Issue #544 - 2021-12-27 - Merry Christmas

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Hi there

We wish all the readers of the newsletter, Merry Christmas. I hope and wish you are all enjoying quality time with your loved ones.

Belated happy birthday to my favourite language, Perl, on completing 34 years. Mark Gardner used his weekly blogging schedule to celebrate the occassion in his blog post.

Do you remember which year you first picked up the Perl language?

For me, I was introduced to Perl in the year 1998. So technically, I am 23 Perl years old. How about you? I am wondering if anyone other than the creator picked the language in the first year that it existed. If you know their name then please do share it with us. I am sure there must be a handful of people that I am not aware of.

Talking about birthday celebrations, I would like to wish belated Happy Birthday to the mother of our chief editor, Gabor Szabo. As per the record, my birthday was last Monday i.e. 20th December. To date, I have never celebrated my birthday, this year also went without celebration.

I noticed that I am getting close to my 100th edition of the newsletter. This is my 94th edition. It would be a big achievement for me, personally, to reach that number. I am looking forward to the 556th edition of the weekly newsletter as that will be my 100th edition.

Stay safe and enjoy the holiday break.

Mohammad S. Anwar


Supporting TPF – potential tax savings

by Nic Evans

If you consider your year-end philanthropy, TPF highlights a few strategies that may reduce your tax liability.

TPRCHouston - Newsletter #1

by Todd Rinaldo

Come to the Perl and Raku Conference in Houston! You can expect to see a lot of presentations on Perl, Raku, and supporting languages.

PDL 2.063_01 released

by Ed Jordan

Summary: 64-bit indexing, native complex number support, automatic pthreading using all available CPU cores, faster installation thanks to parallel-building, memory-mapped data, repository hosted on GitHub, easy to use "with" Inline.


34 at 34 for v5.34: Modern Perl features for Perl’s birthday

by Mark Gardner

Mark's weekly blog post celebrates the big day with 34 cool features of Perl language.

Perl Turns 34 - A Retrospective

by Nikos Vaggalis

Nikos, sharing a retrospective view on Perl. Well written article, not to be missed.

My Favorite Warnings: ambiguous

by Tom Wyant (WYANT)

Do you want to know more about the 'ambiguous' warning? Tom giving you insight on the subject.


Monthly Report - November

by Mohammad S. Anwar (MANWAR)

Late monthly report from me.

AoC 2021/13 - Transparent origami

by Flavio Poletti (POLETTIX)

On with Advent of Code puzzle 13 from 2021: folding transparent paper, origami style.

AoC 2021/14 - Exponential polymerization

by Flavio Poletti (POLETTIX)

On with Advent of Code puzzle 14 from 2021: taming exponential growth in the evolution mechanism.

AoC 2021/15 - A* in the sea

by Flavio Poletti (POLETTIX)

On with Advent of Code puzzle 15 from 2021: using A*.

AoC 2021/16 - Bitstream decoding

by Flavio Poletti (POLETTIX)

On with Advent of Code puzzle 16 from 2021: good old bit stream decoding

The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge by Mohammad Anwar will help you step out of your comfort-zone. You can even win prize money of $50 Amazon voucher by participating in the weekly challenge. We pick one winner at the end of the month from among all of the contributors during the month. The monthly prize is kindly sponsored by Peter Sergeant of PerlCareers.

The Weekly Challenge - 145

by Mohammad S. Anwar (MANWAR)

Welcome to a new week with a couple of fun tasks "Dot Product" and "Palindromic Tree". If you are new to the weekly challenge then why not join us and have fun every week. For more information, please read the FAQ.

RECAP - The Weekly Challenge - 144

by Mohammad S. Anwar (MANWAR)

Enjoy a quick recap of last week's contributions by Team PWC dealing with the "Semiprime" and "Ulam Sequence" tasks in Perl and Raku. You will find plenty of solutions to keep you busy.

Perl Review - Perl Weekly Challenge - 140

by Colin Crain

Perl Solutions Review by Colin Crain.

A Stocking Full of Numbers: Semiprimes and the Ulam Sequence

by Adam Russell

Adam presentis the power of grep in this week solution. Cool promotion of Perl power.

Primarily Ulam with Raku (and perl)

by Arne Sommer

The solution to the Semiprime task in Raku is amazingly simple. I wish I knew this before. Thanks Arne for sharing.

Almost Prime and In Sequence: The Weekly Challenge #144

by Dave Jacoby (JACOBY)

Great show of functional programming by Dave. Keep it up; great work.

PWC144 - Semiprime

by Flavio Poletti (POLETTIX)

Flavio has been kind and shared multiple approaches to solve the task. Hard to pick one; thanks for sharing.

PWC144 - Ulam Sequence

by Flavio Poletti (POLETTIX)

The questions section of this blog post brought a big smile to my face. I didn't plan it, honestly. Raku solution is my favourite this week.

Perl Weekly Challenge #144

by James Smith

James's contributions week after week impress me a lot. I learn a lot from his contributions. Thanks for sharing.

Perl Weekly Challenge 144: Semiprimes and Ulam Sequence

by Laurent Rosenfeld

Laurent showcases the power of Raku in way that anyone can easily follow the code. Keep it up great work.

Perl Weekly Challenge 144: headache!

by Luca Ferrari

Solution to Semiprime in Raku is really cool, showing method chaining. Just love it. Thanks.

Perl Weekly Challenge 144

by W Luis Mochan

Really cool demo of a one-liner showing the use of PDL. Keep it up; great work.


by Mark Senn

Mark presents a well-documented Raku solution in a short and simple blog post.

Ulam Sequence

by Mark Senn

Mark dedicates a blog post to each solution so that we can focus on one solution at a time. This one is also well-documented. Thanks for sharing.

Illuminating the Ulam

by Peter Campbell Smith

Great task analysis of the Ulam Sequence task. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

The Weekly Challenge 144: Semiprime Ulam

by Roger Bell West (FIREDRAKE)

Roger chose his Raku solution to the Semiprime task to discuss in his blog post this week. Detailed analysis makes it easy to follow. Thanks for sharing.



2021.51 Transiting

by Elizabeth Mattijsen (ELIZABETH)

The corner of Gabor

A couple of entries sneaked in by Gabor.

Weekly collections

Perl Jobs by Perl Careers

Wanted: Santa-level Senior Perl Developer! US remote role

The elves keep the workshop running, but some jobs call for Santa-level skills. Kris Kringles of the Perl world, if you’re an ultra-Senior Perl Developer who can work with legacy code and identify opportunities for improvement, our client has a sleigh with your name on it.

A Job that Fits. 100% remote (within UK) Perl dev. Role

Our client’s mission is to empower citizens to participate in civic matters by providing the technology, tools, and data they need. From a platform that enables citizens to report roads that need fixing to democratic tools that connect citizens with politicians, this dynamic organization is changing the world for the better, one click at a time.

Cruise into this Dreamy Career. Perl role in Malta

Our client is an online financial services company, still rapidly expanding after 20 years of impressive growth. With a truly international presence, they’re well known globally in their niche. Looking for Perl developers with a strong background in Modern Perl – you should be comfortable with Moose and PSGI/Plack, and a solid grounding in using Perl’s testing tools.

Can’t find the right job? Build your own! Remote Perl role in Australia

Have you ever seen those build-a-bear kiosks in the mall? You choose the components and watch your furry friend take shape. Now imagine a kiosk where you’re building your perfect job, because that’s exactly what our latest role offers!

Get your foot in the door! UK/EU Remote Jr. Perl Developer

We know that a lack of commercial experience doesn’t always reflect skill level, know-how, or programming brilliance. You know your stuff. You’re keen to grow and learn. You know that if someone would only just give you a chance, and let you in the door, you could really shine!

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