Issue #322 - 2017-09-25 - Calling all vim users

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If you use vim-perl, then have a look at Rob Hoelz's post, and possibly add a comment on the github issue.

There are two TPF grant requests for $7,500 -- that's a sizeable chunk, so have a look at them, and possibly comment.

And finally: Gabor is nearly over the line on the crowdfunding for his Dancer e-book. I backed it, and not because he's my Perl Weekly boss :-)


Neil Bowers



by Buddy Burden (BAREFOOT)

Buddy shares a Moose pattern that he learned from a colleague. If you've a class with two attributes that get their values from different parts of the same config file, you only want to read the file if one of the attributes is used, but more than that, you only want to read it once if both attributes are used. Buddy shows you how.

Perl 5

Perl 5.27.4 Released

by John SJ Anderson (GENEHACK)

This week saw the latest release on the development track for Perl 5. These are monthly releases, which contain the work done by the Perl 5 Porters in stepping Perl 5 towards the next stable release. A range of suckers volunteers have been release engineers for development releases, and this month was GENEHACK's first time at bat.

P5P Mailing List Summary: September 11th-17th

by Sawyer X (XSAWYERX)

The usual summary of bugs fixed and new bugs reported. Also, Karl Williamson is looking for a volunteer to write a utility that ensures macro arguments involved in expressions are parenthesized.

ActivePerl 5.26 Released, plus 5.24 and 5.22 updates

by Jeff Rouse

ActiveState have released Perl 5.26, along with updates to 5.24 and 5.22.

Opinions Wanted On Changing Vim Syntax Highlighting

by Rob Hoelz (RHOELZ)

Rob presents an issue with syntax highlighting in vim-perl, and asks for users of vim-perl to vote on which solution you prefer.


Rakudo gets a new thread pool

by Jonathan Worthington (JONATHAN)

Jonathan describes the new Rakudo thread pool, his work on which was supported by In this post he outlines the problems with the previous thread pool, then describes how the new design addresses those problems.

2017.38 Color Me Booked

by Elizabeth Mattijsen (ELIZABETH)

The weekly round-up of Rakudo news.


Easy C/C++ Binding using SPVM

by Yuki Kimoto (KIMOTO)

Kimoto-san shows how you can implement part of your work in C/C++ using his SVPM system.

The Perl Foundation

Grant Proposal: Act Voyager

by Will Coleda (COKE)

ACT (A Conference Toolkit) has been used to provide the web-site for many Perl conferences over the years, but it's starting to show its age. Theo van Hoesel has requested $7,500 to work on a new version of ACT. If you've thoughts on ACT's problem, either as an organiser or attendee, please add them in the comments.

Grant Proposal: Rakudo Perl 6 performance analysis tooling

by Will Coleda (COKE)

Timo Paulssen is requesting $7,500 to develop a web front-end to the existing instrumented profiler. As ever, if you've thoughts on the value of this, please add them in the comments.

Perl Jobs by Perl Careers

Perl Mongers of Wimbledon Common Are We - Perl Developer wanted in Wimbledon

Image is Wimbledon Common by Su-May, via Flickr ; license: CC BY-2.0

Do you love customers? Senior Perl Developer with a product focus, London

Ever find yourself wishing you could see meaningful impact on users from your work? Trapped in a company with long release cycles and dubious release dates? Wish your ideas for product improvement didn’t keep disappearing in to the Project Manager’s backlog?

Science background, or a passing interest in life sciences? Junior/mid-level Perl developer needed in London...

Friendly and quiet office in London (W1) looking for a Perl (or similar) developer with at least two years experience. You’re expected to have fullstack experience/abilities, from improvements on the client’s HTML front-end to backend services. It’s a small company, so there’s some fluidility expected between roles - a good place to expand on your jack-of-all-software-trades skillset.

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