Issue #6 - 2011-09-05 - TWiki-5.1 and Padre 0.90 announced

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A late announcement: There is going to be a Black Perl Workshop at the Black Sea between 30 September - 2 October.

Gabor Szabo

Headlines Announces TWiki-5.1 General Availability

by Peter Thoeny

Twiki is one of the most widely used applications written in Perl. It has 50,000 installation and it is used as mission critical tool in major corporations. 'The primary focus of this release is usability enhancements, such as point and click user data management, more visual user profile pages with picture selector, and a backup feature that helps upgrade TWiki sites. The new release also strengthens TWiki as an application platform to more easily build custom wiki applications.'

GSoC - Google Summer of Code - Final Wrap

by Mark Keating

At YAPC::EU Mark Keating has already announced that all the Gsoc project The Perl Foundation had were successful. In this post he wraps up the effort in the 6 projects.

Padre 0.90, the Delayed Release Announcement

In the recent months I hardly had any time to make changes to Padre or even to follow the IRC. It's great to see it is making nice progress. In this post Peter Lavender, the release manager describe the most recent changes to the IDE.

What's Wrong with sort and How to Fix It

Tom Christiansen who had already stirred up the Stack Overflow community with his Unicode article, now takes on the sort function of Perl (and other languages). Shows why it is almost useless in its default behavior and how you can make it work for you.

What's with That Trailing Punctuation Anyway?

... and chromatic explaining one of the lines in the above code that got questions. It is the nasty bareword parsing ambiguity of Perl 5.


Perlverse: $foo and Renée Becker

by Mark Keating

This is the first of a series of posts by Mark Keating, the marketing director of The Perl Foundation introducing various parts of the Perl community. In this first issue he is writing about Renée Becker and the $foo Magazine. Renée is one of those few people who does a lot for the Perl community beyond writing code.

Basics of Perl web portals

Introducing taint mode for CGI, CGI::Carp and Plack by Leo Lapworth and Martin Brown

MetaCPAN August Roundup

by Olaf Alders (OALDERS)

Olaf Alders tells us what happened to and around MetaCPAN in the last month. They the data collected earlier but have learned from this. Despite of this several sites started to use MetaCPAN as the default place to link. BTW this is a recursive link as Olaf started his report by mentioning the Perl Weekly. Thank you!

Logging wide characters with Log4perl

by brian d foy (BDFOY)

The wide characters warning is a very annoying thing. Especially when it comes from a third party module. In many cases you don't have control over how that module handles and prints data. In this article brian d foy shows how you can tell Log4perl to use utf8 when printing to the screen or to some other channel.

Morbo as a service on MacOS X

Ulrich Habel (rhaen) first shows how morbo can make developing a Mojolicious based web application easier. That should work on Linux as well. Then he goes not and turns it into a Mac OSX service.


Looking up the location of an IP address

NeilB does this again. This time he compares 10 CPAN modules mapping IP addresses or domain names to physical locations or at least to country codes. It seems that Geo::IP is one of the best modules. I am happy as I have been using it for a while for the Perl Community AdServer.

Using perl instead of awk in my one-liner

Robin Smidsrød shows a small but useful example on how to replace awk by Perl.

Perl testing with Jenkins/Hudson: avoiding some pitfalls

An excellent writing that provides not only a solution but also the story behind it. It is a story for bridging Perl and Java. It is a story of connecting TAP and XML.

Making RESTful Dancing easy with Dancer::Plugin::REST

Job van Achterberg is showing how to eliminate some code and make your RESTful application a little bit more organized than earlier.

RSS and Atom feed for

Christiaan Kras (Htbaa) show a little script that uses Mojo::DOM to fetch the news from the that does not have an RSS feed. Then he is using XML::Feed to create it for using in his RSS reader.

Mojolicious hack of the day: CSS4

by Sebastian Riedel (SRI)

Sebastian Riedel (sri) is again 'ahead of his time' Mojolicious supporting a draft spec.


Black Perl 2011 Workshop

The Perl Mongers in Kiev have started organize the first Ukrainian Perl workshop called 'Black Perl'. It will take place between 30 September and 2 October 2011. Actually it is only a beta workshop but they offer it for free. Talks can be in Russian, Ukrainian or English.

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