Issue #590 - 2022-11-14 - Perl & Corinna

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Hi there,

Congratulation to all England cricket team fans for the T20I world cup trophy. You played like a champion in the final. Although you beat us (India) in the semi final, still I am very happy for you.

Did you hear any update about Corinna recently?

We used to get regular update earlier and I really enjoyed the discussion about the Corinna. Last week Curtis shared a tweet where he mentioned that code example has been added to I am sure you are going to love it. Thank you Curtis and the entire team of Corinna for all the hard work. We are waiting for it patiently.

There was one more tweet by Curtis that made my day about the proposed feature of Perl v5.38 where you no longer need to end module with true value. In my career of 23 years, I have come across many creative ways to return true values in the module. I welcome this change and thanks the entire team.

I am keeping the editorial short this week as I am running short of time. Enjoy the rest of the newsletter.

Mohammad S. Anwar


This Week in PSC (086)

Perl Steering Council shared the latest updates. Plenty to keep you busy. Thanks for sharing with us.

I start to post the entries of "Python/numpy porting to Perl" in DEV Community

by Yuki Kimoto (KIMOTO)

For all Python fans wanted to get hand dirty with Perl, please do checkout the work by Yuki-san.


Personalized investment with Torto AI

Any investment in the stock market is partially based on objective data (e.g. P/E ratio) and partially on the subjective world-view of the investor (expected changes in inflation, politics, weather etc.) works on providing you a platform where you can easily combine these aspects and find the investment that most suitable for your expectation.


Perl performance evolution over the last decade

by Dimitrios Kechagias

Kudo to Dimitrios for the hard work. It takes a lot to get the performance analysis done.


A PDF workaround

by Flavio Poletti (POLETTIX)

Nice little introduction to PDF::Builder, worth checking it out.


by Flavio Poletti (POLETTIX)

pdfunnel, A poor man's PDF manipulator by Flavio.

The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge by Mohammad Anwar will help you step out of your comfort-zone. You can even win prize money of $50 Amazon voucher by participating in the weekly challenge. We pick one winner at the end of the month from among all of the contributors during the month. The monthly prize is kindly sponsored by Peter Sergeant of PerlCareers.

The Weekly Challenge - 191

by Mohammad S. Anwar (MANWAR)

Welcome to a new week with a couple of fun tasks: "Twice Largest" and "Cute List". If you are new to the weekly challenge, why not join us and have fun every week? For more information, please read the FAQ.

RECAP - The Weekly Challenge - 189

by Mohammad S. Anwar (MANWAR)

Enjoy a quick recap of last week's contributions by Team PWC dealing with the "Capital Detection" and "Decoded List" tasks in Perl and Raku. You will find plenty of solutions to keep you busy.

Regex Weekly Challenge and Chunkify and decode

by Alexander Pankoff

Welcome back to blogging. Very well documented analysis. Thanks for sharing.

Decoded Capital

by Arne Sommer

Pure regex one-liner in Raku for Capital Detection, very clever. And for the other using diagram to explain the process. Keep it up great work.

Where Do We Put the Walls?

by Colin Crain

The task analysis is the USP for me every week. You don't want to skip. Highly Recommended.

PWC190 - Capital Detection

by Flavio Poletti (POLETTIX)

Great show of regex in Perl and Raku to get the job done. Keep it up great work.

PWC190 - Decoded List

by Flavio Poletti (POLETTIX)

Don't you love the questions section. I will try to do better next time.

Perl Weekly Challenge: Week 190

by Jaldhar H. Vyas

Full of Raku magics used in this solution and explained in detail. Well done.

The Weekly Challenge 190

by James Smith

Plenty of varieties presented to keep you busy. And don't forget to checkout the performance analysis. Keep it up great work.

Capital Detection and Decoded List

by Laurent Rosenfeld

Near identical solutions in Perl and Raku. This is the case every week with Laurent. Thank you for sharing the knowledge.

decoding strings

by Luca Ferrari

Impressive solution to the task "Decoded List" in Raku. Well done.

Perl Weekly Challenge 190

by W Luis Mochan

Impressive non-regex solution and that too one-liner in Perl. Keep it up great work.

Capital test and ambiguous encoding

by Peter Campbell Smith

Well crafted breakdown of the task makes it so easy to follow. Keep it up great work.

Decoding Capital

by Roger Bell West (FIREDRAKE)

Pure regex solution in Perl is dicussed in the blog. However there are plenty other implementations for you to keep busy. Thanks for your contributions.

Capital letters decoded!

by Simon Green

Nicely explained the details of the task "Decoded List". Kudos for the effort.

PWC 190

by Stephen G Lynn

Bonus Julia solution for the task "Capital Detection". Enjoy if you are Julia fan.


2022.45 Evaluersion

by Elizabeth Mattijsen (ELIZABETH)

Weekly collections

The corner of Gabor

A couple of entries sneaked in by Gabor.

CMOS #2: Sawyer X on Perl 5

by Sawyer X (XSAWYERX)

An interview with Sawyer X from 2016. Watch the video or read the transcript.

Docker course

by Gabor Szabo (SZABGAB)

The first part of the Docker course was published

Perl Jobs by Perl Careers

C, C++, and Perl Software Engineers, Let’s Keep the Internet Safe

A leading digital safeguarding solutions provider is looking for a software engineer experienced in C, C++, or Perl. You’ll have strong Linux knowledge and a methodical approach to problem solving that you use to investigate, replicate, and address customer issues.

Bold, beautiful, and… brainy? Senior Perl roles in Malaysia, Dubai and Malta

With all the knowledge in your big, beautiful brain, it’s time to join a company that appreciates your breadth of experience. Our client provides online trading services and with offices in Dubai, Malta, and Malaysia, they’ve got the global reach that may provide the challenge you’re looking for.

Someone left the awesome job machine on again… UK remote Perl job

The client is interested in anyone with experience building web apps in Perl, using one of the major Perl frameworks. If you’re a crack-hand with Catalyst, a Mojolicious master, or a distinguished Dancer, they want you. You’ll be deploying apps your work to AWS, so experience would be handy, and the company’s big on testing, so they’d like you to know your way around Test::More.

Perl Developer and Business Owner? Remote Perl role in UK & EU

Our clients run a job search engine that has grown from two friends with an idea to a site that receives more than 10 million visits per month. They're looking for a Perl pro with at least three years of experience with high-volume and high-traffic apps and sites, a solid understanding of Object-Oriented Perl (perks if that knowledge includes Moose), SQL/MySQL and DBIx::Class.

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