Issue #450 - 2020-03-09 - German Perl/Raku Workshop - 2020

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Hi there

Last week belonged to German Perl/Raku Workshop - 2020. Luckily there were regular updates on Twitter. Did you notice the change in name? Raku has been added to make it explicit that Perl and Raku both get equal exposure. I am confident we would see flood of event reports by regulars soon.

How can I forget to mention that Curtis Poe who gave keynote presentation through video conferencing about Cor. Well if you don't know what is Cor, then please checkout earlier editiion of PerlWeekly newsletter

Last but not the least, COVID-19, these days everybody is talking about it. Curtis Poe wrote an interesting blog about Coronavirus Fake News. Stay safe and enjoy reading the newsletter

Mohammad S. Anwar


Introducing the TPF Community Affairs Team

by Stuart Mackintosh

The Perl Foundation is supporting the creation of a Community Affairs Team known as the CAT.


Perl Intro Curriculum

by Thomas Klausner (DOMM)

If we want to attract new people to Perl conferences (and thus Perl), we must make conferences more beginner-friendly.

k-Means k-Means-er

by Enkidu

As we take another lap around the k-Means race trace, the Porsche 914-2 and Volvo 142E are still neck and neck. This time we'll try a straight-forward normalisation that linearly scales all values to the range [0,1] and see if they still end up in the same cluster.


Let's talk about Linux

by Paula

What do you love the most about Linux and freedom of the software?


White labelling strategies

by Thomas Klausner (DOMM)

Domm presented this at German Perl/Raku Workshop 2020.

Perl Weekly Challenge

The Perl Weekly Challenge by Mohammad Anwar will help you step out from your comfort-zone. You can even win the prize money of $50 Amazon voucher by participating in the weekly challenge. We pick one winner at the end of the month among all the contributors of the month. The monthly prize is kindly sponsored by Peter Sergeant of PerlCareers.

Perl Weekly Challenge - 050

by Mohammad S. Anwar (MANWAR)

Don't miss the fun and try new challenges every week. For more information, please read FAQ page.

RECAP - Perl Weekly Challenge - 050

by Mohammad S. Anwar (MANWAR)

Recap of last week challenge. There are plenty of great solutions.

Nobly Merged Raku

by Arne Sommer

Arne shared how to deal with a very large intervals. You will be surprised by the power of Raku.

Perl Weekly Challenge 050: Merge Intervals and Noble Integer

by E. Choroba (CHOROBA)

Choroba nailed the Merge Intervals task thoroughly. You have to checkout his solution to see it yourself.

Perl Weekly Challenge: Week 50

by Jaldhar H. Vyas

Jaldhar shared the power of Range class of Raku.


by Javier Luque

Javier didn't use brute force to solve Merge Intervals task. A very clean solution.

Perl Weekly Challenge: Merge Inrervals and Noble Numbers

by Laurent Rosenfeld

Laurent shared the power of Raku when solving Noble number task.

Perl Weekly Challenge 50: overlapping ranges and nobel numbers

by Luca Ferrari

Luca used the power of Range class to solve the Merge Intervals. Looks very clean solution.


by Mohammad S. Anwar (MANWAR)

Fun with Raku, one more time, thanks to Weekly Challenge.


Weekly collections

The corner of Gabor

A couple of entries sneaked in by Gabor.

Test Automaton Engineer

by Gabor Szabo (SZABGAB)

Many companies are looking for 'Test Automation Engineers' or 'QA Automation engineers' or just 'Automation engineers'. In this post I tried to give you some insight to what you need in order to become one.


DC-Baltimore Perlyglot Workshop (DCBPW) 2020

April 18-19 2020 Baltimore, MD

The Perl Conference 2020

June 23-27 2020 Houston, TX

Perl and Raku Conference in Amsterdam 2020

August 10-14 2020, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Perl Jobs by Perl Careers

The Garden of Eden? A Perl job in Eden (well, London)!

33 acres of landscaped gardens. 45,000 square feet of on-park retail space. More than 10,000 fun, engaging, like-minded people. It is Utopia? The Garden of Eden? No???it???s where your new office is located, but only if you read on!

One is the Loneliest Number

For nearly 16 years, our client has been helping people in the UK and the US find their perfect flatmate. Think of all the things that are better with two: seesaws, the tango, splitting the bills???need we go on? If you???re a Perl developer who has experience with other languages like Gearman, Memcached, Sphinx, and MySQL, and agree that two heads are better than one, then this might be for you!

Paging Dr. Perl! Perl job in Cambridge, UK

This organization is one of the world???s leading developers of medical diagnostic technologies and clinical software. They believe in security, wellness, and the importance of driving innovation to deliver patient benefit. You won???t be in a white coat, but it???s better than that???your work will be used by the NHS, research labs, and healthcare providers worldwide.

Wanted: Junior Perl Developer Ready to Move Up from the Bunny Hill - Kent, UK

Junior developers???are you eager to leave the bunny hill behind but not quite ready for a double black diamond? Then slip on your ski boots and prepare to slalom, because we have an exciting opportunity for you!

In Search of a Few Good Rock Stars - Houston, TX

Perl positions are open at several levels, so whether you???re just starting out with 1-2 years of experience or a seasoned pro with a few decades under your belt, they want to hear from you. Grab a microphone, a megaphone, or shoot us an email, but whatever you do, don???t let this chance to make your mark pass you by.

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