Issue #41 - 2012-05-07 - Announcing the new Perl Maven web site and the Perl Maven Cookbook

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Tomorrow I am flying to Kiev to attend the Perl Mova Workshop on 12-13 May 2012. Check out the link at the bottom of to see the details about this workshop. I'll be back home on the 14th only, meaning I'll send the next issue from Kiev.

I have been dragging the creation of the Perl Maven web site for too long but finally, a few days ago I did it. See the details below.

I have also added links for social sharing to the newsletter. I hope you will find this useful and will share the articles you find intersting with your followers.

Oh and I am sorry for talking so much about my stuff, I am just too excited that finally made it that far with the Perl Maven :)

Now for the actual content:

Gabor Szabo


Perl Maven Cookbook

by Gabor Szabo (SZABGAB)

Before you get excited in the wrong direction, this has nothing to do with the Apache Maven. This is the first and admittedly very small edition of the Perl Maven Cookbook. This is also the announcement of the Perl Maven web site I have been planning (and not developing) for half a year now. The Cookbook is given exclusively (and free of charge) to the people who subscribe to the Perl Maven newsletter.


YAPC::NA 2013 Call For Venue

On behalf of The Perl Foundation, Josh McAdams announced the call for venue for next year's YAPC::NA.

French Perl Workshop 2012: Call for Papers

The French Perl Workshop will take place on 29-30 June, 2012, in Strasbourg. Talks are preferred in French but English is also accepted.

YAPC Brasil 2012 - The Revolution of Data

It will be held between 19-20 October 2012 in Sao Paulo, Brasil. - I've never been to Brasil :)

mod_perl 2.0.6 released

For a long time I have not heard anything about mod_perl. I was not actively looking for it either, so I am not sure if there was no new or if they were just very shy. I was happy to see the announcement by Fred Moyer with all the changes that went into this version.

2012Q2 Grant Proposals

by Alberto Simões (AMBS)

Alberto Simoes publish The Perl Foundation grant proposals. They are waiting for your feedback!


Yak Butter Makes The Best Shaving Cream

After a long break genehack (John SJ Anderson) is back writing. Telling his journey that started with a bug in Git::Wrapper went through Dist::Zilla, landed at Emacs configuration. The nice thing is that instead of abandoning the whole yak, he actually managed to shave it, went back and solved the original problem too.

Big module sizes

by Reini Urban (RURBAN)

Reini Urban took several modules (eg. Moose, Module::Build, DateTime::TimeZone, Dancer), and checked their sizes after static compilation of every C code they need. some surprising results there and some interesting comments.

Sqitch Status: A Step at a Time

Sqitch is a new tool by David Wheeler that will help you manage the changes in SQL in a way similar to how VCS-es work. We are lucky to be able to follow the development of the tool.

Smoothing the Condescending Onramp

Is programming complex? Should we expect everyone to use strict; use warnings and know how to use a hash before they can ask any question? How should we help others to start programming? All this in he usual, opinionated style of chromatic.

Tweaking what Moose does when a type constraint fails

AEvar Arnfjoro Bjarmason tells us that you don't always want Moose to throw an exception when an invalid value is passed to a setter method. Sometimes you might want to silently accept the bad value or fall back to some default. With or without warning.

Perl MooX::Options v1.2 release

MooX::Options makes it easy to create command line tools. Despite its name, it works with Mo, Moo, Mouse, Moose and more. By Geistteufel (Celogeek).

perlbrew and tmux

by Reini Urban (RURBAN)

Mr. Muskrat using a shell script to brew several versions of perl and Reini Urban points to perlall.

Perl Finance - announcing AnyEvent::TWS and Protocol::TWS

Uwe Voelker has started to built native Perl interfaces Interactive Brokers Traders Workstation (IB TWS) API.

Priorities when using Any::Moose, and what Mouse people should do

by Sawyer X (XSAWYERX)

What happens if you load Any::Moose and then some other module loads Moose? Will it break? What does Sawyer X suggest?


Automating On Call Jury Instructions

Chris Grau explores web scraping with the good old WWW::Mechanize and HTML::DOM and then re-implements the same using Mojo::UserAgent and finally using WWW::Scripter. It's interesting to compare the three solutions.

Generate pretty weekly schedule charts using HTML::Template

by Sinan Unur (NANIS)

A nice example by Sinan Unur showing usage of perl + HTML + CSS (setting the width style attributes by the template). In the script he is using /x \A and \Z in regexes and it really is nice.

Memoize: Revisiting a twelve year old API

Jonathan Swartz explains that memoization is basically caching and then shows the memoize module CHI::Memoize of his CHI cache.

JavaScript, Perl, IRC, and FourSquare

Mark McCracken is mostly a C++ programmer but this time he had to use JavaScript to check himself into FourSquare and then he is using Perl and a bunch of CPAN modules to monitor his long running scripts on an IRC channel. He also has a nice CPAN logo.

Lazy == Cache ?

by Buddy Burden (BAREFOOT)

Buddy Burden is using the lazy option of the Moose attributes as a cache.


Creating a crossword puzzle

by Sebastian Willing (SEWI)

Using Perl and some other glue Sebastian Willing explains how to create a crossword puzzle in German. I guess you could apply the same method in other languages as well.

Joy of an internal speaker

Sergey Zasenko (und3f) is playing music using Perl and Audio::Beep and MIDI::ALSA


Perl Golf

Ynon Perek gave a fun presentation about Perl Golf at the last meeting. These are his slides.

Perl 6

Help to write Perl 6 Documentation

by Herbert Breunung (LICHTKIND)

If you don't know anything about Perl 6 this might be a good chance to both learn about it and contribute to its documentation. Check out the call of Herbert Breunung (lichtkind) to work on the Perl 6 tablets.

SQLite support for DBIish

by Moritz Lenz (MORITZ)

'DBIish, the new database interface for Rakudo Perl 6, now has a working SQLite backend.' writes Moritz Lenz.


I usually list the next 3-4 events here. The list of all the events can be found on on the web site. If your Perl event is not in the list, let me know.

Perl Mova Workshop in Kiev

May 12-13, 2012, Kiev, Ukraine

Nordic Perl workshop

June 4-5, 2012, Stockholm, Sweden


June 13-15, 2012, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

French Perl workshop

June 29-30, 2012, Strasbourg

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