Issue #457 - 2020-04-27 - Perl on LinkedIn

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Hi there,

Someone commented that on my new Code-Maven LinkedIn Page there isn't enough Perl. So I tried to look around. The #Perl has 360 followers. Golang has 3,603 followers, and Python has, no I don't even want to write it down. (COBOL has more followers on LinkedIn than Perl!). So one thing you can do is to follow #perl on LinkedIn.

There are also a number of Perl-related groups. Far the biggest is Perl Mongers with 8,283 members and then Perl Developers with 3,122 members. So apparently the vast majority of the people who are in these groups are not following the #Perl tag. Interesting.

Another thing that you could do is to post your Perl-related articles in one of the Perl-related groups and also tag them with #perl. It might not bring in more readers, but it won't hurt. I guess.

Digging in history I found an 8-year or post of mine Perl developers and LinkedIN and apparently I had a post titled Business readiness of programming languages in November 2004 posted on

Enjoy your week!

Gabor Szabo


Partially hide data fields

by Gabor Szabo (SZABGAB)

like this: '***************pqrs'. See also comments on Reddit including a very good point, that you probably should not store Credit Card numbers. You can probably store the last 4 digits and then show that only.


Perl heading the average global salary

The discussion is way more interesting than the article.


Continuous compounded interest rate browser utility

by Elliot Winston

See the and for more details.


2020.16 Rash In Progress

by Elizabeth Mattijsen (ELIZABETH)

Perl Weekly Challenge

The Perl Weekly Challenge by Mohammad Anwar will help you step out from your comfort-zone. You can even win the prize money of $50 Amazon voucher by participating in the weekly challenge. We pick one winner at the end of the month among all the contributors of the month. The monthly prize is kindly sponsored by Peter Sergeant of PerlCareers.

Perl Weekly Challenge - 058

by Mohammad S. Anwar (MANWAR)

Don't miss the fun and try new challenges every week. For more information, please read FAQ page.

RECAP - Perl Weekly Challenge - 057

by Mohammad S. Anwar (MANWAR)

Recap of last week challenge. There are plenty of great solutions.

Raku Review - Perl Weekly Challenge - 054

by Laurent Rosenfeld

Raku Solutions Review by Laurent Rosenfeld.

Inverting a Binary Tree

by Adam Russell

Adam seems to be having fun with Graphs these day. His print tree attempt is worth reading.

An Inverted Prefix with Raku

by Arne Sommer

Arne created Raku Class BinaryNode to solve Invert Tree task. Checkout his work on print binary tree. Must Read.

CY's take on Perl Weekly Challenge on #057

by Cheok-Yin Fung

Cheok-Yin shared his fun with the Invert Tree task. A very interesting story.

Challenge 57: Mostly Binary Trees

by Dave Jacoby (JACOBY)

Dave gave a detailed description about his work on Invert Tree task. Must Read.

Perl Weekly Challenge 057: Invert Tree and Shortest Unique Prefix

by E. Choroba (CHOROBA)

The best part of Choroba's blog to me was how he converted string to tree and vice-versa. Must Read

PWC 057: Task #1, Invert Tree & Task #2, Shortest Unique Prefix

by Jared Martin

Jared is very good in taking us through his work line by line. I loved his writings.


by Javier Luque

Javier created Perl packages BTree and BTree::Node to solve the Invert Tree task. Full blown solutions.

Perl Weekly Challenge 57: Tree Inversion and Shortest Unique Prefix

by Laurent Rosenfeld

The best part to me was "Tree Inversion Using a Flat Array". A very interesting approach.

Perl Weekly Challenge 57: I suck at doing trees

by Luca Ferrari

Luca created Raku Class Node to solve Invert Tree task. There are plent for me to learn from his work.

BLOG: The Weekly Challenge #057

by Mohammad S. Anwar (MANWAR)

Another week another set of Raku magics explored.


by Shahed Nooshmand

I am a biggest fan of Shahed now. In just few weeks, he really impressed me with his Raku indepth knowledge.

Weekly collections

Online Events

Perl Virtual Events?

by Thomas Klausner (DOMM)

As all the in-person events are cancelled many groups started to organize on-line events.

The Perl Conference in the Cloud

Instead of the in-person Perl Conference, the TPF started to organize an even in the Cloud. You can already submit your talk proposals!

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