Issue #48 - 2012-06-25 - French workshop in 4 days and fund-raising for a Dancer project

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After a long time, I finally wrote a new blog entry on my site. It is still only a meta-article about writing articles, but I think I am on the right track. Be prepared for more articles from me!

This issue is still full of links to YAPC::NA related articles. People are still writing their reports. The more the better! Other people take notice if there are many articles. If you have not written yours yet, go ahead and do so! The official videos have also started to appear on YouTube. I have already watched three.

Other than that, I think I'll just let you read the articles:

Gabor Szabo


Perl White Camel 2012 awards announced

At YAPC::NA, David H. Adler (DHA) announced the names of the 2012 White Camel award recipients: Renee Baecker, Jim Keenan and Breno G. de Oliveira (aka garu). Please congratulate them!


Promoting Perl to Dissimilar Users

YAPC::NA was opened by the keynote of Michael Schwern talking about the lack of diversity in the Perl community. Especially among those who attend Perl workshops and conferences. chromatic is taking the point to the technical direction, and suggests we should make Perl easier for those who don't look like us.

Marpa & customizing the Ruby Slippers

by Jeffrey Kegler (JKEGL)

Jeffrey Kegler has released Marpa::R2, and I am wondering when D2 will be added. Anyway, what I really like is the 'situational awareness' that helps providing better error messages for when the parsing fails. That's actually one of the major issues I see with regexes: how do you know why it has not matched. This might be a better solution.

Simplifying Perl Web Programming for Novices

Another call to action by chromatic. This time he also found a place for the Padre project.

A new look for Mojolicious

by Sebastian Riedel (SRI)

Sebastian Riedel redesigned the error page. Apparently 3 month ago.

Sqitch: Rename Step Objects and the SQL Directory?

One of the easiest refactoring steps is renaming a variable or a subroutine. They are technically easy but mentally? How can you come up with a name that better describes some entity or some process in your application? That's the underlying problem David E. Wheeler faces this week.


One of my most used and least understood perl snippets

Manfred B. Perl shows a snippet to remove leading and trailing white spaces that generated 12 comments! Last time I saw a question about this there were - I think - over 50 comment on LinkedIN. I think perl needs to have a trim function to eliminate all these repeated bike sheddings. (Actually the code in this blog is similar to what I show in class to point out why I prefer to use 2 simple regexes instead of one complex, and incorrect one.)


More Programming Perls to give away

by brian d foy (BDFOY)

brian d foy got a few more copies of the Programming Perl book he wants to give away. This time, instead of asking for a post-card he asks for a donation to a charity of his choice.


Learning Perl Challenge: finding duplicates (Answer)

by brian d foy (BDFOY)

brian d foy shows and explains his solution, and then goes over the solutions people sent to him. He takes the task apart and analyzes how each part was solved in different ways by different people.

Shaving the White Whale (DBIx::NoSQL + MooseX::Storage)

by Yanick Champoux (YANICK)

I guess a yak is not enough for Yanick Champoux any more.

A Simple Perl-Based RSS to Email Program

I am using something similar to follow RSS feeds and send myself e-mail, so I can see what articles I might want to include in the Perl Weekly.

Controlling Firefox from Perl with MozRepl

Elizabeth Cortell or zrusilla, who is also known as Perlgerl wrote her first program using AnyEvent and Coro. Not only that, she was also driving a Firefox using Perl. All that with some example code.


Dancer is community-driven

Damien 'dams' Krotkine has not been blogging a lot lately, but this is a very nice way to show how colorful the community of Dancer developers is.

monitoring our machine room temperature with nagios, perl and arduino

At YAPC::NA there was a very well attended hardware hackathon. Unrelated to that, Martin Evans is talking to an Arduino using perl and Device::SerialPort.


Alien::Base Grant - Report #4

by Joel Berger (JBERGER)

Joel Berger has spent most of his time preparing his talks at YAPC::NA but apparently Alien::Base is already in a pre-alpha status. It has not seen a 0.001 release, but you could already start playing with it. On both Linux and Windows. Mac still has some issues.


Announcing Math::Mathematica

by Joel Berger (JBERGER)

One of the problems Joel Berger sees with Mathematica is the lack of a good programming language around it. He is trying to make it easier for people to convert to using Perl via a command line interface.



YAPC::NA 2012 video recordings

The video recordings from YAPC::NA are being uploaded to YouTube. When I checked on Sunday evening GMT, there were 43 videos, 23 subscribers and 955 video views.


stackoverflow perl report

by Miguel Prz (NICEPERL)

The ten most rated questions at Stack Overflow last week.

Fund raising

Food Scan Card

Jonathan Houge from is trying to implement an idea of pastor Sandy Brown to make it easier to help people in need. Regardless of our religious affiliation (or not) this sounds like a nice idea. They are trying to rais some funds, so they can work on the project. Besides the fact that this is nice idea, Jon has also told me he is planning to use Dancer for this project and teach the other two developers - who are Ruby developers - to use Dancer. It is up to your consideration if you'd like to help them get funded. I put down some money.

YAPC::NA reports

YAPC::NA 2012: Mojolicious, swag, and pizzazz

by Glen Hinkle (TEMPIRE)

Glen Hinkle (tempire), whom I met only for a few seconds, has pictures of the swag you could get at YAPC, but he dislikes the name YAPC.

YAPC::NA 2012 by scrottie

scrottie is not a regular Perl blogger, so it was especially nice to see his writing about YAPC. I only wish he added a few more links to YAPC, some talks, and the people he mentioned. That makes it easier for the readers to further research, and makes search engines happier.

My First #YAPC

Stephen Belcher has not been writing about Perl either, and his opinion as a first-time YAPC attendee is interesting. He also has outgoing links :)

My YAPC::NA 2012 notes and recap

by Andy Lester (PETDANCE)

Andy Lester (petdance) has also described his experience on the Perl Buzz web site. He gave a very nice lightning talk about Ack 2, and then uploaded the first alpha version of it. In this post, Andy describes the talks he attended in great detail. Very useful for people who could not attend them or who could, but need a reminder.

Don't Box Me In: YAPC::NA 2012 Impressions

by Sinan Unur (NANIS)

Apparently, Sinan Unur was not all that happy with the opening talk of Schwern. I liked what and how Schwern said and have not thought of this aspect. That's why I am happy to be around people who can see way more than I do.


I usually list the next 3-4 events here. The list of all the events can be found on the web site. If your Perl event is not listed there, please let me know.

French Perl workshop

June 29-30, 2012, Strasbourg

YAPC::EU 2012

August 20-22, 2012, Frankfurt, Germany

YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2012

September 27-29, 2012, Tokyo, Japan

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