Issue #317 - 2017-08-21 - TPCiA 'hangovers' and new news!

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I'm still unpacking from TPCiA--I had a wonderful first visit to Europe, and folks seemed happy with the presentations I did there. Now back to hacking on Perl code!

D Ruth Holloway


Beginners and Conferences

by brian d foy (BDFOY)

brian d foy shares some ideas from a 2011 presentation on making Perl conferences more beginner-friendly.

Let's celebrate CPAN day in a special way

by Mohammad S. Anwar (MANWAR)

Mohammad celebrated Indian Independence, and CPAN Day, with a release of Map::Tube::Kolkatta

My Perl Conference in Amsterdam Takeaway

by Philipp Gortan (GORTAN)

mephinet tell us the (many!) high spots of TPCiA for him.

Perl 5

Plan for perldoc 4.0

by Herbert Breunung (LICHTKIND)

lichtkind tells us about his plan for perldoc 4.0, after doing two lightning talks on the subject at TPCiA.

How the RPi::WiringPi distribution is tested

by Steve Bertrand

Steve is working on a multi-chapter tutorial on using Raspberry Pi with Perl, and here he tells us about his testing platform.

Perl 6

In Review

by Elizabeth Mattijsen (ELIZABETH)

The Perl 6 Weekly

Weekly collections


The Swiss Perl Workshop 2017

The Swiss Perl Workshop will be held in Villars-sur-Ollon on August 25-26. Registration is now open, and the schedule has been published!

The corner of Gabor

A couple of articles sneaked in by Gabor

How to contribute to an Open Source Perl project

A bit late for CPAN day, but nevertheless: A few suggestion to find low-hanging fruits and more complex tasks.

Project Management, Quality Assurance, and Test Automation in Open Source Projects

An old series restarted. Trying to answer the question: How do Open Source Projects maintain high quality. Often higher than similar closed-source projects?

New on CPAN - week ending on 2017-08-20

A couple of new modules recently published to CPAN.

Perl Jobs by Perl Careers

Independent thinkers required! Mid/Senior-level Developer for an innovative London company

Have you ever worked for a company with a micromanagement style, where a boss was constantly breathing down your neck? Do you hate spending more time in meetings about product requirements than actually getting on with building the product?

Largest Perl team in London with beautiful Docklands offices

Large, dynamic Perl team in Canary Wharf looking for mid-level and senior developers. Run by a Perl-loving CTO in beautiful offices with a great view over Canary Wharf, the company manages one legacy Perl codebase and a whole bunch of very new, very shiny, and very modern codebases that power the market-leading solution in their particular area.

Escape to the country — cutting-edge role in picturesque NW England

Summer in the UK… the time for long evening walks in the countryside and sunny days on the beach. This company is based in a small town perfectly positioned to enjoy these traditional British countryside pursuits: to the east lies the Peak District, while to the west are the beautiful remote beaches of northern Wales.

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