you avoid the pop-up, don't forget to sign up to his newsletter!

Trying for a Happy Christmas

by Paul Evans (PEVANS)

Exception handling during Christmas



Working with the MetaCPAN API

by Neil Bowers (NEILB)

This is already the 4th part in the series showing examples how to access the data stored in MetaCPAN.

Voxpopuli - maintaining infrastructure code as a team

How a community can maintain a lot of abandoned modules. The problem is not just Perl-related and this specific solution comes from the Puppet community.


On the occasional unpleasantness of community

by VM Brasseur

What does shoveling snow and Open Source has in common?

Building mentoring into an os community that welcomes and values new contributors

A presentation given by Cathy Theys explaining how to widen the community of contributors.



Perl 5

C::Blocks Advent Day 8

by David Mertens (DCMERTENS)

David continues his journey showing use C::Blocks. Visiting his user page will show you the full list of articles.


Creating subtypes for Moose

by Gabor Szabo (SZABGAB)

Another episode from the old Moose series.

Perl 6

Day 12-Avoiding User Namespace Pollution with Perl 6 Modules

The Perl 6 Advent calendar got 7 new episodes since last week. Check out the calendar next to the article for links to the other episodes.

Weekly collections


Open Source conferences

An almost comprehensive list of Open Source events

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