Issue #54 - 2012-08-06 - WebGUI, Dada Mail, Sqitch releases

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I don't have much to say this week. Let's see what other people wrote:

Gabor Szabo


Announcing Galileo - A minimal but modern CMS

by Joel Berger (JBERGER)

I think there are lots of Content Management Systems written in Perl, but none of them are really well known. Now that Joel Berger has released his new CMS, I wonder if this can break into the world of high-profile CMSes? Does Joel want to invest the time and energy in the promotion part as well? Does he want to make a business around it?

50% off O'Reilly Perl Ebooks

I was not sure if I want to promote O'Reilly, after all the money spent on them might be money not spent on Perl Maven books. In the end, I think if you wanted to buy a Perl book from O'Reilly and you can buy it for half the price, then why not? Just note, it is only till August 9, 2012


Investing in Infrastructure

Some good reasons why a company should contribute back to the Perl ecosystem. Unfortunately, many think 'it will work without us' or feel entitled to all the free code regardless of their action. It seems - to me - the higher up someone on the management ladder - the shorter s/he can see ahead.

Hash to string race

Sebastien Willing has compared 9 ways of stringification (or serialization or marshalling). See his benchmarks.

How to calculate the balance of bank accounts in a CSV file, using Perl?

One of the readers of the Perl 5 Maven site sent me a CSV file with some bank account details, and a script parsing it. Badly. I took the opportunity and showed how to refactor the code step-by-step. I hope it will help some other people as well.


Sqitch v0.80: Now With More You

This isn't just theory any more, David E. Wheeler released a fairly usable version of the Sqitch, the simple database change management system. It was nice following along his posts during the development, and see the usable release of the product. Now comes the hard part. Getting the word out. You could help him in this even more. Try Sqitch and write about it, or share the link to the article.


Elapsed Time in Test Output

Sometimes it is useful to see how long each step in a test script took.


On writing a new Perl Debugger (Part 1 - Why?)

by Rocky Bernstein (ROCKY)

Rocky Bernstein has started a new debugger for Perl. This the first part of an already 3-part long series of articles describing not only why he is building a new debugger, but also what can we expect to find in it. I think writing about the debugger as he is developing it can be one of the critical pieces, that can make the new debugger more popular than the previous ones.

Editors and IDEs

Perl Editor

This is the second part of the Perl Maven Tutorial. It is fun to see how every time editors are mentioned, the number of comments jump. People really care about their editors. (Maybe I should write about indentation as well :).


Interim Grant Report: Lists, Iterators, and Parcels

by Patrick R. Michaud

After a very long period, finally Patrick Michaud provides a new report on his progress.

Cooking Perl with Chef - Grant Report #4

by David Golden (DAGOLDEN)

David Golden is back working full time on the grant. He also created a new web site for Perl and Chef and there is a mailing list for the DevOps using Perl. There is even a screencast for Cooking Perl with Chef.


A Quick Update On The Catalyst Poll

by John Napiorkowski (JJNAPIORK)

Surely more than 300 of the Perl Weekly readers have some opinion (good or bad) on Catalyst? John Napiorkowski is looking for both current users of Catalyst and people who have not used it yet or already left it for some other framework or even some other language. (Though I guess the last group won't read this newsletter anyway.)

Perl 6

The finished game

by Carl Mäsak

After a month of blogging, Carl Masak has finished the game. If you have been waiting it to be finished before you start reading, then it's your turn now!

Is a value IN a given list of values?

Introducing junctions and the any(), all(), none(), one() functions.

Looping over a list of values one at a time, two at a time and more

How can you get every 3 elements of an array? How can you merge two arrays together like a zip? Introducing the big Z operator!

Weekly collections

Perl 5 Porters Weekly: July 23-July 29, 2012

The message that finally 5.16.1 is unblocked and why there was no interest in adding more documentation to the core Perl.


I usually list the next 3-4 events here. The list of all the events can be found on the web site. If your Perl event is not listed there, please let me know.

YAPC::EU 2012

August 20-22, 2012, Frankfurt, Germany

YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2012

September 27-29, 2012, Tokyo, Japan

Portuguese Perl workshop (PTPW)

September 28, 2012, Braga, Portugal

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