Issue #372 - 2018-09-10 - Perl Workshop

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Hi there

During The Perl Conference in Glasgow last month, Lance Wicks shared the idea of reviving Perl Podcast. I liked the idea and we decided to work on it together. Gabor started something similar few years ago, The Perl Maven TV Show. Unfortunately not much activity seen recently. Ideally we would like focus on pure Perl (perl5 and perl6) initially. We have reached out to Joshua McAdams, creator of Perlcast for assistance.

Past one week has been really busy with Perl workshops, not just one but two i.e. Nordic Perl Workshop and Mojoconf and Swiss Perl Workshop. Unfortunately the dates clashed, making it difficult for the Perl Hackers to decide which one to go.

Talking about perl workshop, next in line is London Perl Workshop which is happening on 24th November 2018. They are accepting talk/worshop proposals now. We would love to see more first time speakers giving short (20 min) talk or even lightning (5 min) talk.

Mohammad S. Anwar


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World Tour of Germany

by Damian Conway (DCONWAY)

Damian shares the itenary of his World Tour of Germany. I just hope one day he would visit London also.


The build process of programming languages

by Preslov Mihaylov

Read the article to gain a deeper understanding of programming and computer science.

Pull Request - Mission Accomplished

by Mohammad S. Anwar (MANWAR)

I share my story of completing 1000 Pull Request.

Take Another Look Moose

by John Scoles (BYTEROCK)

One more blog on Moose by @byterock.


Which edges cases could perl shed to make it easier to parse?

by brian d foy (BDFOY)

brian d foy discussing if we could make a grammar that other things that aren't perl could statically parse?


Test Driven Development (TDD): what, when and how

by Marluan Guerrero

Do you think you know everything about TDD? If yes then please read this article.

Wendigo - A proper monster for front-end automated testing

by Angry Koala

Wendigo is a wrapper of Puppeteer with the purpose of making automated testing easier and simpler.


Google unveils search engine for open data

by Davide Castelvecchi

Google has unveiled a search engine to help researchers locate online data that is freely available for use. The company launched the service on 5 September, saying that it is aimed at "scientists, data journalists, data geeks, or anyone else".



by Yanick Champoux (YANICK)

@yanick released bug fix where builder for memcache server was trying to coerce the already-coerced values.


How to be a rockstar developer in 3 months

by Teo Deleanu

Read this article to explore the secret behind a rockstar developer.

Perl 5

Migrating a Legacy Perl app to AWS

by John Napiorkowski (JJNAPIORK)

John explains the migration process of a Legacy Perl app to AWS. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Perl Coding Guide line 2018

by Yuki Kimoto (KIMOTO)

Yuki Kimoto share the coding guide line in Japanese. Please use Google translator if you are non-Japanese speaker.

Perl Tutorial

A section for newbies and for people who need some refreshing of their Perl knowledge. If you have questions or suggestions about the articles, let me know and I'll try to make the necessary changes. The included articles are from the Perl Maven Tutorial and are part of the Perl Maven eBook.

Perl 6

2018.36 Normality Returns

by Elizabeth Mattijsen (ELIZABETH)

Introducing Perl6::Math::Matrix (Part 1: Data)

by Herbert Breunung (LICHTKIND)

Herbert gave talk on the above topic at The Perl Conference in Glasgow. Here he writes about the implementation of suggestions he got after his talk.


How to build an image recognition app in React Native in 30 minutes

by Andrew Smith

Follow the article to build a simple app that uses React Native's camera component to take a picture, then passes the Base64 representation of this image to the free Clarifai Predict image API to get a description of what's in the image.

C Programming Tutorial 1: Intro to C

by Brian Jenkins

Thorough introduction to C language.

Weekly collections

Event reports

Nordic Perl Workshop 2018 Highlights

by brian d foy (BDFOY)

Detailed highlights of Nordic Perl Workshop 2018 by brain d foy.


London Perl Workshop 2018

November 24th, 2018, London

Perl Jobs by Perl Careers

Fancy an all-inclusive trip to The Perl Conference next year*?

This company is focused on training and shows a real commitment to staying at the cutting edge of Perl

Perl Developer who wants to learn Scala and NodeJS - West London

Client is a major and dynamics UK company with a large (and pretty Modern) Perl codebase who have started extended their technical stack to include Scala and NodeJS

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