Issue #62 - 2012-10-01 - Perl Maven competition

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I am currently on vacation in Budapest and traveling to Prague for a few days. Before I left home I already prepared part of the newsletter. And then managed to leave it locked on my desktop. Anyway, I hope I could put together a decent issue. In the end it mostly depends on the articles you write. I just collect them.

One thing I did, just before leaving, was to announce the Perl Maven Competition. It is a 48-hour competition to build awesome stuff. You can find the detailed announcement below.

See you next week!

Gabor Szabo


Beginning Perl (Wrox) is now released

by Curtis 'Ovid' Poe (OVID)

Ovid is announcing the availability of his Perl book. As he writes: If you're interested in Perl but worried about the title, the book actually takes you all the way through OO programming and even has introductory sections on Catalyst, DBIx::Class, Plack, and other tools. It's fairly comprehensive.

Announcing the Perl Maven Competition

by Gabor Szabo (SZABGAB)

Some other languages already have it. It's time for the Perl developers to show the world they can also build beautiful applications. The planning has started.

Austrian Perl Workshop 2012 - Call for papers

The APW 2012 will be held between 16-17 November in Vienna. The deadline for submissions is October 20th.


On Catalyst, Perl and trustability of web applications

Michele Beltrame takes on the loaded topic of upgrading. 'What is going to happen to my application in 5 years or so?', he asks.

GoogleTalk with Perl

Are you bored? Do you want to chat with someone? Here is a description how to set up a script that will start a conversation with you whenever you want. You only need an extra Google account a bit of Perl code.

Sqitch Symbolism

David Wheeler describes the most recent changes in Sqitch, but what might be more interesting is that you can now easily translate Sqitch to your language. The slides from PDXPUG are also included as a bonus.


vworker for Perl or how to finance fixing CPAN modules?

by Neil Bowers (NEILB)

Neil Bowers brought up an idea, that, if I understand it correctly, basically would be a way to allow you to finance the development of features or the fixing of bugs in CPAN modules or other open source Perl projects. I think this is a very good initiative. What do you think? Will you use it?


Hypatia: Now with Column Guessing!

Hypatia, the module between DBI and data visualization libraries can now automatically map the database columns to the x and y axis of the graph.


An HTML parser will make your life easier even if you extract information using regexes from a web page

by Sinan Unur (NANIS)

Sinan Unur is trying to figure out how the US Department of Labor is revising the new unemployment claims every week. The task is especially interesting as the format of the web page displaying the data is slightly different on some weeks. As if humans were involved.

Perl 6

Announce: Niecza Perl 6 v22

by Stefan O'Rear


To understand the command line...

If you know how to name things and if you know why they have that name, you can understand them much better. Do you know why awk, grep less and vi have that name? Dominic Humphries will explain to you in a very readable story.


YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2012 Day -1

by Daisuke Maki (DMAKI)

Daisuke Maki (lestrrat) provides us with daily coverage from the biggest Perl conference on Earth. This is day -1, but if you check his later posts, you'll find the reports from during the conference itself.

Weekly collections


I usually list the next 3-4 events here. The list of all the events can be found on the web site. If your Perl event is not listed there, please let me know.

Portuguese Perl workshop (PTPW)

September 28, 2012, Braga, Portugal

Italian Perl workshop (IPW)

October 11-12, 2012, Bologna, Italy

OSDC France

October 12-13, 2012, Paris, France

Nordic Perl workshop (NPW)

October 13-14, 2012, Stockholm, Sweden

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