Issue #36 - 2012-04-02 - Testing, testing, testing: QA Hackathon and Test Automation courses

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The QA Hackathon just finished in Paris. There are a number of posts from the participants. I was sorry to miss it this year, but I have some other traveling to do:

I'll visit both Kiev in Ukraine and Madison, Wisconsin in the USA, for YAPC::Russia and YAPC::NA respectively. At both events I'll run a 2-days long version of my Test Automation using Perl class. For details see the link below.

Now for the articles...

Gabor Szabo


The Dutch Perl Mongers have a new web site featuring a Dutch camel

I can't read it well, but I liked their news section very much :)


DBD::Oracle v1.43_00 On CPAN -- Now With 100% Less DBIS

I am not sure if Yanick is not just fooling with us releasing DBD::Oracle on 1st April. This was probably the most serious post I read from him. Ever. He is also using plain English. I don't know. Maybe Oracle does that to him.


Why I love my job

by Damian Conway (DCONWAY)

Damian Conway tells us why he loves his job. I only saw part of his Presentation Aikido class, but I saw several other presentations by Damian. I can really recommend him! (Not that he needs my recommendation :)

Oh Function Call, Oh Function Call, Wherefore Art Thou Function Call

by Mark Fowler (MARKF)

Given the name of a function, finding the definition of it is a relatively easy task. Mark Fowler provides the other way around, listing all the places where a function is being used. Can be very handy when trying to understand or refactor a piece of code.

Installing modules with cpanminus

The latest post on the Perl-tips newsletter by Paul Fenwick and Jacinta Richardson is dealing with cpanminus. Subscribe to their mailing list if you don't want to miss the next episode (and the course discount that usually comes with it.)

Can you learn Perl from an old Learning Perl?

by brian d foy (BDFOY)

brian d foy is wondering why people would want to use and old and outdated version of this book and analyzes which edition is still useful today.


DuckDuckGo is blowing up

This is the first time I link to an item on Hacker News and it is strange. In any case, DDG had some impressive growth. You might want to pay attention. Also I liked the comment: 'DDG is written in Perl, good looking Perl too'

The syntax of English is undecidable

by Jeffrey Kegler (JKEGL)

It is only related to Perl as this was written by Jeffrey Kegler, author of the Marpa parser. It generated responses from some people who have not commented yet which is really nice. Broadening the Perl community.

Switching from Perl to Python: Speed

This is a funny. It seems that once someone starts to use Python, s/he immediately has the urge to fetch the 'unreadable' mantra. Even when the Perl code is much more readable than the Python code. The fact that the Perl version is also twice as fast than the Python version is just a minor side issue. Well, everyone and their bias.


Vim report for Devel::Cover (Perl QA Hackathon)

by Paul Johnson (PJCJ)

Paul Johnson stole some ideas from Ruby so now you can see (part of the) report from vim. Cute green >> marks and red :( marks appropriately on lines without a coverage. I tried it and for me it was only working on the files in blib/lib but maybe I need to fix something in my setup.

Party In Paris - 2012 QA Hackathon (part 1)

by Barbie (BARBIE)

Barbie made some very nice improvement to the CPAN Testers infrastructure. Most notably there is now an API to fetch updates from the database. Eliminating the need to download the whole database which is several Gb.

A Qualitative Regard - The Event is On

Thanks to the sponsors of the QA Hackathon!

The cost of technical debt: 3.61$ / line of code

by Tudor Constantin (TCONST)

Tudor Constantin found a research that puts some quantitative measures to the cost of 'technical debt'. I am not sure what the conclusion of this should be. Throwing away the old and partially broken code? Adding automatic tests to the existing application? Nothing? After all we would like to avoid paying that debt.


Major DB::Color update (Perl QA Hackathon)

by Curtis 'Ovid' Poe (OVID)

Ovid improved DB::Color that allows you to have color while using the built-in debugger of Perl. He also discovered some bugs in Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate that I maintain. As it was in the SVN repository of Padre I quickly converted it to Github and Ovid already pushed some regression tests. It would be nice if some good soul took a look at that module as I probably won't have much time for it.

Logging in Dancer

by Flavio Poletti (POLETTIX)

Flavio Poletti writes about the use of Log4perl together with Dancer.


Public TWiki Sites

by Peter Thoeny

Did you know that Pixar runs on Perl (too)? And the other nice web sites? Most of the TWiki installations are in-house but there are a few that are publicly accessible.

Finding missing tracks in your Banshee library

The Banshee library is just an SQLite database. Brian Cassidy (bricas) shares a small script that can help you update this database when files are renamed.



Perl 6



Perl Test Automation Training in Madison, Wisconsin and in Kiev, Ukraine

by Gabor Szabo (SZABGAB)

I am running two sets of the shortened, 2-days version of the training class.

The self promotion section

Scalable Vector Graphics with Perl

by Gabor Szabo (SZABGAB)

SVG allows you to create nice and scalable graphics using Perl. I wanted to play a bit with it and while reading the documentation I found some issues. So now I am a co-maintainer of the module. You are more than welcome to send bug reports, failing tests and fixes. You can also see a few simple examples in the blog.

How to create a Perl Module for code reuse?

by Gabor Szabo (SZABGAB)

A simple introduction to creating modules that can export functions.


DC-Baltimore Perl workshop

April 14, 2012, Catonsville, MD, USA

Dutch Perl Workshop

April 14, 2012, The Hague, The Netherlands

Perl Mova Workshop in Kiev

May 12-13, 2012, Kiev, Ukraine


June 13-15, 2012, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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