Issue #331 - 2017-11-27 - The London Perl Workshop

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The London Perl Workshop was on Saturday, and we've already had four blog posts about it. You'll pick up on a theme: it was a great community event.

There are a lot more TPCiA videos online now, and the Perl 6 weekly news has links to those about Perl 6.


Neil Bowers


Happy Taskgiving

by Yanick Champoux (YANICK)

Yanick has released some new commands for his tool for TaskWarrior.

Perl 5

P5P Mailing List Summary: November 13th to 20th

by Sawyer X (XSAWYERX)

The weekly round-up of P5P notes, which includes links to a lot of grant updates from Dave and Zefram.

Perl5 as a first-class script engine in Java

by Flávio Glock (FGLOCK)

An update from Flávio on Perlito, an implementation of Perl 5 that runs in the JVM. You can now run Perl scripts from inside a Java application.


Test All The Things

by Jeff Goff (JGOFF)

Jeff takes us through testing in Perl 6.

2017.47 More TPCiA Videos

by Elizabeth Mattijsen (ELIZABETH)

The weekly roundup of Rakudo news, with links to a videos for Perl 6 talks from TPCiA.

A unified and improved Supply concurrency model

by Jonathan Worthington (JONATHAN)

Jonathan describes his recent work to improve the concurrency features provided by Supply.

London Perl Workshop

London Perl Workshop is Amazing

by Mark Keating

It was great seeing Mark at LPW, throughly enjoying being an attendee, and that shines through in this post as well.

Lance Wicks's report on LPW

by Lance Wicks (LANCEW)

Lance gave a tutorial on the Bailador web framework for Perl 6, and shares this thoughts on how that went, along with the rest of the day. I loved this line: "It was just so darn friendly, and the whole darn Perl community is so darn friendly".

The Lion and the Butterfly and the Camel

by JJ Merelo (JMERELO)

JJ's thoughts on the day, during which he gave a talk on using Perl 6 for teaching programming to complete novices.

Mohammad's report on LPW

by Mohammad Sajid Anwar (MANWAR)

Mohammad gave his first-ever Perl talk last year at LPW, and he came back to talk about Map::Tube this year.

The Perl Foundation

Test2 Documentation Grant Progress Report

by Alberto Simões (AMBS)

Alberto passes on an update from Chad, for his work on Test2, being done under a TPD grant.


PullRequest - Personal Milestone

by Mohammad Sajid Anwar (MANWAR)

Mohammad has got addicted to help others, via pull requests. He gives us some statistics on his journey so far.

The corner of Gabor

A couple of entries sneaked in by Gabor.

The Perl 6 Recipes book Kickstarter campaign

by Andrew Shitov (ANDY)

Get all 4 of his books with one donation!

Perl Jobs by Perl Careers

Front-end focus for a full stack Perl developer

Perl developers are generally a multi-talented bunch who can segue smoothly between the nuts and bolts of back-end work and the immediately rewarding aesthetics of front-end work. If pushed, though, most could identify where their real passion lies along the spectrum from front-end to back-end.

Independent thinkers required! Mid/Senior-level Developer for an innovative London company

Have you ever worked for a company with a micromanagement style, where a boss was constantly breathing down your neck? Do you hate spending more time in meetings about product requirements than actually getting on with building the product?

Do some good in the world – Perl developers required for a charity and giving-focused team in Kent, UK

Want to do something good for once? Join the Kickstarter of the charity world, supporting activists and causes around the world. You’ll be working in Perl to support a range of their highly successful charity and giving-focused projects.

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